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WebWatcher Reviews: See Texts, Photos and More 2022

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Review of WebWatcher: Is It a Good Option for 2022?

WebWatcher App review – Learn about the app’s compatibility, features, cost, customer feedback, and more to see if it’s perfect for you.
Cell tracking applications have become a fantastic choice for partners, parents, and employees in this digital era full of unsuitable content, cyberbullying, and online cheating.

This type of program allows you to monitor the activity of a smartphone from afar and observe what the user has been up to. WebWatcher is one of these phone tracker apps, and it boasts compatibility with all major platforms.

However, if you want to monitor your child’s activity on their gadgets, you should opt for a parental control program, which is specifically created for parents.

To be clear, WebWatcher has several monitoring functions, but it isn’t built exclusively for parents.

As a result, SPY24 is a better choice for child surveillance because it comes with a slew of sophisticated capabilities that give parents a bird’s eye view of their child’s actions.

WebWatcher Reviews: See Texts, Photos and More 2022
WebWatcher Reviews: See Texts, Photos and More 2022

With that out of the way, our in-depth WebWatcher review will take you through the software’s performance in a variety of areas, including:

Key Features of Compatibility
The setup is simple.
Let’s get this party started.

Overview of the Situation

WebWatcher is used by over a million individuals. The program’s target audience consists of two types of people: those who are motivated by parental control and managers.

WebWatcher’s capabilities allow both groups to stay informed, safeguard the internet, provide realistic alternatives to monitor both erased and recorded data (including app usage, files, social networking platform activity, and so on), and assure nearly complete control of any target device.

WebWatcher has you covered when it comes to web history tracking, social media espionage, and phone recording.

Compatibility with WebWatcher

What good is a phone tracking app with all the bells and whistles if it isn’t compatible with your device?

In terms of compatibility, WebWatcher is unique in that it works on all main platforms:

Macintosh (iMac and Macbooks)
Apple’s mobile operating system (iPhone, iPod, iPad)
Android is a mobile operating system (Android phones & laptops)
Microsoft® Windows® (Windows computers & laptops)
Chrome is a type of metal (Chromebooks)
The supported versions of these platforms are listed in the table below:


Versions that are supported


15 – iOS 8.0


4 – 12 Android

COMPUTER (Windows)

Microsoft Windows 7 – 10


macOS v10.8 – macOS v11.


Chromebooks are all available (HP, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung & Google)

As you can see, WebWatcher supports earlier versions of platforms like iOS 8, but the rivals’ capabilities are optimized for newer smartphones alone. With iOS 8, you can simply track an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and other devices.

Features of WebWatcher on Various Platforms

Because of the differences in these platforms’ qualities, WebWatcher’s capabilities for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac are unique.

The following is a comprehensive list of WebWatcher’s features. We’ve also specified which platforms are supported by a particular feature. But first, let’s look at some general characteristics:

There’s no need to jailbreak or root your phone.
Spy apps frequently necessitate rooting and jailbreaking for Android and iPhone devices, respectively.

Note that jailbreaking is for iOS devices, whereas rooting is for Android.

Why is it beneficial that none of these are required by WebWatched?

While jailbreaking and rooting have numerous benefits, such as giving you more control over your device, they can also hurt it in a variety of ways.

To begin with, jailbreaking or rooting a smartphone compromises its security. Hackers can profit from the vulnerability of your gadget. As a result, most applications regard root and jailbreaking as a security risk.

In a nutshell, WebWatcher’s concept of allowing users to monitor a device without having to jailbreak or root it is fantastic.

The feature is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Installation takes around 5 minutes.
Whether you’re using WebWatcher on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or a Chromebook, it’s designed to install quickly.

After you’ve joined up and made an account, the firm claims a quick 5-minute installation. That’s it; after the installation is complete, you can begin monitoring the target device.

Windows, macOS, iOS, Chromebook, and Android are all supported.

Tracking your browser’s history
WebWatcher’s web history tracking tool allows you to check into the websites that the target has visited.

When parents want to make sure their children aren’t viewing inappropriate stuff on the internet, this tool comes in handy.

The history tracker also displays a breakdown of timestamps as well as specific website URLs, allowing you to know exactly which page the target was crawling.

Windows, macOS, iOS, Chromebook, and Android are all supported.

Tracking SMS and Instant Messages

WebWatcher’s SMS tracker for Android allows you to keep track of SMS messages as well as any multimedia sent with them, such as photographs, videos, emojis, and website URLs.

