Should You Buy This Keylogger? Spyrix Review

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Should You Buy This Keylogger? Spyrix Review: Should You Buy This Keylogger?

Check out an in-depth look at the Spyrix keylogger. Learn about the product’s features, compatibility, cost, and more.

What if we told you that by putting an app on your partner’s smartphone in minutes, you could monitor anything they enter on their computer? With its strong keylogger, which is accessible for both Windows and Mac, Spyrix has made it possible.

Is Spyrix, on the other hand, your greatest bet for keyloggers? What does it look like when it’s installed? Is Spyrix secure enough for you to install on your partner’s computer without fear of data loss?

We’ll walk you through every part of Spyrix in this comprehensive Spyrix review, from installation and functioning to dashboard and pricing. We’ll also look at how useful the free version is.

By the end of this review, you’ll know whether Spyrix is the best option for monitoring your partner or whether you should look for anything else. So, let’s get this party started.

Should You Buy This Keylogger? Spyrix Review

What exactly is Spyrix?

Spyrix is a free keylogger that works on both Windows and Mac OS X. It also has premium editions that give you access to a lot more computer tracking features. App activity monitoring, live screen viewing, and other advanced functions may be included in the premium features.

Aside from that, Spyrix has teamed up with SPY24 (a mobile phone surveillance app) to help consumers who wish to track a smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android.

What Is the Process?

You can immediately download the free version and install it on your partner’s or child’s PC (for parental control). Spyrix will record every keystroke the target user types on their device once you’ve installed and activated it. Through the app’s online dashboard, you may view those crucial logs in real-time.

Similarly, if you upgrade to a premium package, you’ll be able to use your dashboard to track more activity on the target machine.

Compatibility with Spyrix

Windows and Mac systems are supported by Spyrix keylogger. It has a free version for Windows users, as well as premium plans. Only a premium version of the software is available for Mac computers.

The following versions of the Spyrix personal monitor are supported:

Windows – Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinVista x64, WinXP Mac – OS X 10.11 and later
Note: If you wish to monitor a smartphone rather than a PC, SPY24 surveillance software is a good option. Read our SPY24 review to learn more about one of the best iPhone spy applications available.

Let’s take a look at Spyrix’s features to see what it has to offer.


Our Review of Spyrix Free Keylogger for Windows and Its Features
Spyrix is only accessible for Windows machines, as previously stated. For thorough testing of Spyrix’s free version, we installed the free program on our Windows machine.

We launched the Spyrix personal monitor dashboard on a different device after finishing the installation and activation. The dashboard is flexible and includes a variety of features, including keylogging and sound recording, as well as webcam recording and messaging apps. The free version, on the other hand, only unlocks a limited set of features.

We began by putting Spyrix’s keystroke logging capability to the test. Spyrix functioned admirably in terms of accurately recording all keystrokes, even though it is a free tool.

The rapid data sync, which updates your dashboard with new information every other minute, is an intriguing feature. Quick data uploading, on the other hand, necessitates a stable internet connection on both the destination computer and your device.

The following information is broken down in Spyrix’s Keyboard Events section:

Key logs’ timestamps
During typing, the program’s description and title appeared.
The program’s filename was opened.
The important logs.

Spyrix is unique in that it deconstructs the keys used in addition to the alphabets, such as Enter and Backspace. So, whether the computer user sent a Skype message or saved a note, you’ll know what it was all about.

Spyrix outperformed the other freeware products we test regularly by not bothering us with advertisements or upsells. It’s also suitable for parental supervision, employee monitoring, or spouse tracking due to the excellent keystroke logging.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of some of Spyrix’s other free features:


You can schedule screenshot capture on the target computer with Spyrix personal monitor. It takes snapshots of the target device at regular intervals to ensure you don’t miss any crucial information about your relationship.

Even though the free version has some limits in terms of customizing the time intervals between screenshots and snapshot quality, it’s still worth it.

Select the ScreenShots area of the web dashboard to access the screenshot capability. For simple navigation, the Spyrix software will split down a collection of screenshots with timestamps.

You can enlarge any screenshot by double-clicking on it. The screenshot feature, like the keylogger, breaks down the description/title of the program or webpage that was open at the time the screenshot was taken.

Value of the Clipboard
Do you wish to keep track of your partner’s copied passwords, emoticons, messages, and other copied texts? If so, Spyrix’s clipboard feature may be useful. It allows you to see all of the copied texts on your partner’s PC.

Spyrix’s clipboard value feature, like the keylogger, is accurate.

