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SPY24 Reviews for iPhone & Android – MAC & Windows

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Don’t Subscribe to SPY24 Until You Read This Review.
SPY24 is one of the most popular parental control apps, with a large number of parents using it to monitor their children’s Internet and mobile phone activity all around the world. This is a comprehensive review of the product.
When you look at yourself, you’ll see that social media platforms and mobile phones have become some of the most significant aspects of a modern-day child’s existence. According to the Common Sense Census, 84 percent of American youths between the ages of 13 and 18 received their first smartphone in 2019. Following that, these youngsters spent an average of 7 hours 22 minutes per day on social media websites or applications.

Despite the fact that the Internet has proven to be a great boon to young people all over the world, providing them with an effective means of free education and communication, it has also allowed them to interact with complete strangers with whom they may or may not be comfortable interacting in the real world. To shed further light on these children’s e-safety concerns, they are continually exposed to online dangers such as cyberbullying, harassment, and sextortion. Furthermore, excessive use of social media can lead to Internet addiction, which can lead to social interaction issues in young children.

As responsible parents, it is our responsibility to keep a tight eye on our children’s cell phone usage. Based on impartial evaluations and feedback posted by SPY24 customers on social media platforms and online forums, it is apparent that it is by far the best cell phone tracker for any such surveillance. SPY24 has been on the market for almost ten years and has consistently released software updates year after year. As can be seen, the specialists at SPY24 are constantly working to identify and integrate features that will offer their product a competitive advantage. In this comprehensive analysis of SPY24, we’ll go over all of its key features, functionalities, pricing, and more to help you decide whether or not to utilize it.

What exactly is SPY24?

SPY24 is a mobile phone spying application that allows you to quickly watch the actions on a target phone from a remote location. When you use this app frequently, you will receive notifications on the following activities: visited locations, instant messages, social media activities, phone calls, and more. The most crucial aspect is that this program runs in the background on the target device, making it nearly hard for the user to notice its presence.

SPY24 was first released in 2010, and since then, it has steadily enhanced its powers to become one of the most trusted and widely used mobile phone spying apps in the world. Though it is primarily aimed at parents who want to keep a continual eye on their children’s activities on their smartphones, the software is also popular among other users, such as corporations, spouses, and those who want to use it for their own purposes. In fact, over 1.5 million parents around the world use this software on a monthly basis to protect their children’s internet safety.

The app is simple to install, dependable and works with both iOS and Android phones. It also provides a complete analysis of the activities performed on the target device.

SPY24 Reviews for iPhone & Android - MAC & Windows
SPY24 Reviews for iPhone & Android – MAC & Windows

How Does SPY24 Operate?

As previously stated, once you have successfully installed SPY24 on the target phone, it will continue to run in the background. Following that, it will collect all types of data from the target device, such as call records, text messages, IM messages, and location, and upload it to your SPY24 account.

You may then log into your account using any web browser on a phone, desktop, laptop, or other device and review all of the information that has been retrieved at your leisure.

Three simple steps to easy monitoring

You may easily monitor your child’s device by following the three simple steps outlined below.

Step 1: Decide on a subscription.

Choose a membership package on the SPY24 website depending on the precise features you desire in the software as your first step. After that, you must enter your payment information and finish the transaction. You’ll get a confirmation email in your inbox once you’ve done that.

Install SPY24 on the target device in Step 2.

The installation tutorial included in the welcome email will walk you through setting up the SPY24 app on the target device.

Step 3: Start tracking.

You can log into your control panel on the SPY24 website after successfully installing SPY24 on the target device and begin viewing the gathered data through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Features of SPY24

Website monitoring and blocking

This SPY24 feature allows you to keep track of all the websites your child or target user visits, including the pages they bookmark. Not only that, but the software can notify you immediately if a specific keyword is put into the phone. Such features can be quite beneficial to parents, as they can better understand what their children are looking for and watching on the Internet.

You also have the option of blocking specific websites if the monitored individual is using one of the common online browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, or a native Android browser.

The Target Device’s Information Retrieval and Key Function Management

Through your dashboard, the software allows you to get vital information on the target mobile phone. Model of phone, operating system details, memory details, version of the SPY24 program, whether the target is rooted/jailbroken or not, cellular service provider, last time the phone was synced with the dashboard, and remaining battery life are among the data that can be retrieved.

The SPY24 software also makes it easy to remotely manage various key operations on the target device via the SPY24 dashboard. Disabling the SPY24 app on the target mobile phone, removing all logs, remotely rebooting the target phone, remotely locking the target phone, unlinking the target cell phone from the SPY24 service, restarting the SPY24 app by sending a ‘777’ text message, exporting the logs to the Control Panel for storage purposes, and wiping all data from the target device in case it is lost or stolen are among the functions available.

