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Spyzie Review 2022 – Tracking & Monitoring Software

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Spyzie 2022 Review: A Fantastic Phone Tracker App.

Spyzie installation, Spyzie price, Spyzie call recorder, Spyzie for iPhone and Android, and Spyzie customer care are all covered in this comprehensive Spyzie app review.

Is Spyzie a Scam or a Legitimate Phone Tracker?

Spy apps have become commonplace among parents concerned about their children’s online safety. And, to be honest, it’s not going to stop anytime soon.

With all of the capabilities that spy apps have to offer, it’s reasonable to be curious about what Spyzie has to offer. But, after days of testing, we’ve come up with a solution for you.

We investigated not only what makes Spyzie tick, but also several features of the program, including:

List of All Features (Android and iPhone)
Installation procedures for compatibility
So, are you ready to see if Spyzie is a good investment? Let’s get this party started!

review of spyzie
What exactly is Spyzie?
As previously said, Spyzie is one of the most popular espionage apps available today.

Spyzie Review 2022 - Tracking & Monitoring Software
Spyzie Review 2022 – Tracking & Monitoring Software

It can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Employee surveillance
Child surveillance
Furthermore, if you want to learn how to catch a cheater, you’ll need an app like Spyzie.

What Is the Process of Using Spyzie?

Spyzie’s functionality, like that of many other tracking apps, can be broken down into three simple steps:

Create a free account by filling out the form below.
The first step is to register a free account on the Spyzie login page in order to have access to the control panel; you will need to use your email address to do so. You’ll be able to access all tracked data from here.

Spyzie can be downloaded, installed, and configured.
You’ll need to download the Spyzie app on the target phone after registering on the Spyzie login page. After that, you’ll install and configure it so that it works properly.

Begin tracking your progress.
Simply log in to the dashboard after installing the Spyzie app to keep track of all recorded activity.

While the process appears to be straightforward, some of the steps, particularly those related to configuration, are more involved. But we’ll go over that in more detail later.


Compatibility with Spyzie
Spyzie is only available for two operating systems:

Despite the fact that each OS has nearly identical capabilities, there are some significant variances during installation.

In either case, the Spyzie app is likely to work with your Android or iPhone. This is due to the fact that it also supports some older OS versions.

Minimum Version of the Operating System
Android 4.0 (Android) (Ice Cream Sandwich)
iOS 8 is the latest version of iOS.
Apart from installation differences, some Spyzie functions are only available on certain operating systems. However, we’ve broken them down below so you can see what will function on your particular device.

Spyzie’s Highlights
The Spyzie app has a lot of features, and you could find that you have more uses for it than the ones we listed.

That didn’t stop us from compiling a list of 9 of the most useful remote monitoring capabilities for both Android and iOS.

With that in mind, here are some of the aspects that we found particularly appealing.

Tracking your phone calls

All incoming and outgoing calls on your target phone can be tracked with Spyzie. In this manner, you can learn more about who your target was speaking with and when it occurred by listening to all of their phone calls.

Spyzie also features a phone call recording capability that allows you to listen to calls without alerting the target. You can do so since the Spyzie software allows you to record calls.

It’s also worth mentioning that the call log includes information like:

The length of the phone calls
The date of the phone call
Caller’s name and phone number
All of this makes it simple to see which calls the target phone made or received. However, things were a little different in terms of usability.

For instance, Spyzie lacks filtering or search features. As a result, getting to a specific record was quite stressful. You’d have to sift through all of the records to find the one you’re looking for.

Furthermore, the call recording feature did not perform as expected for us. In any case, Spyzie performed a good job of keeping the call log list up to date.

Tracking SMS

You can even surreptitiously read all of your victim’s private messages. And you may do so by going to the dashboard’s “Messages” section, where you’ll find a history of all the messages sent and received on the target phones.

Spyzie employs a conversation view rather than a message list, which is the first thing you’ll notice. This makes it simple to navigate between different messages within a chat, making it one of the app’s greatest emote monitoring features.

Spyzie additionally assigns timestamps to each message sent from the targeted device. As a result, you’ll always be able to tell when the target sent or received a message by looking at their chat history. you

Names are also retrieved from the Contacts by the Spyzie monitoring app. This allows you to see the person’s name as well as their phone number while viewing a single discussion.

Additionally, because the program retains a separate record, you can see any deleted messages/conversations. This is only viable if the target does not quickly delete messages.

Spyzie allows you to view any connected media files or MMS communications in addition to tracking text messages.

