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[UPDATED] The Top 12 Spying Apps for iPhone in 2021 [NEW]

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The most important thing in our life over the last few decades has been technological advancement and advancement. Even as the number of cell phone users has increased by the billions, there has also been an increase in the number of digital crimes and online abuse tied to the internet and mobile phone usage. 

Our teens and children have either been victims of cyberbullying or have been the target of catfishing on the internet. The development of smartphone spying applications has resulted from the combination of digital risks and the introduction of a new dimension of technology. Youth and children have been the target of several internet crimes, including cyberbullying and catfishing, body shaming, and other types of fraud, among other things. In response to the digital risks, as well as the new unethical dimension of technology, undetectable surveillance applications for iPhone have been developed. The goal of these programs is to guard and protect our loved ones from the widespread digital vulnerability that they are exposed to. Business owners are using them to monitor their staff, and individuals are utilizing them to track their whereabouts. 

We conducted a comprehensive study on four key aspects of the best remote spy app for iPhone and developed our list of the top 12 iPhone spying apps for 2021 based on the results of our findings. 

Comparing and contrasting the 12 Best Hidden Spy Apps for iPhone 

SPY24 is an abbreviation for SPY24. 

On the first spot, we have SPY24, which we consider to be the greatest spying software for iPhone in 2021. No other spy software could have competed for the “best iOS monitoring app” title, which was a simple decision. It is regarded as the most dependable iPhone 11 spyware since it works flawlessly even when used with the most recent iPhone models. SPY24 is a spyware that has received much praise and recognition for its smooth compatibility with the iPhone. Due to its optimal combination of main and advanced functions, it makes monitoring iPhones and other iOS devices a simple and fast process. From simple call and text message tracking to sophisticated remote monitoring, this iPhone spy software ticks all the appropriate boxes for a top undetectable spy tool for iPhone users. 

[UPDATED] The Top 12 Spying Apps for iPhone in 2021 [NEW]
[UPDATED] The Top 12 Spying Apps for iPhone in 2021 [NEW]

Compatibility of SPY24, an undetectable espionage program for the iPhone 

One of the many reasons why SPY24 has been rated as the best mobile phone spy software for the iPhone is the wide range of devices with which it is compatible, including the iPhone itself. Many espionage applications suffered a loss of competitiveness with the launch of the new iOS 15.1 operating system. This is just a small selection of the applications that are compatible with the new iOS 15.1 operating system. SPY24 provides iPhone monitoring services both with and without the need for installation. 

The following are the iPhone versions of SPY24: 

The No-Jailbreak solution is compatible with iOS 15.1 and previous versions (*At the time of writing, this solution is not available). 

Apple’s Jailbreak Edition is compatible with all jailbroken iPhones and iPads running iOS 6.0 or above (up to 9.0.3) 


The SPY24 iPhone spying software is offered in two different pricing packages. 

Basic Premium (premium) 

There are three subscription options available for the two packages: monthly, quarterly, and annually. The program is reasonably priced, and you can begin using it for as little as $4.99 per month to get started. 


SPY24 is the only mobile phone spy firm that provides one-of-a-kind Remote Installation Support, which is a first in the industry. Through the use of this add-on, SPY24 Support will assume complete responsibility for downloading and installing an application on a target smartphone or tablet. 

Compatibility with both new and old iOS versions is provided by this iPhone 11 Pro spy software. 

SPY24’s No-Jailbreak approach ensures that devices are compatible with the most recent iOS versions as soon as an update is made available. 

When compared to other mobile phone espionage applications, it is a reasonable price. It doesn’t get much more affordable than $8 a month. 

Premium capabilities like remote call and ambient recording, remote device lock, data erase, and other such functions are available without charging an excessive charge, making SPY24 the number one Apple spying software not just on our list but also on many other people’s lists. 


It is only possible to access Kik messages if you have the non-jailbreak version of the app. 

FlexiSpy received a 9.5/10 rating. 

FlexiSpy is one of the best spy software for mobile phone tracking available today. The app has a plethora of features that are optimized for iOS devices. Basic monitoring functions are available, as well as more sophisticated ones like as call recording, remote video capture, and remote picture capture, among others. Messages sent and received via a variety of instant messaging programs, including Facebook, Instagram, and Skype as well as Viber, Kik, LINE, and others, are also monitored by the app. 

Compatibility of spy software for the iPhone 

The software is compatible with devices that run iOS 9.1 through 11.4.1, according to the developer. The software is unable to be loaded on the most recent version of iOS, which is why it did not make it to the top of the best-hidden spy apps for the iPhone list. Apart from that, you must have physical access to an iPhone in order to install the application. Installing the app in tethered mode is possible for iOS 9.2 through 11.4.1 devices. This implies that the app will only begin to function when the device has been switched off and then back on again. 