The activity of the Program

Another intriguing feature we discovered is Spyrix’s program activity function. It allows you to keep track of all the programs and websites that a computer user accesses during a given session.

If you’re a parent, you may use this tool for parental control to make sure your child doesn’t spend too much time playing games or browsing the internet.

Log of Events

It can be time-consuming and stressful to go through all of Spyrix’s features one by one, such as Keylogs, Clipboard, and Program Activity.

That’s when the Event Log comes in handy. It summarises all of Spyrix’s recent occurrences on a single page. As a result, you won’t have to go through each function every time you enter it onto your dashboard.

User Interaction
Parents looking for parental control software for their children will benefit most from the User Activity function. It shows the screen time, the start and end times, and other crucial details about the computer user’s activity. This allows parents to estimate how much time their child spends each day on the computer screen.

Aside from that, this function is useful for employee monitoring, as it allows companies to track how much time their staff spends working and whether they are optimizing their production.

Should I Get a Spyrix Premium Subscription?

Let’s break it down: no one wants to pay for a premium subscription unless it offers significant value.

So, how does Spyrix’s paid version compare? Is it truly necessary?

To monitor your computer, the free Spyrix software is sufficient. A covert monitoring tool, on the other hand, should be your first choice if you want to keep an eye on your employees, your child, or your relationship.

The free edition of Spyrix does not include a stealth mode. As a result, if you install the free version of Spyrix on a computer, the user may be able to locate it using the task manager.

You’ll need to purchase the commercial version if you want to remove the Spyrix keylogger from the task manager or conceal it on the target device. In this manner, your companion will be unaware that surveillance software is installed on their computer. In addition to the stealth mode, Spyrix’s commercial edition includes premium features such as:

Monitoring of browser history, webcam records, sound recordings, social media monitoring, and so on.
The following is a list of paid Spyrix features:

Activities in the Message App
The commercial edition of Spyrix allows you to keep track of your partner’s sent and received communications across many messaging services.

Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp messaging, Viber, Skype, and many others are among them. Spyrix collects the target user’s activities and uploads them to your internet dashboard whenever they use a supported messaging app.

So, straight from your dashboard, you can see your partner’s chats on their computer.

Screenshots from Webcams
Spyrix’s premium plan allows you to collect webcam snapshots from the target user’s computer. As a result, you may keep an eye on the screenshots of their computer’s surroundings at any moment. You may also set specific intervals for capturing webcam screenshots with the application.

Data from a sound recording
Spyrix’s sound monitoring tool allows you to record the sound of your partner’s computing environment. The records can be used to figure out what’s going on around their gadget. The information gathered can also be saved to your smartphone or computer.

Tracking Social Media Apps
Spyrix’s social activity function allows you to keep track of your partner’s social computing activities across several platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram monitoring, and a slew of other social media platforms are all supported by the app.

Viewing in Real-Time
Another advanced feature of Spyrix is live watching, which allows you to observe your partner’s computer screen in real-time. The live watching capability, on the other hand, works best when both your smartphone and the target computer have a stable internet connection.

The live mode allows you to observe your partner’s computer activity in real-time, but it quickly drains the target laptop’s battery. In addition, there has been significant growth in internet usage.

URL Surveillance

Spyrix also includes URL monitoring software, which allows you to see all of the web addresses that have been visited on the target device. It does not allow you to block unwanted websites, but it does allow you to view and save the websites you visit.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s how to set up Spyrix’s monitoring program. Even if you’ve never installed computer monitoring software before, Spyrix will make you feel at ease.


What Is The Best Way To Install Spyrix?

To ensure a seamless installation, make several adjustments to the target computer before installing Spyrix.

Getting the Spyrix Installation Ready on the Target Computer

Spyrix installation requires disabling any antivirus or anti-malware software on the target machine. If you install the program without first deactivating your antivirus software, Spyrix may be flagged as a potentially hazardous application.

Click the Search Bar and select Control Panel to see if the target user is running third-party anti-virus software.

Click Programs and Features in the control panel to look for anti-malware software. Assume the target PC has Avast installed (an antivirus service). To continue with Spyrix installation, you must first open it and temporarily disable it.

Disable Windows Defender, Windows’ default antivirus software, if you can’t discover anti-malware software on the target PC. Here’s how you can do it:

1) Select Windows Defender Firewall from the Control Panel’s main menu.

2) From the left sidebar, choose “Turn Windows Defender on or off.”

3) Then, for both Private and Public networks, disable Windows Defender.