Tracking your location

Spyzie’s phone location tracker is what you need to track location if you also enjoy knowing your target’s exact position.

It offers a very simple user interface that gives you a bird’s-eye view of all the places your target has been. Spyzie also displays the physical address of the targeted device at any given time when you click a specific location.

Spyzie, on the other hand, presents all of the information in a tabular manner beneath the map. And you can easily notice the following:

Location Time GPS Coordinates Address

The location time allows you to follow the movement, whilst the address and coordinates provide an accurate position. Spyzie even categorizes the location logs based on the date.

As a result, the lack of a search tool didn’t bother us. Spyzie also included a link to Google Maps for each record. Because Spyzie uses a Leaflet map, viewing a GPS point on Google Maps may be beneficial.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the program provides extremely accurate GPS location information. This makes it great for people who want to figure out how to find a missing phone.

Geofence Warnings
This is probably one of the most advanced features of Spyzie. It’s mostly because it elevates location tracking to a new level.

You can use it to create virtual borders around the target’s position. This might be either a prohibited or a permitted zone.

You will receive an immediate notice if the target enters a restricted zone or departs an allowed zone. Furthermore, you may observe and monitor the target in real-time even after an alert has been issued.


Monitoring of Social Media Apps
You may track numerous social media apps on the targeted smartphone using the Spyzie software. It monitors a number of popular apps, including:

Whatsapp Instagram Facebook Messenger
Spyzie’s social app monitoring tool, on the other hand, makes use of the keylogger. As a result, you will have some constraints in terms of what you can do.

Tracking Facebook Messages
You may track Facebook communications with this surveillance tool. It might also assist you in viewing private chats. Unfortunately, especially if you haven’t rooted/jailbroken your phone, you may not be able to track everything.

Spyzie monitors incoming Facebook messages by using the notification bar to retrieve alerts. Outgoing messages, on the other hand, are tracked by the keylogger.

When utilizing the Facebook app, the keylogger records additional information. As a result, you’ll be able to examine the app’s search queries.

Spying on WhatsApp
The keylogger is an important aspect of WhatsApp surveillance, just as it is with Facebook.

If your target uses WhatsApp frequently, you’ll be able to view the majority of their private messages. Spyzie accomplishes this by reading notifications for incoming communications.

While you won’t be able to see the conversations, the app will keep track of the timestamps. As a result, you’ll know when the target was communicating.

When using this feature, however, photos and videos are not tracked. To monitor photographs or videos received on WhatsApp, you’ll need to root or jailbreak your phone.

Mode of Stealth
Spyzie’s stealth mode is something you should always have on. This important surveillance app feature ensures that your target is completely unaware that you’re watching them.

Stealth mode is useful not only for staying concealed but also for tracking down a misplaced phone. You can track the phone’s current location and movement because Spyzie is practically untraceable.

Tracking the History of a Website

Spyzie can also effortlessly monitor the target user’s internet history. It will also include other information such as:

Frequency of Visits Last Visit Date Bookmark Status
With all of these facts about a user’s browsing history, you may learn more about what they’ve been up to. The frequency of visits, for example, reflects a person’s interest in a specific website. Spyzie, on the other hand, does not allow you to ban any of the websites.

Location Tracking for SIM Cards
You can use this capability to retrieve all of the information about the target’s phone. It contains information such as:

IMEI number and SIM code
The phone number on the SIM card as well as the carrier
Additionally, Spyzie’s SIM location tracking can alert you if your SIM card is changed. This can be useful if you’re looking for a missing phone.

For Android, there’s Spyzie.
Aside from being one of the top Android spy applications, we enjoyed Spyzie’s Android app because it did not require rooting.

Spyzie, unlike many other spy apps, allows you to use practically all of the functions described above without having to root your device. This makes it simple to install on almost any Android device.

However, we gathered a few additional pieces of information that we believe are critical for anyone considering using Spyzie.

Spyzie is compatible with which Android versions?
Spyzie is compatible with any Android phone or tablet running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher.

Spyzie will run on practically every Android phone you can find today because the current version of Android is 11.0.

On Android, how does Spyzie work?
First and foremost, the software is small, weighing in at only 2MB. It runs in the background once installed, recording everything that happens on the phone.

After then, whenever the target phone is connected to the internet, it sends all logged data to your dashboard.

It won’t drain your smartphone’s battery because it runs in the background. It also gives you the option of completely hiding it from the app drawer.


Spyzie for iPhone is an application that allows you to spy on other people’
The iPhone version of Spyzie has all of the same features as the Android version.