WebWatcher only allows you to track SMS texts on iOS devices. Deleted text message tracking, on the other hand, is prevalent on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

WebWatcher supports instant message tracking on both macOS and Windows devices. Aside from that, you may keep an eye on your emails on each of these platforms.

Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android are all supported.

Logging of Keys
The keylogging feature of WebWatcher is meant to record all of the keys entered on the target’s device. It may be their text messages, Google searches, and anything else you’d like to keep track of.

The keylogger also records the timestamps in detail for easy reading.

Android and Windows are both supported.

Monitoring using the Internet
One of WebWatcher’s main features is web-based monitoring. You are not limited to monitoring device actions at a specific time or with a specific device when using the app.

Instead, you can use WebWatcher’s web-based application to observe what’s going on on the target device at any time and from anywhere.

What’s more intriguing is that the target device’s activities are saved on cloud servers, which means they’re saved on the internet and can be accessed regardless of whatever device you’re using.

Windows, macOS, iOS, Chromebook, and Android are all supported.

Call Recording
You can keep track of incoming/outgoing calls, as well as timestamps and other related information, using WebWather’s call logging tool.

You can also view the call history, which is stored on the app’s cloud servers and is unaffected if the target deletes it.

iOS and Android are both supported (mobile devices)

App Usage Monitoring
The app usage tracker is intended to provide you with a detailed breakdown of which apps the target user used during the day.

It’s easier to keep track of the apps your spouse uses the most now that timestamps are specified and definitive images are provided.

This usage tracker comes in handy whether you want to see if your youngster was using social media during school or if you want to make sure your employee was productive at work.

iOS and Android are both supported (mobile devices)

Tracking on social media

According to statistics, 73 percent of Americans use social media regularly. It’s no secret that this statistic holds for populations throughout the world.

WebWatcher also has a social media tracker for this type of social media usage. The functions, however, differ based on the platform you wish to monitor.

WebWatcher is compatible with a variety of social media apps for Android devices, including:

WhatsApp Facebook Messenger
Tinder Tinder Viber Kik Viber
Some apps, on the other hand, have limitations. For example, you can only see Snapchat and Tinder alerts.

WebWatcher only works with the following iOS devices:

On Mac and Windows, you can monitor which social media apps are being used in the browser.

Tracking your location
WebWatcher also includes a sophisticated GPS tracking capability. It shows you where the target device and user are in real-time.

You can also look at the target user’s location history with timestamps to see where they’ve been. The map tool makes it easy to keep track of where you are.

iOS and Android are both supported (mobile devices)

Video Surveillance
It is not unusual for people to use their smartphones to snap indecent photos. With this in mind, parents must check out what their children have on their devices. People also tend to look at what their partner has on their smartphone.

Thanks to WebWatcher’s photo recorder, you can keep an eye on the images captured on your spouse’s device. It is, however, limited to camera rolls.

iOS and Android are both supported (mobile devices)

WebWatcher’s Extra Features

The following are some of WebWatcher’s additional capabilities (which are available on all platforms):

Protection against tampering
Alert word notifications
Customer service via the internet
The following are the additional features available on macOS, Windows, and Chromebooks:

Track emails using a variety of email apps and webmail services.
The Free Trial and Refund Policy at WebWatcher
A free trial is beneficial since it informs you about what to expect from a product or service.

WebWatcher now offers a 7-day free trial, unlike in the past, so you can determine if it’s a good fit for your monitoring needs.

The company also has a return policy, however, some conditions must be met for a refund to be granted. So, before you join up for WebWatcher, have a quick look at them.

What Is WebWatcher and How Does It Work?
The installation only takes five minutes or less to acquire a remote view of the target person’s activity.

Process List, App List, Task Manager, Desktop, Registry, System Tray, and Add/Remove programs are among the places where the application can tamper.

A corporation may need a user to have both password and physical access to ensure correct use.

WebWatcher begins remotely recording actions before sending all monitored data to your safe online account. You can then save the captured data to any of your devices.

If a user chooses any words as triggers, the app will send an email whenever these words are seen on the target phone’s screen or inputted.

You can use this software to keep track of webpage history in popular browsers. You will be able to examine not only the list of visited sites but also the actual time and length of use.

What is the price of WebWatcher?

For $99.95, the application can be licensed for PC, Mac OS, Android, or iPhone/iPad.

You should pay an extra $9.95 for a backup insurance program with the ability to reinstall it at any moment.

What does an Unlimited WebWatcher cost?

The Developed Unlimited Update Package for mobile devices adds $29.95 to the price and allows for further customization.

