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TiSpy Review: Apk Download 2022

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TiSpy Review: Is It Worth It or Is It Complete Garbage?

This article examines TiSpy in depth, including a wide range of significant characteristics and features. Check out the review to see if TiSpy is a good parental control programme for you.
Let’s face it: keeping your children safe in this digital age is a nightmare. How do you maintain track of their internet activity, such as browsing history, private communications, and other online activities?

Parental control apps can help with this. TiSpy is a good alternative for parents among the dozens of similar programmes available.

Is TiSpy, on the other hand, a good fit for you? Find out with this in-depth TiSpy review, which will detail the software’s performance in a number of key areas, including:

TiSpy Review: Apk Download 2022
TiSpy Review: Apk Download 2022


Installation and Setup Costs
With all of these information in hand, determining whether TiSpy is a good option should be a lot easier. So, let’s get started.

 10 June, 2022

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What exactly is TiSpy?

TiSpy is a parental monitoring programme that allows parents to keep tabs on their children’s online activities. It assists you in ensuring your child’s safety by providing useful features such as:

Tracking on WhatsApp
Automatically record your screen
Warning: this website contains adult content.
Android keylogger monitoring
In a word, if you want to monitor your child’s online activities without them knowing, a parental control programme like TiSpy is a good option.

On Android, how does TiSpy work?

TiSpy is a simple and uncomplicated programme to get started with.

The following are the primary stages you’ll need to take:

  1. Get TiSpy and install it.

The first step in installing TiSpy is to get it from the official website. Make sure you have it installed on the device you wish to track. After downloading the APK, go to the file location and install it on your phone.

  1. Set up TiSpy and make an account

Open the app and configure it once it has been installed on your child’s device. Many steps are involved in configuration, such as screen capture permission, device administration, and so on. It’s time to create an account when you’ve configured everything.

  1. Begin tracking

That is all there is to it. You’ve installed, setup, and set up the app on your child’s phone. Simply log into the account on your computer to monitor your child’s device, and you may be able to trace their actions.

However, the installation of TiSpy isn’t as simple as it appears.

It also necessitates the disabling of antivirus, Google Play Protect, and a few more options. But don’t worry, we’ll cover it as well.

Compatibility with TiSpy

TiSpy is only available on these three platforms as a covert parental control app:

It does, however, support a wide range of Android devices and versions.

TiSpy is a silent parental control programme, which is one of the main reasons it doesn’t support iOS and other operating systems. To put it another way, it’s designed to monitor your child’s actions without their being aware of it.

Such surveillance programmes are intended to bind with operating system files in order to remain hidden for this purpose. TiSpy is only available for Android on mobile devices because it is the most convenient alternative.

TiSpy is compatible with the following Android versions:

Versions of Android OS 2.1 and higher are supported.
TiSpy only supports Windows and Mac machines and ignores Linux.

However, you can check TiSpy’s website to see if it supports the device your child uses. It establishes a definitive list of devices that are supported, as well as their manufacturers.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look over TiSpy’s features and see what makes them unique.

Premium Features of TiSpy

Every parental control programme has a range of options that affect how far you may track a device. Let’s take a closer look at what TiSpy has to offer:

Tracking your phone calls
TiSpy has a robust call monitoring capability. The tool allows you to trace your child’s call history and see who they’ve been conversing with, as the name implies.

What’s even better is that you can monitor call duration and listen to recorded calls on their device to verify their safety.

Aside from that, TiSpy’s call tracker is designed to provide you with contact information. A contact name, phone number, email address, and other information kept on your child’s device are among them.

You may also look at call records to view outgoing and incoming calls, as well as their duration.

Simply go to the Calls section of the TiSpy dashboard to access the call tracking tool. Here’s an example of what it looks like:

Tracking of Text Messages
You can view chats without having physical access to their phone by using TiSpy’s text message tracking tool.

The TiSpy dashboard provides you a bird’s eye view of your child’s inbox, allowing you to access all of their texts remotely.

What’s more, in addition to SMS text tracking, the programme also allows you to track other multimedia such as photographs, audio recordings, and videos.

As a result, you can be certain of your child’s online discussions on his phone and the content they’re discussing. TiSpy also shows you the names of the people your child was texting with.

Additionally, the programme includes a deleted chats function that allows you to view deleted text messages. Aside from that, tracking communications gets easier with the date and time stamp.

Tracking your location
TiSpy also has a GPS tracking feature that allows you to see where your child is at any given time. As a result, you may check to see if your child goes where they claim they go.

You may receive a real-time location breakdown of your child’s smartphone using the finding tracking tool to find out where they are. You’ll also be able to follow their location without them being aware of it.