However, it works a little differently than Spyzie’s Android app. The only thing you’ll need is your iCloud credentials. Some functionalities, however, are only available on jailbroken devices.

On the iPhone, how does Spyzie work?
Installing third-party apps on your iPhone without jailbreaking it is a pain. Spyzie, on the other hand, works by acquiring iCloud access to the target iPhone.

This is what allows Spyzie to be installed remotely on non-jailbroken iOS devices.

It’s also worth noting that, while Spyzie will operate with non-jailbroken iPhones, it will not work with jailbroken iPhones. In fact, it may include other qualities such as:

Geofence warnings
Web history tracking is monitored by social apps.
Installing and Using Spyzie
Before we begin the installation, it’s important to note that the procedure varies based on the smartphone you’re using.

As a result, this section will cover both Android and iPhone installation procedures.

How can I install Spyzie on my Android device?

Setting up Spyzie on your target Android device will only take a few minutes. But first, let’s figure out what you’ll require.

Spyzie Subscription — Access to the dashboard and all functions of Spyzie.
Access to the target phone for a single time — You’ll just need access to the phone for roughly 10 minutes or less.
Active Internet Access – To get the Spyzie app, go to the App Store and search for “Spyzie.”
1st step: Create a Spyzie account for free.
To begin using Spyzie, you must first create an account. This is the key to getting into the dashboard.

To get a Spyzie account, follow the steps below:

To sign up for free, go to Spyzie’s website and click the “Sign up for free” button at the top of the navigation bar.
Choose your optimal subscription package after signing up with your preferred email and password. Make sure you select an Android subscription plan.
You’ll be returned to the dashboard once you’ve finished. However, there are a few things you must do first before installing the system.

Step 2: Get the Target Device Ready
Spy programs are flagged as viruses by default on Android smartphones. However, this is really a false positive. As a result, you’ll need to disable a few settings to complete the installation.

Here’s how you’re going to do it:

To open the Play Store app on the target device, find it and tap it.
To access the menu, tap the hamburger menu, then go to Play Protect > Settings (Gear icon)
Make sure both Play Protect options are turned off in the Play Protect settings. i.e.
Play Protect – Disabled – Scan apps

Improved identification of malicious apps – Disabled

Step 3: On the target device, download and install Spyzie.
Spyzie is now ready to be installed on the target phone. However, if you don’t want any evidence of Spyzie installation to be discovered, you should take a few steps.

On the target phone, open a web browser of your choice and enable Incognito mode.
Type the link to Spyzie’s website into the address bar and follow the instructions to install Spyzie on the target device.
To begin the installation, tap to open the downloaded APK file and then select “Install.”
Note that Android may prompt you to enable installation from an unidentified source. To proceed, simply tick the box and touch “Ok.”

To use the app, tap “Open” after it has finished installing.
4th Step: On the target phone, complete the Spyzie Setup Wizard.
You’ll be provided with a setup wizard once you’ve launched the app. This is to guarantee that Spyzie has all of the permissions it requires.

As a result, you’ll proceed as follows:

To proceed, tap “Agree” on the Privacy Policy page that Spyzie gives to you.
To begin the setup procedure, log in with the credentials you got in Step 1.
Spyzie will request access to your location, call history, SMS, Calendar, and Contacts. To proceed, tap “Allow” on each of them.
Spyzie will then request access to your usage data. Toggle the button next to “System Services” after clicking “Proceed to Settings.” This will return you to the setup wizard’s main menu.
To enable Accessibility options, click “Proceed to Settings” once again. Make sure the toggle next to “System Service” is on.
Continue in the same manner with the next permissions until you reach the last page. You’ll be prompted if you want to enable stealth mode at this point. Click the “Start Monitoring” button after checking the “Hide the application” box.
NB: You may always relaunch the app by calling 001 if you choose stealth mode.

Step 5: Begin tracking.
You may now safely return the gadget to its original location and monitor all activity through your web browser. Logging into your account and accessing your own dashboard will allow you to do so.

All of Spyzie’s features are displayed on the left panel. To use a feature, all you have to do is click on it.

How can I install Spyzie on my iPhone or iPad?

Installing Spyzie on iOS is a little different than on Android, but it’s still a lot easier. It does, however, come with certain additional conditions.