If you want to get recorded content through email, you’ll need to pay an extra $29.95 for e-Notify.

The Overall Customer Experience at WebWatcher
Reviews by WebWatcher
WebWatcher is difficult to overlook as a winner of the 2019 National Parenting Product Awards and a PCMag Editor’s Choice.

On the Google Play store, it has over 2600 reviews with an average rating of 4.4, which is rather impressive. A rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot is likewise a decent score for a monitoring app.

Customer Service
WebWatcher’s customers may rest confident that their questions will be immediately answered with the company’s year-round 24/7 service.

To contact them, simply fill out the contact form on their official website if you prefer email or utilize live chat. On the Contact page, you’ll also find the phone number and physical address.

Pros and Cons of WebWatcher Pros:

Recording and filtering online history is a breeze.
Compatible with five different operating systems (Windows 10/8/7, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chrome).
There’s no need for rooting, jailbreaking, or high-end hardware.
Spy on the most popular social media platforms (TikTok, Tinder, Instagram, Kik, Viber, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger).
Installing 24/7 customer service takes only 5 minutes.
Reliable refund policy

Additional fees are required for upgrades and a variety of services (“white glove,” which includes remote installation, screenshots, and email notifications, among other things.)
The functions available differ based on the target device (limited functionality for PCs)
It is impossible to keep track of many gadgets at the same time.
Blocking mechanisms can be easily bypassed by tech-savvy individuals.
After some time, the reports are automatically erased.
The program is relatively expensive.

How Do SPY24 and WebWatcher Compare?

SPY24 is one of the most effective smartphone tracking apps available today. It provides a lot of functionality at a low price. Furthermore, if you’re looking for tracking software, its dependability makes it an even more appealing option. However, how does WebWatcher fare in comparison to SPY24? Let’s have a look at the differences between SPY24 and WebWatcher in a quick comparison –

WebWatcher lacks real-time GPS tracking, whereas SPY24 does.
In comparison to WebWatcher, SPY24 allows you to track a lot more features and applications. Calendars, notes, and other items are some examples.
When compared to WebWatcher, SPY24 provides a far more dependable experience in terms of customer service.
SPY24 is much less expensive than WebWatcher. It provides a single pricing for Android and iOS tracking, as well as several advanced monitoring features.
SPY24 outperforms WebWatcher when it comes to social media monitoring, and the discrepancies appear when it comes to monitoring applications like Snapchat and Tinder, where WebWatcher just displays alerts for these apps and not the target’s chats.
Overall, while WebWatcher has its advantages, SPY24 outperforms WebWatcher in several areas.

Is WebWatcher a Reliable Tool?

WebWatcher is far from a straightforward application. It’s a powerful tool for monitoring and controlling every byte that passes through target devices. The program is ideal for you if you require such an app for your investigation.

The proper usage of the application, on the other hand, is entirely up to the users. Please don’t abuse WebWatcher in any way. If you have any issues or queries about how to use it in a specific situation, seek advice from experts on terms and legal compliance.

WebWatcher can, without a doubt, prevent a lot of negative things from happening. Some wise person once said that it is better to overestimate the risk than to expose children to it – get the WebWatcher parental control app to protect your child safe from major threats.

We wouldn’t recommend WebWatcher if you want to track your child’s smartphone as a parent because it isn’t well adapted for that. For parents, we recommend SPY24 more. Here’s a link to our in-depth SPY24 assessment.

WebWatcher Testimonials: Does It Work?

The Internet is an excellent resource for learning and expanding one’s horizons. That is why children are so enamored with it.

However, improper content, sexting, cyberbullying, suicidal tendencies, and exposure to online predators can all result from using private chat rooms, instant messengers, and social media platforms. As a result, as a parent, you must be aware of what your child is doing on the internet.

Installing a parental control program, such as WebWatcher or mSpy, is one of the finest ways to keep track of your child’s online activities. However, making a decision can be difficult. This is where user feedback comes in.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at WebWatcher and help you decide whether or not to utilize it. Let’s get started right away!

What is WebWatcher, exactly?

WebWatcher is, first and foremost, one of the most popular parental control software for monitoring children’s online behavior. It aids in the prevention of children becoming online friends with predators. Data from a target device is collected and displayed on a secure web-based account by the platform.

Call records, text messages, web browser history, photographs, GPS position, and several social networking apps, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Tinder, and others, may all be monitored using WebWatcher. You can use practically any iOS or Android smartphone to access the app remotely.