You can also look up your child’s location history to see where he or she has gone during the day or week. When it comes to location tracking, you may choose between map and satellite views.

Tracking on social media
Your youngster is most likely among the 4.55 billion people who use social media throughout the world. In fact, Android users spend a significant portion of their day on social media.

As a result, TiSpy has added a social media tracking function to track your child’s social media activities. It allows you to keep an eye on your child’s gadget across a variety of social networking networks.

Let’s take a closer look at them in the following paragraphs:

Because WhatsApp is the most popular messaging programme, it should be monitored if it is installed on your child’s device. Fortunately, TiSpy allows you to do so.

With TiSpy’s Whatsapp tracking, you can see all of your child’s Whatsapp conversations as well as all of the texts and media they’ve sent.

For convenience and flexibility, you can also keep track of their time and date. Another notable enhancement is the ability to see contact names and photographs.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the TiSpy functions for other chat and social networking sites are same. So, here’s a list of other apps for which TiSpy has the same features as Whatsapp:

Spying on Facebook
WeChat\Accessing Skype
IMO Messenger Zalo Signal Zalo Signal
Just Have A Conversation
Kik Messenger is a mobile messaging app.
Botim KeyLogging in Kakao Messenger
TiSpy also has a Keylogging tool, which is useful if you want to keep a close eye on your child’s actions.

This tool allows you to see all of the keystrokes your youngster has made. All of their communications, web searches, and emails are included in this.

The keylogging feature of TiSpy also records the time and the application they were typing on. If you concentrate, keylogging is a really useful function because it allows you to keep track of all your child’s typing activity.

Viewing the History of the Clipboard

It’s possible that your child isn’t typing everything by hand.

They may also prefer to copy a passage of text to send as a message or to conduct a Google search. It could also be a connection.

The clipboard viewer allows you to keep track of all the text and links your child has copied. You can see the time and date of copied texts, much like the key logs.

Tracking of multiple media
It’s also crucial to keep an eye on what your youngster does with their smartphone. It could be offensive images or films that you do not want kids to see.

TiSpy’s multimedia tracking function allows you to easily view all of your child’s photographs, GIFs, videos, and other multimedia files to ensure they are not involved in sexting or violent content.

You may also verify the date and time stamps of files and navigate using TiSpy’s multimedia tracker’s search box.

Furthermore, the amazing naked image recognition feature is an important innovation that will save you time and give you piece of mind.

Your TiSpy online dashboard saves these multimedia files from your child’s device. You may also download all of the data from your dashboard.

Tracking your web history
Teenagers are frequently exposed to pornographic content on the internet. You can make sure your youngster isn’t one of them by using TiSpy’s browser history tracker.

This tool allows you to view all of your child’s internet visits. You’ll also get their unique URLs so you can see what they looked at. You can also keep track of their complete internet history in one place.

TiSpy does not require rooting the Android smartphone whose web history you wish to track, unlike other web history trackers. You can begin viewing the browser history once the app has been installed on your child’s device.

Scheduling of Capture
One of TiSpy’s most premium features is control over a smartphone’s camera.

This feature allows you to digitally grab an image from your child’s smartphone whenever you wish. You can even plan it for your convenience.

You can also select whether you want to use the front or back camera. Aside from that, you can record audio and the screen of a smartphone, as well as set the amount of grabs.

App Control & Monitoring
When your child uses a smartphone, he or she may use a range of applications that should be monitored.

TiSpy not only allows you to track individual app activity, but it also allows you to restrict specific websites or apps on your child’s smartphone.

Aside from that, TiSpy provides a full breakdown of the programmes installed, including the date and time they were loaded, as well as their size. You may also have TiSpy send you a notification whenever a new app is installed or removed on your child’s device.

Price TiSpy

TiSpy’s pricing is reasonable, especially if you opt for a yearly subscription.

On TiSpy, there is only one plan for everyone. The price, however, is determined by the period you select. Unfortunately, there isn’t a month-to-month option. There are just three-month, six-month, and annual options available.

As a general rule, the price drops as you get higher:

TiSpy’s 3-month package starts at $11.73/mo.
The 6-month subscription costs $8.70.
The 12-month plan is the most cost-effective, starting at $6.74 per month.
Every plan includes all of the advanced features, regardless of which one you choose. For further information, see the image below:

If you’re wondering if TiSpy has a return policy, it does. It has a seven-day refund policy.

However, there is an even simpler option: a two-day free trial. Simply utilise the trial period to assess TiSpy and see if it is a good fit for you.

