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The Best New Parental Control App for iOS and Android is uMobix

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In the field of phone trackers, uMobix has established itself as a major player. Learn more about it, including uMobix pricing, uMobix installation, features, and advantages and disadvantages.

Is This Phone Tracker That Good? uMobix Review – Is This Phone Tracker That Good?

In today’s world, children have unparalleled access to the internet, information, and other people. While this is beneficial in many respects, it also puts them in danger.

We have the responsibility as parents to keep our children safe from danger. We gain power over others by using the best spy apps like uMobix.

The Best New Parental Control App for iOS and Android is uMobix
The Best New Parental Control App for iOS and Android is uMobix

You can keep track of what they’re doing with uMobix. It also gives you a detailed picture of their lives by allowing you to check messages, call history, GPS whereabouts, and much more.

We’ll take a hard look at uMobix’s today:

The procedure for installation (Android & iOS)
Advantages and disadvantages

Are you ready to begin? Let’s get started!

Software Quick Details – uMobix Rooting (Android) – No Jailbreaking (iOS) – No What exactly is uMobix?

uMobix is a parental monitoring and control app that makes staying informed simple and effective.

It allows parents to monitor their children’s activities on their smartphones. This has been accomplished through uMobix’s superior tracking tools.

It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices. In addition, unlike their competitors, both platforms come with a slew of features.

Compatibility with uMobix

All Android and iOS smartphones are compatible with uMobix. Both platforms have dashboards with simple designs that make them easy to use.

The minimal OS versions that uMobix currently supports are listed in the table below:

Android 4.0+ is the minimum OS version (Ice Cream Sandwich)
iOS 8 and above

Note that while rooting is required for Android devices, jailbreaking is not required for iOS devices.

What Is the uMobix App and How Does It Work?

uMobix is a parental control app that includes a comprehensive set of capabilities for monitoring your child’s device’s everyday activity.

The program operates in the background on the target device once it is set up. It accomplishes this while conserving battery and other resources.

Periodically, the app will siphon data such as:

  • Messages via text
  • Logs of key events
  • Call records and logs
  • GPS locations of app activity
  • Images and video

After every minute, new information from the target device will be transferred to Mobi’s servers. And everything will be accessible through the dashboard.

It’s worth noting that the dashboard can control practically all of the target device’s actions. The dashboard on uMobix, on the other hand, is ideal for examining thorough reports on the target’s activity.


Key Features of uMobix
uMobix, like many other spy apps, includes basic functions like call tracking. However, it also includes some of the following features:

SMS Monitoring Call Recording Keylogger
Location Tracker using GPS

Monitoring Web Browser Activity, Address Book, Messenger, and Social Media Apps
However, you’ll undoubtedly find that some of uMobix’s functions work differently than others.

Monitoring of Phone Calls

The call monitoring feature of uMobix simply keeps track of all inbound and outbound calls on the target device. It does not, however, record voice calls.

Users will also be able to see additional information, such as:

Timestamp for Caller ID and Call Duration
While uMobix did an excellent job of keeping the call logs up to date, accessing specific information was a nightmare. This was aided in part by the lack of a search tool.

The pagination buttons at the bottom of the call log are the sole way to navigate to older records. Fortunately, the records are arranged in chronological order. As a result, new records are played first.

Activity on the App
uMobix allows you to see what the target is doing on their phone in real-time. If the target uses WhatsApp, for example, uMobix will keep note of when it was used.

It will also keep track of when the app was closed and add up the total time spent. This might assist you in determining your child’s screen time.

While uMobix’s app activity is perfect, some users may find it difficult to identify programs based on their package names. Instead of using the app’s icons, uMobix should have utilized the app’s icons.

Many surveillance programs promise to feature keyloggers, however, they don’t always perform properly. They’d sometimes stop halfway through recording keystrokes and leave it at that.

The keylogger from uMobix was quite accurate. True, it would occasionally toss in a few incomplete phrases. However, for the most part, its keylogging capability was adequate.

It can record all keystrokes made on the target device. Even anything copied to the clipboard fall within this category. As a result, you’ll be able to obtain passwords and other credentials.

There’s hardly much a child can hide in their phone with this feature. Furthermore, enabling notifications notifies you of all activities on the target device.