For iOS devices, FlexiSpy offers two different subscription options. Subscription plans such as Premium and Extreme are examples of this. Monthly, quarterly and annual billing cycles are available for the Premium plan. The Extreme subscription plan, on the other hand, is invoiced on a quarterly and annual basis, respectively. 


Provides the greatest amount of features. 

allows the user to keep an eye on a number of different devices at once 


Subscription plans are too pricey. 

Installation on an iPhone requires physical access to the device. 

It is not possible to install it on the most recent iOS devices. 

mSpy received a 9/10 rating. 

mSpy is third on our list of the best spying apps for iPhone in 2021, and it is also one of the most often suggested iPhone applications by users. There are various capabilities that allow you to operate an iPhone included in the package as well. You may utilize the remote control tools to keep an eye on the target phone while it is being monitored. Another feature that distinguishes mSpy as one of the best iPhone spying applications is its ability to monitor PC and Mac OS activity. 

Compatibility of the finest iPhone monitoring software 

The iPhone is compatible with mSpy as far as compatibility with the device is concerned; however, jailbreaking your iPhone would be required before putting the software on it. It is compatible with iOS 7 to iOS 9.1. To monitor an iPhone, you’d need to go to their website and download and install the tracking app. 


mSpy, like SPY24, provides two distinct packages based on the capabilities that are available. 

Basic Premium (premium) 

Subscriptions to these packages are available on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, respectively. It has a lot of features, but it is much more expensive in terms of affordability. The premium bundle has a yearly cost of around $200. 


It provides multilingual help around the clock. 

The control panel is made of durable material. 


It is necessary to jailbreak the iPhone in order to use it. 

At $200 a year, the app is prohibitively pricey. 

Take a look at these more resources: 

Spyzie gets an 8.5 out of 10 ratings. 

Spyzie is yet another trustworthy spy software for iPhone available on the market, and it comes with a slew of capabilities to its credit. This iOS spying software is compatible with the iPhone, and it now includes support for iOS 11, which was previously unavailable. It has the capability of recording messages and providing call details. The data may be accessible from any location when it has been synchronized with iCloud. The most significant drawback of this iPhone tracking app is its sluggish overall performance. Because it is the newest product on the market, it still has a long way to go. For the time being, it is preferable to wait rather than test this program since even a lower price tag is not reasonable due to the same underdeveloped features. 

Compatibility of the best remote spy software for iPhone 

The app is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad. However, it has a restricted range of compatibility. It may be used on smartphones that have not been jailbroken, however, it does not provide support for iPhones that have been jailbroken. This iCloud surveillance tool, on the other hand, maybe used on devices running iOS 8 and above without the need for a jailbreak. 


This is likely its most compelling feature. Spyzie is much less expensive than its rivals that provide the same capabilities. For the time being, it is just offering two packages: 

Premium Edition: This package has restricted capabilities and costs $89.99 per year. It is available for purchase. 

Ultimate Edition: This bundle includes all of the features of the standard edition and costs $99.99 a year to subscribe to. 


This iCloud spying program may be used without the need to install any software. The location-tracking functions are precise. 

It is reasonably priced. 


On the iPhone, there aren’t any sophisticated functions. 

It cannot be installed on iPhones that have been jailbroken. 

Highster Mobile received an 8-out-of-10 rating. 

Highster is the next app on our list of the best iPhone tracking apps. Despite the fact that it has all of the most important spying functions, it is not compatible with the iPhone. Despite the fact that it provides excellent functionality for Android phones, it falls short on the iPhone. Nonetheless, the app is one of the more reliable ones available online. The software is also available to users on other operating systems such as Windows and Linux. 

Compatibility of the best spying software for iPhone 

Every version of the iOS operating system is supported by the app. However, it does not support jailbroken smartphones. To download the software, you must use the OTA (over-the-air) installation method provided by the developer. Highster is also compatible with iOS 11. 


The cost is greater than that of its rivals. The software only provides a single bundle, which costs $80 and is available for download. The bundle is good for one year from the date of purchase. For an additional $30, you may purchase an extended warranty for your product. In many instances, this is not necessary. 


The interface is dynamic and user-friendly in its design and functionality. 

In addition, the app provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


The app does not provide a capability for recording phone calls. 

Installation and operation are both time-consuming tasks. 

For iPhone tracking, there is just one plan available. 

The rating is 7.5/10 for Cocospy. 