WebWatcher will come in handy if you’re:

Having multiple staff working for you as a business owner
A parent who wants to keep an eye on their child’s online activity
An individual who wants to keep track of your device so that you can know who is using it while you are away.
WebWatcher’s main features
WebWatcher has exploded in popularity during the last few years. Because of its great features, this amazing app attracts both parents and employers. WebWatcher has the following major features as an ideal monitoring solution:

Compatibility at its best. WebWatcher works on practically all Android tablets and phones, as well as the iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows PCs and laptops.

There’s no need for a jailbreak. Jailbreaking a device can cause it to malfunction and cause apps to stop working properly. The good news is that there are monitoring tools that don’t require the procedure, such as WebWatcher. The software is simple to use and is a good way to avoid the risks of jailbreaking.

A web-based monitoring interface is available. The software may gain access to a person’s online activities, record them, and then transfer them to your online account, making the process simple and stress-free. Simply log in to your account to benefit from real-time and quality monitoring.

The history of the internet. It used to be impossible to track the web browsing history of a smartphone. However, a lot has changed since then. It’s simple to access the websites that a target user visits using a variety of monitoring programs. WebWatcher makes it simple for you to accomplish this.

Text messages (SMS) Who says WebWatcher is exclusively for monitoring online activities? It allows you to view all SMS text messages sent and received by a given handset. This will improve the security and safety of your youngster. Your employees aren’t any different. Over time, they’ll remain focused on their work, and be productive, and competitive.

Photographic documentation. WebWatcher allows users to keep track of all images taken and stored on a certain device.

History of phone calls. WebWatcher allows you to trace all calls received by a target phone in addition to reading SMS text messages and snapping a photo. The phone number, call time, and call duration are all visible. You’ll be able to tell whether or not your children have been receiving distressing calls this way.

Monitoring of the app. WebWatcher displays a list of all installed apps on a device. WebWatcher will be your ideal companion, whether it’s a social media platform or a camera app.

Monitoring of social media. Teenagers and even younger children use popular social media sites like Kik, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and Tinder. As a result, it’s critical to keep an eye on all of these sites’ operations, as they might be a major source of unwelcome circumstances. Parents can use this option to see if any inappropriate content is sent or disseminated.

Tracking your location. Parents are frequently concerned about their children’s safety. When their child does not return their calls or messages, they get increasingly concerned. Within a minute or two, WebWatcher will provide parents with a full history of their child’s whereabouts.

There is a free trial available. WebWatcher offers a one-week free trial to provide users the opportunity to try out the platform before committing to it.

WebWatcher’s benefits and drawbacks

Almost all devices and operating systems are supported.
All data can be accessed remotely using any device via the internet.
It sends out email alerts right away.
No jailbreak is required to search through web information discreetly and conveniently.

When compared to other parental control apps available, it is not as easy to use.
Installing the target device might be difficult and intimidating.
Antivirus software and other security features must be turned off.
The premium edition is quite pricey.
When an antivirus application identifies it on the target phone, it is immediately uninstalled.
It causes the target phone’s functioning to lag after installation.
WebWatcher offers a variety of payment options.
WebWatcher has two pricing options: $59.95 for three months or $129.95 for a year. These blueprints allow for the following:

Both basic and complex functions are available.
For the duration of your viewing session, you will have unlimited data storage.
What is the best way to utilize WebWatcher?
To get started with the app on Android, follow these three simple steps: The first step is to register. Select the operating system you require and purchase the subscription that best meets your requirements. #2. Get the software on your computer. You must first install the app on the target device to begin monitoring it. #3. Begin tracking from afar. Access your account by going to the login page. After that, all of the actions on the target device will be transmitted to your WebWatcher online account.

Follow these instructions to use WebWatcher on your iPhone: To begin, log in. Enter the Apple ID and Password of the device you want to monitor on the WebWatcher login page. Remember to turn off iCloud backup and turn on 2FA (two-factor authentication). #2. Keep an eye on things. The activities of the target device will be captured and uploaded to your account when it backs up data to iCloud. #3. Begin tracking from afar. Keep track of all recorded data, including images, texts, calls, websites, instant messengers, and more, using the WebWatcher mobile login.

How trustworthy is WebWatcher?

To be honest, WebWatcher’s apps provide excellent service. It also complies with all Apple App Store and Google Play Store requirements. This is why it can be found at these stores. We all know that these shops are highly stringent about their privacy standards and will quickly remove any program that breaks them. As a result, this can serve as an Apple and Google mark of approval for this app.