SMS Tracking
SMS tracking is a useful function for keeping tabs on kids. It allows parents to learn about their children’s social circle by listening to what they talk about. uMobix also keeps track of SMS.

Parents can use uMobix’s SMS monitoring feature to:

Examine the text messages you’ve sent and received.
Recover SMS messages that have been erased
It also gives the sender’s information, such as their name or phone number, if they aren’t in the address book. All of this data is presented in a list format.

While uMobix organizes text messages into conversations, traveling between them is a little different. When you click a discussion, uMobix opens a page with only the messages from that chat.

It would have been fantastic to have a true conversation view. However, we were able to get by with the list view as well. Most people may overlook it.

There is no search tool here, however, messages are listed in chronological order. As a result, you can still utilize pagination to find the entries you want to see.


Location (GPS)
The uMobix cell phone locator has several features that you can utilize to make sure your child is secure at all times. You can see the following information about the child on your dashboard:

  • Map of the current location
  • History of routes and locations
  • GPS Coordinates of Previous Addresses

You can also track your child’s movements because all of the places they’ve visited appear on the map. uMobix connects all points to clearly show their movements.

Furthermore, you can obtain precise details of each spot. uMobix will also display the timestamp and a Google Map link when you click a point.

The timestamp indicates when the target was present at the location. The Google Map link, on the other hand, is useful if you want to view a location using Google’s maps.

This information can be used to determine if your youngster is at school or hanging out with friends. However, because the map lacks built-in features, there isn’t much you can do with it.

We also hoped that, given its popularity among other surveillance apps, uMobix would provide geofencing. However, it may appear in future releases.

Only Android and iOS support GPS location tracking.

Web Monitoring with uMobix The web monitoring capability of uMobix is vital for parents. Not only does it allow them to view their children’s web histories, but it also has the potential to protect them.

Parents can better protect their children from internet crooks and bullies by keeping track of the sites they visit. uMobix’s web monitoring, on the other hand, works uniquely.

It collects screenshots of a target’s activities in a browser, unlike other parental control programs. As a result, you may view much more than a site’s title and URL.

However, none of this data is saved in the “Browser History.” Rather, it shows up under “Browsers,” and uMobix even tells you which browser you were using at the time.

The “Browser History” feature of uMobix didn’t operate as well for us as it should have. However, you can see the following information about a target user from here:

the history of the internet
Web history was removed.
Timestamps of website visits
All internet history on the target device is captured, analyzed, and reported by the app. It also works with popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

List of Contacts
It may not seem critical to have access to your child’s contact list. In an emergency, though, it might spell the difference between life and death.

The complete address book on the target smartphone is accessible through uMobix. On the dashboard, you may see their contact image, name, phone number, and state of residence.

Furthermore, because uMobix saves all of its information online, even deleted contacts can be viewed. This is because they were previously saved in your account data.

Monitoring of Social Media Apps

Children now spend more time on social media sites and texting apps than ever before. As a result, parents must be aware of their children’s activities.

Because uMobix understands this, it includes a powerful social media app tracking tool. The best aspect is that you don’t need root access to keep track of what’s going on in all of your programs.

Popular chat apps are supported, including:

  • WhatsApp\Messenger\Facebook\Zoom
  • Telegram\WeChat
  • Skype\Tinder
  • TikTok

But we were particularly interested in Facebook because uMobix had a cool feature to present there as well.

For starters, uMobix captures screenshots of social networking app activity. This means that uMobix will snap a full screenshot of a target when they browse an app like WhatsApp.

With one exception, the same holds. Users of iOS will have complete control over their child’s Facebook account. This is something we discovered to be unique to uMobix.

On Android, screenshots are also really useful, and you may obtain a wealth of information about a target. Because uMobix captures snapshots every 5-6 seconds, this is the case.

As a result, despite not having complete control of the target’s Facebook account, you never miss any important facts.

In comparison to other apps, we loved how clean the dashboard was. Everything is clearly labeled, and you can select up to ten entries at a time.


Nowadays, Instagram is extremely popular among youngsters. This platform must be accessible to parents to prevent their children from engaging in inappropriate behavior.

It might be as simple as uploading explicit or offensive stuff. In addition, parents will be able to protect their children from sex predators and other crimes.

You can also see a lot of information about a target’s Instagram account here. And DM messages and profiles are only part of the tale.