What You’ll Need to Get Spyzie on iOS and Use It
Spyzie Subscription — To have access to Spyzie’s dashboard and all of its features, purchase a subscription.
Target Device’s iCloud Credentials – This will allow you to track an iPad or iPhone without requiring physical access.
Access to the Target iPhone (Optional) — If the target iPhone fails to match certain criteria, you may need access to it.
Installation Instructions for Spyzie on iOS
1st step: Create an account with Spyzie and choose a subscription.
Create a free account on Spyzie’s website using any of your devices. After that, you can select a subscription of your choice. But don’t forget to choose an iOS subscription plan.

Step 2: Set up Spyzie
After selecting a subscription plan, you will be brought to Spyzie’s setup page. In the early phases of the setup, enter all of the necessary information.

Step 3: Enter the Target Device’s iCloud credentials
You’ll be required to enter the target device’s iCloud credentials when on the setup screen. You should, however, check that the target device has the following settings:

The iCloud backup function is turned on.
The two-factor authentication is turned off.
4th Step: Select the Monitoring Device
Because your iCloud account may have many devices attached to it, you’ll be prompted to select which one you want to monitor.

Step 5: Begin tracking the iOS device.
You’re all set to go! You’ll be redirected to Spyzie’s dashboard after clicking the “Start” button at the end of the setup wizard. You’ll be able to examine all of the data from the target device from there.

NB: Because data is being communicated from the device, the first-time loading may take some time.

How to Uninstall Spyzie on a Targeted Phone

Regardless of the operating system you’re running, uninstalling the software is a breeze. Furthermore, there are other methods for deleting the program from the target device.

Spyzie is uninstalled on Android.
If you want to uninstall the program on an Android device, follow these steps:

On the target device, go to Settings > Security.
Navigate to Update Service > Deactivate after selecting Device Administrators.
Return to the settings menu and select Apps > Update Service from the drop-down menu.
Tap “Uninstall” after finding Spyzie on the list.
Because you didn’t physically install any app on the target iOS device, uninstalling Spyzie on iOS is as simple as cancelling iCloud access.

Spyzie’s monthly subscription prices range from $9.99 to $399. However, the price varies depending on the operating system, the type of subscription plan, and other factors.

The charges for utilizing Spyzie’s phone tracking app are broken down in detail below.

iPhone Pricing by Spyzie

Premium 10.83 – $79.99 / Month Business 399.99 – $699.99 / Month Family 99.99 – $199.99 / Month

Spyzie Android Pricing Basic: 39.99 – $49.99 / Month Premium: 39.99 – $49.99 / Month


Spyzie’s basic package for Android devices provides restricted monitoring features, which is worth noting. It just allows you to use the following features:

  • Call Recordings
  • Messages sent through text
  • Contacts
  • Location in real-time
  • Bookmarks
  • History of your browser
  • the media (Photos and Videos preview)

Spyzie’s Monitoring Log Is Updated How Often?

For non-rooted / non-jailbroken devices, Spyzie will update the monitoring log every 24 hours. Higher update frequencies are available for rooted/ jailbroken devices, although this will drain the device’s battery faster and raise suspicion.

Is there a limit to how many devices I can spy on with Spyzie?

Depending on the subscription package you selected upon registration, you can monitor up to 25 devices. However, if you only want to monitor a single device, the basic and premium plans offer more options.

Is it possible to install Spyzie remotely?

This is determined by the device you want to monitor. Only iOS devices are capable of remote installation. To install Spyzie on an Android smartphone, you’ll need to obtain physical access.

Is Spyzie legal to use?

It is perfectly legal to use the app. However, depending on your country’s local regulations, there may be some limitations. In the United States, for example, you can legally use Spyzie to keep track of your minor children.

Is Spyzie a Scam?

Spyzie is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and dependable spy software on the market. It has a wide range of functions to meet everyone’s demands while remaining absolutely undetectable on the target device. This is accomplished by concealing the app’s control on the device.

Is it possible to detect Spyzie?

Spyzie will be tough to detect, especially if stealth mode was selected before installation. This is because doing so prevents the app icon from appearing in the app drawer. Furthermore, the program will not appear in the list of installed apps.

Is it Possible for Spyzie to View Private Browsing?

Yes, Spyzie will be able to track any websites you visit when browsing privately. It will, however, enable you to keep track of a user’s preferred websites. You will also get access to essential information such as the frequency of your visits.

Last Words
Overall, Spyzie lives up to its reputation as a popular surveillance tool. It comes with all of the capabilities you’ll need to track any phone with ease.

Though it fell short in certain areas, we were satisfied with how well it handled the essential aspects. This makes it possible to track a target with minimal effort.

Furthermore, the fact that it is compatible with both Android and iOS makes it a solid choice for us.

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