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pcTattletale Review: A Spy App With A Distinctive Monitoring Approach

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Expert review of pcTattletale – Is pcTattletale safe? Learn more about the price of pcTattletale, how to install it, the features of pcTattletale, and more.

Read This Before You Spend Your Money On pcTattletale

Since the Garden of Eden, people have been doing nefarious things behind others’ backs! Yes, humanity is compelled by nature to deviate from accepted rules. Deception and non-compliance can originate from a variety of sources, including a difficult child, a thieving employee, or a dishonest partner.

Fortunately, humans have evolved to anticipate such events, and mechanisms have been created to keep us informed. Spy apps are such tools, and we’ll talk about pcTattletale today. For worried parents, bosses, and spouses, pcTattletale is employee and child surveillance software. pcTattletale is the software to use if you want to observe what your children, employees, or spouse is doing online. In this review, we’ll look at the following features of pcTattletale:

pcTattletale Review: A Spy App With A Distinctive Monitoring Approach
pcTattletale Review: A Spy App With A Distinctive Monitoring Approach



pcTattletale’s advantages and disadvantages FAQ What is pcTattletale?

pcTattletale is a powerful phone surveillance tool that allows you to watch all of the target user’s activity. It runs in the background, collecting data and transferring it to a personalized control panel that you may access through the company’s website. It has a lot of distinct features, which we’ll go over in-depth later in the post.

What Is pcTattletale and How Does It Work?

pcTattletale is an Android spy app that works in the same way as most other parental control and monitoring applications. It’s a little piece of spyware that, once placed on the target device, can upload whatever information that’s requested. To get the app, you must first register on pcTattletale and purchase a premium subscription to use all of the features. On your online dashboard, you may access all of the data collected by the app. This allows you to keep an eye on your employee, child, or spouse from anywhere at any time. Once its objective has been fulfilled, the program can be effortlessly deleted from the target device.

Compatibility with pcTattletale

Android, Kindle, and Windows devices are all supported by pcTattletale. pcTattletale is not compatible with iPhone or iOS. The table below contains a comprehensive compatibility list.

Features of pcTattletale

Employee Monitoring in Real-Time
Human labor is incredibly expensive, as anyone who has managed a firm knows. Simple salary, as well as additional resources required for an employee to work properly, are all expensive! As a result, it would be a shame if an employee was squandering corporate funds. It used to be tough to keep employees in line. pcTattletale, on the other hand, makes this a thing of the past.

Employers can actively watch what their employees are doing thanks to its real-time employee monitoring capabilities. Live captures of their company’s smartphone and computer screens are available. Install the recorder on every suitable corporate device, then use your secure online control panel to keep an eye on your entire team.

Management of a Remote Workforce
Rarely, a corporation doesn’t have field operators. There are always people out of your immediate reach, from corporate drivers to various types of personnel. As an employer, you must double-check that they’re in the right place. An irritated consumer as a result of an employee’s tardiness is simply unacceptable.

All of this is possible with the pcTattletale phone monitoring suite, which provides you with real-time GPS positions for your faraway staff. If something goes wrong, you can intervene before your clients become enraged. This strategy also instills in your company a sense of responsibility and accountability. Another benefit is that the information gathered can be used to improve your company’s profitability and resource utilization.

Employee Productivity is Measured
Some of the features that set the pcTattletale app distinct from the competition include employee productivity measurement. pcTattletale, unlike other spy programs, is designed specifically for business use cases. The Click-Count Chart is a very useful and effective tool for tracking staff productivity.

At any time of day or night, employers can scan the most active employees or system users. All clicks are recorded by pcTattletale, making active periods very straightforward to determine. You can also observe your entire team’s workday at a glance thanks to the user-friendly UI.

This will give you insight into how your team works, as well as their patterns and behaviors. For every modern organization, these are all critical things to keep an eye on! This could be the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for in your industry.

Location Tracking for Children and Spouses
It’s nearly hard to keep track of your child or spouse, no matter how devoted or attentive you are. It’s the same with what they’re doing or who they’re talking to. That is why remote monitoring software such as pcTattletale is so beneficial to parents and couples like you.

The GPS position tracking chip of the monitored device is used by pcTattletale to provide the actual location of the device. As a result, you’ll always know where your child or spouse is. You may also get a sense of what they’re up to by looking at their movement patterns on the map. Addresses and locations can be displayed on the map. This provides you with a good image of their whereabouts. One can never be too safe in the digital world, which is constantly populated with predators. Make use of programs like pcTattletale to keep track of your loved ones. You can effectively track anyone’s phone without their knowledge.

Monitoring of social media activity
Tablets, computers, and cellphones are readily available in every family. This makes limiting or monitoring your child’s communication with strangers, as well as the time they spend together, impossible. pcTattletale includes several tools for monitoring social media accounts. We can’t dispute that our children, employees, and spouses spend nearly all of their waking hours online. It can be used to spy on Instagram or to have complete control over all instant chat accounts.