On iOS, you may take complete control over your child’s Instagram account. You’ll be able to see what they’re doing in real-time as a result of this.

Android users, on the other hand, can only see snapshots of their child’s activity in the app.

In the year 2020, TikTok was one of the most popular entertainment apps. As a result, a large number of children have TikTok accounts and are active users.

Parents can monitor their children’s TikTok activity with uMobix. This enables them to prevent minors from viewing or submitting inappropriate material.

Parents can do the following:

Take a look at the direct messages.
Take a look at what their kids have to say.
Keep track of likes and comments.
On iOS target devices, this capability is not available.

What Does uMobix Cost every month?

Users can choose between basic and full subscription levels at uMobix. The following is the cost:

Pricing for Android and iOS
The pricing of uMobix is comparable to that of its competitors. A yearly subscription, on the other hand, is the most cost-effective because users save a lot of money.

NB: Basic does not include browser history, bookmarks, a keylogger, social networking, or instant messaging.

uMobix Setup & Installation [Steps]

uMobix, unlike some of its competitors, has done an excellent job of guiding parents through the installation procedure.

They offer extensive instructions in the welcome email with the installation instructions after you purchase.

For installation and setup, uMobix offers three simple steps:

Create an account and select a subscription plan in step one.
Step 2: Download and install uMobix on the target device (Android) / Log in with your Apple ID and password (iOS)
Step 3: Log in to your account and keep an eye on the data.
Regardless, we devised our own straightforward, step-by-step procedure for both operating systems.

uMobix for Android installation

When installing uMobix on an Android device, there are five key stages to follow. These are the following:

Step 1: Register for a free account and select a subscription.
Step 2: Set up the uMobix installation on the target device.
Step 3: On the target device, download and install uMobix.
Step 4: On the target phone, complete the appropriate settings.
Step 5: Double-check your setup and begin monitoring.
Physical access to the device being targeted
Internet access on the target device with a valid uMobix subscription
Step 1: Create an account for free and select a subscription.
You’ll need an uMobix account and a valid subscription plan before you can start monitoring a target device. Fortunately, this is a simple procedure.

Head to uMobix and tap on the “TRY NOW” button. Proceed to register for an account using a valid email and password of choice.
uMobix will also offer you to choose a subscription plan during the registration step. Make sure you choose a subscription plan for Android.
After that, you’ll get an email with all of the instructions you need to install uMobix on the target device.
Step two: Prepare the Installation Target Device
There are a few parameters on the target device that need to be changed to ensure a smooth installation process. And, in particular, on the Google Play Store.

Here’s how you should go about doing it:

Locate and tap the Play Store app on the target device. This is located in the app drawer.
To access the navigation, press the hamburger menu in the top left corner after launching Play Store.
Select Play Protect from the menu, then hit the little gear symbol on the top right side of the screen to access the options.
Ensure that both options in the Play Protect settings are disabled, i.e.
Play Protect – Disabled – Scan apps

Improved identification of malicious apps – Disabled

Step 3: On the target device, download and install uMobix.
uMobix must first be installed on the target device, after which it will gather all data. However, there are a few things you must do along the way.

To install uMobix on the target device, follow the steps below:

Open a browser on the target phone, such as Google Chrome, and enable Incognito Mode.
Copy the download link from uMobix’s dashboard and paste it into the address bar. The uMobix APK file will be downloaded to the target device.
Open the downloaded APK file with a tap, then select “Install” and wait for the process to complete.
To use uMobix, tap “Open” after it has been installed.

Step 4: On the target phone, complete the Setup Wizard.
uMobix has now been installed on the target device, but you must still configure it. This will grant it the rights it requires to function.

Here’s what you’ll do to get started.

Before continuing with the installation, tap “Agree and Continue” on uMobix’s first screen to agree to their EULA and terms of service.

uMobix will ask you to enable the keylogger after you agree on the EULA. To reach the accessibility menu, tap the “Enable keylogger tracking” option.
Tap “User Accounts” under “Downloaded Services” and switch on the toggle in the User Accounts screen. To grant uMobix access to monitor operations on the target device, click “Ok” on the box that opens.

uMobix will ask if you want to continue with the automatic setup process after you’ve enabled the keylogger. You can either wait for the timeout to expire or do what we did and go through the manual setup process.