That’s it; you’re ready to start installing Spyrix.

How to Setup and Configure Spyrix

To install Spyrix on the target computer, follow the steps below:

1) Go to Spyrix’s official website and select Free Download from the drop-down menu. It should begin downloading Spyrix.

2) When the download is finished, go to the download folder and run Spyrix setup.

3) Continue by entering your email address. The remote monitoring interface requires an email address.

4) Finally, enter your email address and establish a password.

5) Finally, click Finish after accepting the licensing agreement.

That’s all there is to it; the setup is now complete.

You’ll be prompted to run another Setup Wizard to configure Spyrix on the target machine. To continue, you’ll need to enter your email address again. Then you may choose whether or not to hide the software on the target machine and customize the screenshot quality (with paid version only).

After you’ve finished configuring, click Finish.

Spyrix has been added as an exception.

Of course, when monitoring with Spyrix, you want to run into problems along the route. Make sure Spyrix is added as an exception in Windows Defender to achieve this. When you do this, Windows Defender will no longer conflict with Spyrix when scanning the machine for viruses and spyware.

To do so, follow the instructions below:

1) Use the search bar to find the Windows Security app.

2) From the left sidebar, select Virus & Threat Protection.

3) Go to Virus and Threat Protection Settings and select Manage Settings.

4) Go to Exclusions and click Add or Remove Exclusions.

5) Create an exclusion for the Spyrix folder.

That’s it; you’re ready to begin monitoring using Spyrix’s secure web account.

Spyrix Monitoring Instructions for logging into Spyrix’s secure web account will be sent to the email address you provided during installation. After you’ve completed those procedures to sign in to your online account, you’ll be able to watch your partner’s key logs and Google searches.

Pricing for Spyrix

Spyrix provides a free version for Windows, as previously stated. There is, however, a premium version. The following is the price for Spyrix’s paid Windows plans:

Spyrix Software is available for purchase.
1 PC $79 Spyrix Keylogger for Mac Desktop
1 PC $178 Spyrix Keylogger for Mac + Online
$14 for a year’s worth of 1PC
Employee Monitoring for Mac 5 PC by Spyrix

Note that Spyrix does not offer a free Mac version.

After that, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Spyrix key logger.


How much does Spyrix cost?

Spyrix is a free Windows game. Its premium Windows edition, on the other hand, starts at $59 per machine each year. If you add additional capabilities like a screen, webcam, and call recording, the price rises.

What Is The Best Keylogger For Free?

Spyrix is without a doubt the greatest free keylogger for Windows. It has all the capabilities you’d expect from a free keystrokes logger, including clipboard tracking, screenshots, and program activity. If you wish to use Spyrix to monitor someone else, you should check your federal and state regulations to prevent monetary and criminal consequences.

Is Installing a Keylogger on Your Own Computer Illegal?

It is normally acceptable to use a keylogger on your computer. To prevent criminal charges, you should review your state and federal legislation.

Is There a Better Spyrix Personal Monitor Alternative?

As a free Windows keylogger, nothing beats Spyrix in terms of features. FlexiSPY, Mobile Tracker Free, and iKeyMonitor are some alternatives to Spyrix.

Is Spyrix Keylogger a Good Investment?

For monitoring pressed keys and internet chats on the target PC, Spyrix keylogger is your best bet. Although it does not let you block websites, it may be used to monitor the target user’s social messaging, hit keys, and program activity.

Is Spyrix a free game?

For Windows devices, Spyrix provides a free keylogger. It can be used for employee surveillance, parental control, and partner tracking. However, the free version has some limitations. Furthermore, because the free version is not concealed, it may alert consumers that they are being watched.

What is the purpose of Spyrix?

Spyrix is a keylogger application that allows you to record keystrokes on the target machine. From your protected web account, you can access the recorded data. Installing Spyrix, on the other hand, will necessitate physical access to the target machine. If you’re looking for a keylogger on Android, check out the finest spy apps for Android.

Final Thoughts
We offer Spyrix’s free keylogger to everyone who wishes to keep an eye on their computer after thoroughly testing and reviewing it.

However, if you want to track all of your partner’s or child’s actions, the premium edition of Spyrix is advised for the hidden mode (which ensures the target user is unaware that you’re watching them). Premium features such as a live model for the active window and access to the computer mic are also available with the paid version.

In any case, you may get started right away with Spyrix’s free edition and just upgrade if you like its features. If you’re seeking smartphone monitoring software, check out our SPY24 review.

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