However, saying the same about your PC and Mac devices is challenging. Only if you don’t care about the privacy of your PC and Mac devices should you consider it. In today’s data-driven world, it’s best to be cautious, as more data equals more power, and more power equals more profit. As a result, remember to pick your program carefully.

WebWatcher alternatives
This section will assist you if you want to use something other than WebWatcher.

mSpy vs. WebWatcher
mSpy has become a popular alternative to WebWatcher, and many people prefer mSpy to WebWatcher. Since its inception in 2010, mSpy has grown to become one of the most popular and effective surveillance programs on the market. It can work quietly and undetected once installed.

So, what are the advantages of using mSpy?

GPS tracking is available in real-time with mSpy.
mSpy provides more comprehensive storage access (notes, contacts, calendar data, etc.)
Its customer service is outstanding (e-mail, live chat, phone support)
The monthly cost of mSpy is significantly lower.
Go to to learn more.

Qustodio vs. WebWatcher
Maybe you’ve gotten this far and aren’t impressed with WebWatcher or mSpy. That’s fine, and Qustodio is another option. Let’s have a look at the things that Qustodio has to offer:

On Android and iOS, keep an eye on what’s going on.
Users don’t need to jailbreak or root their iOS or Android smartphones.
Using a keylogger, keep track of everything the target types.
Take live screenshots of the display on the target device.
On Google Maps, show the target’s current GPS location.
View data from Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media applications on a dashboard that users can access from anywhere at any time.
Allow users to see features in action by providing a fully functional demo.

FlexiSPY vs. WebWatcher
FlexiSPY is a household name in the antivirus industry, so it’s no surprise that it boasts one of the best parental-control software options.

FlexiSPY, formerly known as FlexiSPY Premier, isn’t the cheapest choice, but it’s a great deal for large families: a $50 monthly license covers an unlimited number of children and devices.

To keep your children secure online, FlexiSPY includes the following features:

Monitor websites, locations, searches, time, videos, and apps.
Allow you to secure all of your children’s online gadgets. To unlock the smartphone, you can set a PIN or contact someone in case of an emergency.
Send detailed and consolidated reports on the activity of the target device over the previous 30 days. You’ll also get a weekly or monthly email summary.
Visit the FlexiSPY website.

Last but not least
Whether you’re a protective parent or an imposing employer, monitoring software is beneficial. There’s no better way to ensure that your children stay safe online and that your staff stays on task than to use technology.

We hope that after reading our WebWatcher review, you have a better understanding of what this product has to offer. Please let us know if you think we’ve left something out. We always look forward to hearing from you!

How can I keep an eye on my child’s phone?

After creating an online account with WebWatcher, you may watch your child’s phone from any internet-connected device, including Android and iPhone. For Android, you’ll need to install an app on your child’s phone and then link it to your WebWatcher account online. You’ll need to link the child’s phone to your local PC or Mac once for an iPhone. Either process takes only a few minutes, but WebWatcher support will walk you through it step by step if necessary.

How can I keep an eye on my child’s phone without having to take it away?

You don’t have to leave your child’s phone vulnerable just because you don’t want to take it away totally. Monitoring your child’s phone instead of removing it is a viable option. Monitoring your child’s activity and who contacts them allows you to keep an eye on them. You’ll be able to stop any potentially dangerous behavior or inappropriate contact before it escalates.

Is there any way for me to see what my child is doing on the computer?

Parental computer monitoring software allows you to see what websites your child visits, what they search for on the internet, and who they communicate with via email and other instant messaging services. It can also notify you of text messages, phone calls, and apps installed on your child’s mobile device.

What can I do to keep an eye on my child’s Android phone?

Log in to your risk-free account and choose Android to watch your device discreetly from your safe online account. Installs in less than 5 minutes, is unobtrusive and thus tamper-proof, and all recorded data is transferred to a secure web-based account that you can watch remotely from any device at your leisure.

What is the most effective parental control app?

Webwatcher, unlike other parental monitoring programs, is 100% guaranteed to operate as stated. If Webwatcher is unable to remedy the problem, you will be entitled to a complete refund.

Is it possible for parents to supervise Snapchat?

Both Android and iPhone users can use Webwatcher to keep an eye on Snapchat. Webwatcher for Android can capture received messages and screenshots of any Snapchat activity. Webwatcher can detect that the Snapchat app has been downloaded on an iPhone.

What are the best applications for parental control?

Both Webwatcher and Parental Controls are highly rated programs that assist parents in dealing with the risks of the Internet. Webwatcher focuses on “monitoring” and is more geared toward overseeing youngsters who might be engaging in risky conduct.

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