Following that, uMobix will request all of the access rights it requires. Continue by tapping “Grant Permissions” to grant access. Then, in the popup box, touch “Allow” for each of the permissions it requests.
Tap “Enhance Stability” on the next screen, then “Allow” on the pop-up that displays. This will ensure that uMobix runs in the background without interruption.
After you’ve finished configuring uMobix’s stability settings, touch “Prevent Uninstall” and then “Activate this device admin app.” This gives uMobix control over other apps, preventing them from interfering with its activities.

Before tapping “Start Now,” go to the next configuration screen and tap “Enable Display Recording,” then check the option that says “Don’t show again.” uMobix will be able to supply you with screenshots from the target Android device as a result of this.

Step 5: Double-check your setup and begin monitoring
This is the last stage in the setup process. You can also specify whether the uMobix app icon should be hidden or visible on the target device.

Press the “Complete Registration” button after entering the code you were given while setting up the parent device. The installation of uMobix is now complete!

Installing uMobix on an iPhone or iPad

uMobix is easier to install on iOS than it is on Android, which requires physical access to the device. That’s because all you need are your iCloud credentials.

However, if you have the target device’s iCloud credentials, you won’t need to jailbreak it.

NB: Make sure that 2-factor authentication is turned off on their iOS device, or else:

To acquire access to the OTP given by Apple, you’ll need physical access to the device.
A notification will also be sent to the user telling them that someone is attempting to access their iCloud information.
the target iOS device’s iCloud credentials
Account and subscription to uMobix

Create an account and select a subscription plan in step one.
You must first create a free account and choose a subscription before you may monitor an iOS device. To register, use your preferred email address and password. These will be your dashboard login credentials.

Step 2: Log in using your iCloud credentials
In your user account, enter the iCloud credentials of your target iOS device. Physical access to the device is not necessary, unlike on Android.

If 2-factor authentication is enabled on the target iOS device, you’ll have to confirm the code Apple sends you.

Step 3: Sign in to your account and begin tracking.
After you’ve completed the setup, go to your dashboard and wait for the data to start flowing in. If the target device does not have access to the internet, it may take a few minutes or hours.

You can access all of their photographs, movies, contacts, documents, and more from their iCloud account on your userspace as the data starts to flow in.

Advantages and disadvantages
Relatively inexpensive
The user interface is simple and easy to use.
It is not necessary to root or jailbreak your device.
Data synchronization in a flash
It’s easy to use
Shows real-time app usage.
Cons on Instagram and Facebook are available to you in full.
For iOS, an iCloud account is required.
There is no geo-fencing.
Some functions are only available on iOS.

Is the uMobix Icon Visible on Android After Installation?

The icon may still be displayed after installing uMobix on an Android smartphone. During setup, you can choose to remove it from the app drawer.

Is it possible to track an iPhone without using an Apple ID or password?

While this would be fantastic, it is currently impossible. Your best bet is to figure out how to acquire access to the iPhone you want to monitor.
However, once you have them, the setup process is straightforward. It also simply takes a few minutes to gather the necessary information, after which uMobix will begin monitoring the target device.

What is the maximum number of devices I can track?

On Android, you can only track one device per subscription. uMobix, on the other hand, allows you to unlink and link as many devices as you want.
The only problem is that you can only do one at a time. As a result, you’ll need to purchase a subscription for any device you want to track.

When will the information from the target device be updated?

On Android devices, data is updated every 5 minutes by default, according to uMobix. You can, however, change the intervals to suit your needs.
However, it is still reliant on the phone’s settings and internet connection. The frequency of iOS updates varies greatly depending on the backup performance.

Is it possible to install uMobix remotely?

For iOS devices, remote installation is possible. You only need to provide the target device’s iCloud credentials.
Android users, on the other hand, will need one-time physical access to the target device. Because you’ll need to provide it some necessary permissions, this is the case.

There will be no icon on the menu on iOS devices. This is because the installation does not necessitate physical installation.

uMobix is an excellent choice for Android and iOS devices. It includes powerful parental control capabilities that are hard to find in other spy programs.

Furthermore, uMobix paid great attention to the dashboard’s end-user experience. And it showed in the way each component was laid out.

This made it one of the most cost-effective spy applications for Android and iOS in 2021, according to us. Most significantly, it met or exceeded our expectations.

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