Managing the Settings on the Target Phone

You can set the default behavior of the target phone using the SPY24 control panel. Following that, the application will continue to operate according to your defined settings until you explicitly make modifications.

If you set everything to ‘Auto Update,’ for example, every bit of reported data will be automatically transferred to the SPY24’s control panel. Because uploading all of the information too frequently will reduce the target phone’s data usage and battery life, you can decide which information must be uploaded dependent on the internet connection. Because videos are so huge, they can only be uploaded when the device is linked to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Aside from that, you can set the update intervals for location data and information. The narrower these intervals are, the more often updates will occur. It’s critical to strike the appropriate balance to avoid draining the target phone’s battery too quickly. The suggested update periods for general information are 30 minutes, and for location data, every 2 minutes.

Text Message Tracking

All outgoing and incoming text messages on the monitored phone can be tracked with SPY24. The specific phone numbers, timing, and content of the text messages will be displayed on your dashboard. It’s also possible to look at any deleted text messages from the target phone.

Monitoring Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Through the SPY24 Control Panel, you can also keep track of all outgoing and incoming calls on the target mobile phone. You may keep track of the overall number of calls, names, phone numbers, call durations, and call timings. You can even access this data if the target user deleted their call history, just like text messages. Not only that, but you can also block calls from specific phone numbers or contacts, as well as all incoming calls for a specific time period. For example, from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. the next morning, you can block all incoming calls on your daughter’s cellphone. All of this is controlled via the SPY24 dashboard.

Getting Contact and Calendar Information

With SPY24, you may view the contact names, email addresses, phone numbers, and physical address information stored on the target phone. You can also look at the target device’s calendar schedule, which will help you stay on top of any scheduled chores, calendar entries, and/or pre-booked meetings.

Physical Location Monitoring

The SPY24 software keeps track of the target user’s physical position, which is an extremely useful feature. This tracking is done via GPS technology, and the phone’s location can be tracked up to 20 meters away. Even more impressive is the ability to plot this information on a map for a given time period. If the target device is unable to connect to GPS, the information can be acquired via the nearest Wi-Fi network.

Email Tracking

With SPY24, you can monitor all outgoing and incoming email messages. All of these facts are saved in a log file that may be accessed via the SPY24 dashboard. You may find out the email address of the recipient/sender, as well as the time and content of the email. It is feasible to get all of this information, just as it is with SMS text log and call log details, even if the observed person has emptied their emails.


Geo-fencing, which is considered an extremely vital function for parents, allows you to create certain banned and safe geographic zones for your children via the monitored cell phone. The number of such zones you can create is unlimited. The target device will automatically notify you of the frequency and timings of occasions when the user entered or exited a fenced-in zone. You can even receive this information via email.

This function is actively used by parents all over the world to shield their children from potentially dangerous environments. You may quickly construct safe zones around your child’s school, home, and other areas he or she visits on a regular basis with SPY24’s geo-fencing.

Installed Application Monitoring

Every app loaded on the target phone will be displayed on the SPY24 dashboard, allowing you to easily launch or close it for the target user. It shows to be a highly helpful tool in ensuring that the children do not use any apps that they are not permitted to use, and that could be detrimental to them.

Multiple Instant Messaging Apps Are Being Monitored

You can contact other mobile phone users through a variety of methods these days, including voice calls and instant messages. We’re talking about Google Hangouts, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tinder, Telegram, LINE, Viber, iMessage, and Skype, among other popular IM apps. SPY24 allows you to follow the data transferred on all such apps, read the text messages exchanged, watch videos and photos, and generally keep track of all activity taking place on the app in question.

Keyword Notifications

How about receiving an alert each time your child types an inappropriate phrase onto his or her phone, such as alcohol, porn, drugs, sex, and so on? It can be quite useful in preventing your child from becoming involved in any unwanted scenario or habit. You may simply add as many keywords as you want to track, and SPY24 will notify you immediately if any of them are used.


SPY24 Is Compatible With Which Mobile Phones Or Devices?
SPY24 is compatible with a broad range of mobile phones and tablets, including:

SPY24 has been jailbroken from iOS 7 to 9.1. If the target iPhone is not jailbroken, information will be transferred via iCloud storage, and the SPY24 will operate on any phone running iOS 7 or higher.
Android 4 or higher is required; nevertheless, some of the app’s sophisticated functionality may be limited to rooted Android devices.
OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.7 Lion, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, and OS X 10.10 Yosemite are the latest versions of Mac OS X.

Is it Illegal to Use SPY24?