Cocospy is a relatively new iPhone spyware program, yet it has all of the necessary features of a competent iPhone spyware program. It has all of the fundamental functions that you would expect to see while monitoring an iPhone. In addition, Cocospy does not need physical access to the iPhone to function. 

App for spying on someone on an iPhone 

Parents like Cocospy’s simple features and non-intrusive UI, which makes it a popular choice for them. When you choose the Family plan, which allows you to monitor up to five devices, the cost is fairly reasonable as well. It’s not the most economical software available, and it’s particularly not a good choice if you’re looking to monitor Android-based devices. 


It is possible to utilize Cocospy on any iPhone running iOS 7 or above. 


The Premium plan will cost you USD 129.99 per year if you want to subscribe on an annual basis. The Family version, which costs USD 399.99 for 12 months and allows you to monitor up to five iPhones, is also available. 


The subscription is somewhat cheaper with family options. 

This iPhone tracking software includes all of the essential capabilities, such as phone call records, iMessages, Location history, browser history, images, and videos, among other things. 

The refund policy is no-questions-asked for the first 60 days. 


Because it is very new, there aren’t many reviews yet. 

Claims to have millions of clients but do not provide any evidence to support this claim. 

There is no phone or chat assistance accessible, which makes it a rather sketchy application. 

SpyEra received a 7 out of 10 ratings. 

This is a mid-range Apple spying tool that includes all of the essential capabilities, such as monitoring instant messengers and phone records, as well as some additional features. It offers a few sophisticated capabilities as well, such as the ability to listen to recordings of incoming and outgoing phone conversations, just like any other best spyware for iPhone. Another unique feature of this program is that you will be alerted if the target person’s SIM card is changed while using it. 

Compatibility of the best spy software for iPhone 11 

SpyEra is incompatible with iOS 11, which is the latest version of the operating system. It is only accessible for iPhones running iOS 10.2 that you may use the iOS spying software. Additionally, you would need to jailbreak your smartphone before downloading the app in order for it to be fully compatible. 


SpyEra is a very pricey program. Its three-month bundle is priced at the same level as the monthly packages of the leading iPhone espionage applications. The software provides just one subscription for each of the following time periods: 3 months, 6 months, and a year. The year-long plan may cost as much as $389! 


The SpyEra app includes all of the fundamental as well as sophisticated capabilities. 

This malware may even be used to spy on someone using a webcam. 


The application is really pricey. Even the annual version of SPY24 is less expensive than the three-month bundle of the same software. 

The software is not compatible with iOS 11, and as a result, it does not support any of the most recent iPhone models. 

If you want to use the SpyEra software, you’ll need to jailbreak your phone first. 

The rating is 6.5/10. Spyic 

We couldn’t help but include Spyic in our list of the best 12 iPhone spy apps, despite the fact that it’s the newest Android surveillance software available on the market. This is due to the fact that Spyic’s iPhone spy solution does not need the usage of a jailbreak, in contrast to certain other stalker were programs for iPhone that do. With Spyic, you’ll get all of the standard capabilities you’d expect from an iPhone surveillance application. 

Compatibility with the iPhone 12 spy app 

Spyic is compatible with all of the latest iOS devices running iOS 7 or above. 


When it comes to cost, Spyic isn’t the most affordable iPhone spyware available. It is available in three distinct editions: Premium, Family, and Business. Premium is the most expensive. All three editions are available for purchase for periods of one month, three months, or one year. 

Premium: a 12-month license for $129.99 ($10.83/month) is available for purchase. 

Families (up to 5 devices) may purchase a 12-month license for $399.99 ($33.33 per month). 

a 12-month license for $999.99 ($83.33/month) for up to 25 devices in a business setting 


It has all of the typical iCloud surveillance capabilities. 

There are a variety of payment options available. 


For an iCloud monitoring app, it is rather expensive. 

Performance data is not available at this time. 

GuestSpy received a score of 6/10. 

Is it possible to monitor someone who has an older iPhone model? Despite the fact that many individuals switch their phones, there are still a few people who persist with their old phones. GuestSpy is a surveillance application for the iPhone that is meant to monitor previous versions of the device. You may use GuestSpy to keep track on any of the iPhone 2G/3G/3GS/4/4S/5/5C models, as well as the iPhone 3G/3GS/4 models. 

Compatibility of the best-concealed spy app for iPhone 

Our is a significant factor in the app’s low ranking on this list since it only works with a small number of devices. Currently, GuestSpy does not support any iPhone devices that are newer than the iPhone 5. If you want to use the app, you’ll need to jailbreak your phone and install it using the Cydia software, which is available for free. While this is the case, if you still have an older iPhone model with a jailbreak, GuestSpy is a viable choice to consider. 