Installing TiSpy on Android

It’s not difficult to install TiSpy on your child’s Android handset (that you want to monitor). It simply takes 2 minutes of your time, according to TiSpy.

The instructions for installing TiSpy on Android and monitoring it are outlined below. But first, make sure the device is running an Android version higher than 2.1. (which it will have, most likely).

TiSpy Free Trial Registration and Pre-Setup (Part 1)
To begin, go to TiSpy’s official website and join up for a free 2-day trial. All you have to do is enter your email address and confirm your password.

Then TiSpy will send you a confirmation email; click the link in the email to confirm your registration. After you’ve signed up for TiSpy, go to your child’s smartphone and disable the following:

Google Play Protect Anti-Virus is a free antivirus programme developed by Google.
To turn off Google Play Protect, follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app on your phone.
  2. Go to Menu and select Play Protect.
  3. Turn off the “Scan device for security threats” option.

Different devices have different methods for disabling anti-virus (and manufacturers). However, you must disable app security in general, such as:

Before installing the device, perform a security detection scan.
The first part is finished once you’ve completed these two tasks (disabling Google Play Protect and anti-virus on your child’s smartphone).

Part 2: Downloading and Installing TiSpy

You may need to download TiSpy from the official website in order to install it. On TiSpy’s official website, you should be able to find a link to it.

Install the app on the device once it has been downloaded.

TiSPY Client is the name of the application file.

Part 3: TiSpy Login and Configuration
It’s time to configure the app when it’s been installed on the device.

Log in using the account you made once you’ve read through the terms and conditions and administrator rights. If you haven’t already done so, you can do so right now.

Now, it might ask for location permission, accessibility permission, and other types of permissions; provide those permissions to the app for effective device monitoring. Check out this link to find a phone tracking app that doesn’t require authorization.

TiSpy may also request a variety of other settings, such as battery optimization, notification monitoring, and so on. These restrictions are required for TiSpy to track your child’s activities as a rule of thumb.

How to Hide the TiSpy Icon on Android

Before you do anything else, keep in mind that the TiSpy software has a Wifi icon and is called Wi-fi. It’s for secret monitoring of your youngster, as you could have imagined. Follow these methods to get rid of this icon as well:

  1. Go to the device’s recent apps section.
  2. Long tap on the TiSpy app – Wifi
  3. If you see a lock button, press it.

Note: This locking feature is generally only supported by Oppo/Vivo/Redmi/Mi/Samsung devices. If your child’s smartphone does not have this feature, you can use another method to hide the app’s icon. Even if it stays in plain sight, the toddler is unlikely to discover it under this disguise.

Part 5 – Get TiSpy and Start Monitoring
After you’ve configured TiSpy on a device you want to monitor, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Log in to TiSpy by clicking “Activate Account” (if not logged in already).

That’s it; you’ll be directed to the TiSpy dashboard, where you can begin monitoring your child’s smartphone.

Advantages and disadvantages
Features for advanced tracking
Tracking in the dark
With disguise, you have a fantastic hiding skill.
Pricing that is reasonable
Various social networking channels are supported.
Cons: It is simple to use
Free trial for a limited time
Only Android is supported.
It’s easy to get carried away with installation.
There are no month-to-month plans available.
The Final Word
Although TiSpy does not support all major platforms like other parental control programmes, it has a lot of great capabilities for the ones it does.

TiSpy becomes an excellent alternative for worried parents who want their children to be secure, thanks to features like comprehensive tracking and live screen surveillance.

TiSpy is definitely worth a shot, especially if you’re searching for a concealed surveillance programme. It comes with a 2-day free trial and a solid reputation.

My phone was registered, but it isn’t showing up in my account. So, what should I do now?

You most likely entered in the incorrect email address. Many individuals type in stuff like, gmail.con, or by accident.
Let customer service know if your phones aren’t showing up on your account. Make careful to provide them the phone’s IMEI number if it’s missing.

Is it feasible to obtain a record of a person’s phone calls?

It is possible to obtain a person’s call history. When you install phone call tracking software like TiSpy, it adds the call history information and caller data to your dashboard.

What is call tracking and how does it work?

When the call tracking software is put on the child’s phone, it collects all of the data from that device and sends it to the parent’s dashboard, which is given by the call tracking programme, such as TiSPY. TiSpy provides parents with dependable and accurate information while also being simple to use.

Is it possible to make a backup of my call logs?

Yes, TiSPY, a call log tracking software, can backup all call logs. Simply install the app on your device, and your call log data will never be lost.

How can I keep track of a phone call?

A call tracking programme such as TiSPY can be used to track a call. It allows you to record calls, view call history, caller information, and call time stamps.

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