No, utilizing SPY24 is not regarded as illegal as long as it is used responsibly. The software was built primarily to assist concerned parents in keeping a watch on their children, as well as to empower businesses by allowing them to monitor their employees’ productivity. However, you must ensure that your use of SPY24 complies with any of the following legal requirements:

You put the SPY24 app on a device that you own.
You utilize SPY24 to keep track of company-owned devices while also making sure that employees are informed of the monitoring.
To keep track of underage youngsters, you use SPY24 as a parental control tool.
How much does SPY24 set you back?
For mobile phones, SPY24

The SPY24 pricing structure for monitoring mobile phones is listed below:

Basic SPY24 subscription

SPY24 Premium subscription costs $ 4.99 for one month, $ 19.99 for three months, and $ 79.99 for twelve months.

$ 69.99 for a month’s subscription
A three-month subscription costs $ 119.99.
SPY24 for Computers 12-month subscription: $ 199.99

SPY24 only has a basic subscription option for monitoring PCs. The cost is as follows:

$ 26.99 for a month’s subscription
A subscription for three months is $39.99.
SPY24 Family Kit, 12-month subscription: $ 69.99

A Family Kit is also available from the company, which allows you to keep track of three devices at once. The cost is as follows:

$ 119.97 for a 6-month subscription
$ 167.97 for a 12-month subscription

SPY24 Is One Of The Best Apps For Monitoring Mobile Phones For These Reasons

SPY24 is a cost-effective solution that allows you to keep track of your child’s Internet and mobile phone activities for less than a dollar each day.
The software runs in the background, entirely hidden from the target user.
It is simple to install and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.
The target device continues to send you updated data, which is refreshed every 5 minutes.
Because every bit of data retrieved is encrypted and safeguarded, SPY24 is a completely dependable and secure mobile phone monitoring service.
You may get help in many languages around the clock.
To sum up, SPY24 is a fantastic parental control tool that is already assisting a large number of parents around the world in keeping track of their children’s Internet and mobile phone activities. It has been demonstrated to be effective in safeguarding children from cyberbullying, sextortion, and other forms of online harassment. If you’re a parent concerned about your children’s phone usage, this app could be the best investment you ever make.

Free Trial of SPY24

As a newcomer, you can try SPY24 for seven days for free to see if it’s worth your money. You’ll notice a number of advantages as soon as you start using it. You may remotely track and control any mobile phone.

All you have to do now is go to SPY24 and fill up the trial form with your information. Then you must choose a plan, check the box beneath it, and click “Get Free Trial.”

If you don’t enjoy the spying experience after a week of trying the software, you can cancel your membership.

Without fear of wasting money, give SPY24 a shot. Begin your free trial today!

Before using SPY24 Free, users must meet a few requirements.
Customers must have an Android or iOS phone with a system version of 4 or higher to use SPY24. You can use practically all of the app’s functionality on these devices.

However, several advanced services, such as instant messaging, require Android users to root their phones. iCloud activation, on the other hand, allows an iPhone user with a version 7 or higher to use all functions.

What is the SPY24 Installation Process?

This program has a two-step installation process that is rather straightforward. To begin, you must first download it onto a cell phone that you want to track. It can’t be your own computer (duh).

Remember that there is no charge for installing the tracking app. However, if you choose a monthly or annual membership plan, you’ll have to spend a few dollars to get all of the perks.

After installing the program on the target phone, go to SPY24 and log in to a secure control panel on the web platform. Only there will be a record of all calls, texts, location, and social media activities.

As a new user, you can expect the dashboard to be simple and straightforward. No technical knowledge is required. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: SPY24 is a stealthy program that keeps users unaware that their phones are being observed. Your children, employees, or any other target user will not be tipped off, and you will be able to monitor them using their phones as they normally do without supervision.

What Should You Know About SPY24? Frequently Asked Questions
SPY24 created a stir around the world by allowing parents and employers to monitor their target users’ mobile phone usage throughout the day.

When first-time consumers consider using SPY24, they usually have a lot of questions. It’s totally normal to be perplexed, curious and overwhelmed. It’s actually a positive thing. The more questions you ask, the greater your understanding of the tracking software will be.

The most frequently asked questions concerning SPY24 are answered below. We hope this area contains all of the answers you’re looking for.

Isn’t it illegal to spy on someone’s phone without their permission?

No. It isn’t if the person being observed is your minor child under the age of 18. If you’re an employer who wants to ensure that all employees devote their whole attention and energy to work during office hours, you’ll need to inform them about the app.
And no, informing the target user that they are being watched will defeat the goal. It will instill a sense of responsibility in your staff, encouraging them to focus on their work and avoid distractions.
The crucial thing to remember is that you must own the target phone in order for the surveillance to be legal.