Because of its restricted compatibility, you may anticipate a lesser price than you would pay for comparable high-end applications. GuestSpy offers three distinct subscription plans: 

The starting price for a standard bundle is $20.99 per month. 

The monthly fee for the premium plan is $24.99 USD. 

The Gold plan is available for $28.99 per month. 

The length of these packages may be customized to meet your needs. GuestSpy provides all of its packages for a variety of time periods, including monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, and yearly. 


You may see the images taken by the target phone’s camera using the remote access feature. 

For the first 48 hours, the app is completely free. 


It is necessary to have physical access to the phone in order to install the app. 

The target iPhone must first be jailbroken before the installation may take place. 

The installation on the iPhone necessitates the use of the Cydia application, which makes the procedure more difficult for the user. 

Rating: 5.5 out of 10. Spymaster Pro is a surveillance software program. 

SPYMASTER PRO is a mid-range spying tool that includes all of the essential spying functions, such as monitoring text messages and internet browsing history, as well as obtaining contact information. In contrast to other mid-range stalker were programs for iPhone, it does not need the use of a jailbroken device in order to install the app. It comes with 15 capabilities that make primary espionage a breeze to use. However, the software is prohibitively expensive when compared to the capabilities it provides, and its customer assistance is inadequate. 

The most effective malware for iPhone Compatibility 

Spymaster Pro is only compatible with iPhone models up to and including the iPhone 7. It does not work with any iPhone devices released after the original. Another drawback of this application is that it cannot be installed on any device that has been jailbroken. In order to monitor the target phone, you would need the iCloud credentials of the target phone. 


Spymaster Pro has just one bundle for iPhone that has all of the functions that it is capable of providing. Subscriptions to the package are available on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, respectively. However, all of these pricing options are prohibitively costly, with the exception of the monthly subscription, which costs $57.99 a month for the most basic features. 


It is a spying application that may be used for simple monitoring. 

You do not need to jailbreak your phone in order to use it. 


When it comes to its iPhone version, it offers a restricted set of capabilities. 

Since iOS 7 and later versions are incompatible with it, it will not work on any contemporary iPhone. 

Given the app’s restricted functionality and compatibility, it is prohibitively pricey. 

According to their client evaluations, their customer assistance is non-existent. 

5 out of 10 based on 11 ratings FoneMonitor 

Despite the fact that FoneMonitor is not the greatest mobile phone spy software for iPhone currently available, it is another brand that is well-known in the phone spying field. However, in comparison to the other goods on the list, the software is not very up to date. FoneMonitor is in our top 12 list not because we want to debate why it isn’t the best choice for you, but rather because we want to talk about why it isn’t the best choice for us. In truth, with the exception of SPY24, most of the spyware apps on this list (apart from SPY24) are no longer employing the most up-to-date infrastructure that is required to spy on an iPhone. So, even though FoneMonitor has features that are similar to many of the other apps on this list, we recommend that you contact their support team via email (there is no live chat available) and get your questions answered first, including the requirements for using FoneMonitor on iOS devices, before proceeding. 

Compatibility of the stalker was application on the iPhone 

It is possible to use FoneMonitor with iOS 10 or above. 


The iOS version is only offered as a monthly subscription for USD 39.99, and it is not accessible for purchase. As a result, if you want to use FoneMonitor for an extended period of time, this software is not your best option. 


It keeps track of where you’ve been. 

Monitoring of social media accounts for iMessages, WhatsApp, and LINE 

Photos taken by third-party applications should be monitored. 


For long-term usage, this is a costly solution. 

There is no live chat or phone help available. 

There are far too many restrictions on the refund policy. 

  1. iSpyoo received a rating of 4.5/10. 

iSpyoo is placed 12th on our list of the best spying applications, but it is noteworthy for the unique function that it offers. It has a wide range of gadget functions to provide. You may monitor a total of three devices with a single subscription. However, the program will only work if the iPhone has been jailbroken. Despite the fact that they provide instructions on how to jailbreak, this nevertheless complicates its usage and raises your costs. 

Compatibility of the finest cell phone spy software for the iPhone 

Despite the fact that the software is compatible with the iPhone, there has been no mention of its compatibility with other iOS versions. It merely specifies that the software may only be used on iPhones that have been jailbroken. The second constraint is that it is necessary to have physical access to the target iPhone in order to install the software. 


For its subscriptions, iSpyoo provides a number of different options. At the moment, it is providing the following three plans: 

The most basic option is available for $19.99 per month. 

Premium: It begins at $23.99 a month and goes up from there. 

Gold: The gold package is their most expensive option, beginning at $25.99 per month. 

The monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, and annual membership options are all available for all of these packages. 


The fact that it works on numerous devices is the most compelling argument to subscribe to this app. 

The software is reasonably priced, and the bundles are reasonably priced. 


It is incompatible with the most recent generations of the Apple iPhone. 

Installing the app on an iPhone requires the use of a jailbreak and Cydia. 

4 out of 10 stars 

This year’s winner is SPY24. 

SPY24 is our top selection for the best iPhone spy software, and there are a variety of reasons for this. Here are some examples of them to consider. 

The following are eight reasons why you should use SPY24. 

The most basic option is available for $19.99 per month. 

Compatibility: The compatibility of SPY24 with the iPhone is the most compelling argument to select it. It is compatible with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones. It not only supports previous iOS versions, but it also supports the most recent iOS 11, which just a few applications are capable of handling. 

When you check the costs of the applications, you will find that many mid-range programs charge higher rates than SPY24, with some costing as much as $389 for a year for capabilities that are comparable to those of SPY24. Apart from including all of the capabilities found in the finest iPhone spy applications, SPY24 has also made certain that its rates are competitive. 

Basic and complex functions are available in equal measure with SPY24. Description: It comes with location services, phone and text message tracking, and sophisticated capabilities such as remote monitoring for iPhones, among other things. 

It’s simple to get the app up and running: Installation does not need the use of any Cydia software. There is nothing more complicated than downloading SPY24 to a computer and configuring it on an iPhone via the use of a USB connection. 

Customer Service: The app provides customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This was a common complaint in user evaluations of the applications, which occurred with other apps as well. Customers of SPY24, on the other hand, have access to live help. 

Discounts: With SPY24’s year-round discounts, you might purchase membership plans for as little as $5/month, or even less. 

It saves you a significant amount of time: The many reports and watch list notifications provided by SPY24 allow you to save important time by eliminating the need to look through each and every phone record. 

The following are fake iPhone surveillance applications to avoid: 1. xyspy 

In an effort to cash in on the success of SPY24, a slew of similar-sounding applications have sprung up on the market. One such application is Xyspy, which we are familiar with. There isn’t much more to say about this than this: stay clear from fraudulent applications that might steal your personal information and exploit it for extortion later on. Furthermore, many phony businesses give poor service and after-sales support since their ultimate goal is to earn fast money rather than to grow a firm. 

  1. xpspy is a program that allows you to copy and paste the text. 

Xpspy is another phony iPhone spy software that should not be used. Similar to the aforementioned, this iPhone surveillance software has absolutely no credibility to speak of. It’s difficult to think that an app that’s attempting to capitalize on the success of another well-known brand could be any good. As a result, if you want to purchase SPY24, avoid falling for the ruse known as “Xpspy.” 

What functions are available on the iPhone and how do they work? 

The broad range of capabilities available to SPY24 users is what distinguishes it as the finest remote spy software for iPhone. The information you may access after installing SPY24 on an iPhone includes call history, contacts, iMessages (including WhatsApp messages), calendar appointments (including multimedia files), bookmarked websites (including browser history), location history, and much more. 

Is it necessary to have physical access to the device in order to download and install SPY24 on an iPhone? 

It is not necessary to have physical access to the iPhone in order to install the app. It is just necessary to have the iCloud credentials, which include the Apple ID and password, in order to remotely monitor the device. You will, however, need physical access to the device if two-factor authentication is installed on it before you can proceed with the installation.

Are there any iOS devices that are compatible with SPY24 and why? 

All iOS devices, including those running iOS 6. x, 7. x, and 8. x, as well as those running iOS 13.1.2, are compatible with the app. iPhones and iPads are among the iOS devices that are compatible with the software. 

What is the best way to install SPY24 on an iPhone? 

It is simple to install and configure our program on an iOS smartphone. Installing the SPY24 program on a computer will be necessary to finish the installation process if you do not want to jailbreak your device. During the whole installation process, you’ll also need to have physical access to the iOS device. 

What is the procedure for subscribing to SPY24? 

You must subscribe to one of the SPY24 membership plans in order to use the service. SPY24 has two subscription options, which are divided into two categories: Basic Edition and Premium Edition. Because the Premium Edition has more features than the Basic Edition, it is somewhat more costly than the Basic Edition. To buy a subscription to SPY24, choose the plan that you wish to subscribe to. Accept the terms and conditions as written. To make your purchase, you must provide your billing information. You will then get an email confirming that you have successfully subscribed. 

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SPY24 is the world’s most trusted cell phone spy software to monitor any smartphone and tablet remotely It works on a range of Mobile Spy Software Track

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