What are some of the things that can cause SPY24 to malfunction?

If the target mobile device is roaming, SPY24 will be unable to track information. Furthermore, if your phone does not have an active internet connection, it will be unable to send the necessary information to your account.

Is it possible to remotely install SPY24 on the phone?

While you can access information from SPY24 from a distance, you can’t install the program.
You can only download if you hold the target device in your hands. You may need to root or jailbreak the app in some circumstances, which requires physical access to the device.

Is it possible to move a subscription license to a different device?

Yes. You can transfer the license to another phone with SPY24. This means you won’t have to go through the subscription process again if your child receives a new smartphone or if you offer your staff a new device. The package will be unchanged.

With which devices can SPY24 be used?

SPY24 is the perfect tracking app for you, whether you’re an Android or iOS fanatic. It is compatible with a variety of smartphones and tablets. Among them are:
Android version 4 or higher (note that some spying app functions are only available on rooted phones).
Jailbroken iOS versions 7 to 9.1 (in non-jailbroken mobiles, iCloud shall be used to store and transfer gathered info)
Lion (Mac OS X 10.7)
Yosemite (Mac OS X 10.10)
10.9 Mavericks (Mac OS X)
El Capitan (Mac OS X 10.11)
Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8)
If you’re concerned about changes in functionality or performance, you can test SPY24 for free on multiple phones. You’ll get the same results on all phones, believe it or not.
You can rely on the customer assistance team in the event of a compatibility issue. These knowledgeable individuals are quick to respond and handle difficulties, ensuring that the app is always working at its best for you.

What Are the Prices and Subscription Plans for SPY24?

When clients consider the value of a mobile phone tracking app like SPY24, one of the most important decision elements is the price.

You’d want to know if the app’s findings are worth your money as a potential user. So there you have it!

If you choose the premium plan, you must pay a monthly fee of no more than $48.99. If you subscribe for the entire year, you can save a lot of money. The monthly fee will be $11.66. You can also choose a three-month subscription for $27.99 each month.

You can join up for the basic plan if you don’t want to commit that much right now. It will assist you in keeping track of text messages, browsing history, calls, emails, location, and keywords typed into the target smartphone. It also comes with free updates and customer service that is available 24/7. Additionally, you will be notified if the user changes the SIM card on the device.

The premium plan, on the other hand, adds some more features to the core functions. Geofencing, phone lockout, and website or contact blocking are examples. If the phone enters a prohibited region, the GPS tracker will alert you instantly. To ensure thorough parental control over the children, you can restrict access to certain pages or ban specific contacts.

If the target customer is always on their phone, the premium plan is ideal. It allows you to keep a close eye on all of their movements and activities. As a result, you’ll have more peace of mind and contentment knowing that your children are safe and not engaging in any unlawful, dangerous, or improper activities.

With that in mind, we want to emphasize that if you don’t jailbreak your smartphone, you’ll only have restricted access to SPY24 features. It will be hard to trace the user’s whereabouts or monitor their emails on such a phone. Furthermore, you will be unable to receive real-time updates on mobile activity and will be unable to restrict the user’s access to anything.

In other words, if you want to get the most out of SPY24 and receive the best value for your money, you should consider jailbreaking the target smartphone.

What Happens If You Don’t Like SPY24 After You Subscribe to a Plan?

Although it’s extremely rare for users to dislike the SPY24 experience and not receive what they expected from the app, you’ll be delighted to know that SPY24 has a 14-day return policy in place to handle such circumstances.

When requesting a refund, all you have to do is provide a valid reason and explain why you didn’t enjoy the service. Please keep in mind that there are some restrictions on the reimbursement. After your first subscription, there’s a significant possibility you won’t receive your money back for any plan.

Is SPY24 a genuine service? Should You Try It Out?

When SPY24 was originally released, many users were unsure if it would be the ideal smartphone spying tool for them.

What’s this?

It was a hit!

After reading this review, you should be better knowledgeable about this app. We think it’s the finest app for remotely tracking a device’s location and keeping track of calls and texts sent and received.

The software is updated on a regular basis by the producers to guarantee that all users have the best spying experience possible. You will receive exceptional customer assistance in addition to robust monitoring functions.

You can monitor your children’s and employees’ actions at all times and review their browser history with SPY24. We can tell from the numerous SPY24 reviews that this tracking tool will make your life easier. The combination of modern features and a low price make this the best smartphone tracking option.

At such a low price and with such impressive functionality, you won’t find a better app than SPY24. Take advantage of the free trial to see the results for yourself.

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SPY24 is the world’s most trusted cell phone spy software to monitor any smartphone and tablet remotely It works on a range of Mobile Spy Software Track

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