This is extremely hazardous to our children’s developing minds. The harmful consequences of extensive internet presence on children and adults have been demonstrated time and time again by research. As a result, you must keep track of how much time they spend and with whom they spend it. You can use pcTattletale to protect your children from online risks such as adult content and cyberbullying.

Everything should be recorded on the target device.
If you lose out on vital details, remote surveillance is useless. It is critical to be able to capture everything on the target device. You can do precisely that with pcTattletale’s Viewer feature. After you’ve installed the Recorder, you’ll be able to see a movie of everything that happened on the target device. You can even listen in on phone conversations.

Furthermore, you may do this on any device. Children and couples frequently have multiple devices. Make sure you’ve covered all of your bases! As a result, you’ll be aware of your child’s early exposure to online threats. As a parent, you have a lot of responsibilities. If you notice something that bothers you, you will be able to take action quickly. For subsequent reference, pcTattletale records the screen with clear date and time stamps.

Price of pcTattletale

All of pcTattletale’s plans are priced for a year. pcTattletale, unlike other app providers, does not force you to renew your subscription. If you like their services, get a new license the next year to keep utilizing them. Apart from ordinary subscription services, pcTattletale also offers various premium services. Following your purchase, you can purchase additional devices as needed.

pcTattletale, unlike most surveillance programs, has a storage restriction. This usually refers to how long your videos are maintained. On the family subscription level, you can usually just “View Last 7 Days,” which implies you can only access the videos from the previous week. Any older videos will be deleted automatically. The detailed product pricing is shown in the table below. So, what does pcTattletale cost? The following are the prices:


How do I set up pcTattletale on my computer?

There are only a few steps to getting started with pcTattletale monitoring. It’s quick and easy to use thanks to the hassle-free setup. For Android, Kindle, and Windows devices, there are distinct installation procedures. We’ll go over how to install pcTattletale on an Android device in detail in this review.

How To Download And Install pcTattletale For Android

Follow the easy instructions below to install pcTattletale on any Android device.

Create a pcTattletale account for free.
Download the Android app.
Using the account, you may see everything on the pcTattletale website.
Here’s an example of a setup.

Step 1: Go to the pcTattletale home page to sign up for a free account and obtain the download links.

Step 2: Select “Account Overview” and “Add Device” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Go to your account’s specific Android download URL and copy it. This is a one-of-a-kind connection. The app can then be downloaded by texting, emailing, or typing the link into the target device’s web browser.

NB: Android will prompt you to allow non-Google Play Store apps to be installed. To install pcTattletale on the target device, make sure this function is enabled.

Step 4: To properly install the program, follow the on-screen instructions and then tap START NOW.

Step 5: Grant all of the permissions that have been requested. This is required for all pcTattletale features to work properly. Once you’ve finished, tap START RECORDING.

That is all there is to it. You’ve completed your installation. For a complete stealth setup, certain actions are recommended depending on the Android device maker.

Check out pcTattletale’s complete installation guide to see whether your device requires any further setup or if you run into any issues during the process.

pcTattletale’s Advantages and Disadvantages

While we would like every product to be flawless, this may not always be the case. There are always positive and negative aspects to any app, and pcTattletale is no exception. The advantages and disadvantages of pcTattletale are shown in the table below.

  • Pros There’s a money-back guarantee.
  • There is a free trial available.
  • Features for advanced kid and staff monitoring
  • Cons: Easy to register and install
  • Other espionage software is more feature-rich.
  • Subscriptions for other surveillance applications are more flexible.
  • iOS devices are not supported.

Is pcTattletale a free program?

pcTattletale, unlike most remote monitoring and espionage programs, is offered for a free trial. To get started, create a free account. Once you’re happy with their service, you may sign up for a membership and begin monitoring. pcTattletale offers three subscription options to suit your needs. To start monitoring, simply follow our simple setup and installation instructions.

Is it legal to use pcTattletale?

Depending on how you utilize it, yes and no. It is illegal to monitor any gadget that is not your own. To use your spouse’s phone legally, you must first obtain their permission. However, if you wish to utilize it to keep an eye on your minor child, you are permitted to do so. Depending on where you live, you may be subject to different legal obligations. Before utilizing spy apps, be sure you’ve read and comprehended all applicable regulations. Failure to obey authority might result in legal and financial consequences.

What is the maximum number of devices that pcTattletale can monitor?

With pcTattletale, you can keep track of as many devices as you wish. A single device is included in your introductory membership. You can add as many devices as you wish for a fee. The data from each device will be retained separately. Your dashboard provides access to all of this data. There is no need to create a separate account for each monitored device.

Is pcTattletale a safe program?

Yes. pcTattletale is a secure program that has been in use for over a decade. Thousands of families and businesses, just like yours, have benefited from it. They are aware of the significance of privacy and security. All recorded material is stored on a secure cloud server by pcTattletale. AES and SSL encryption technologies are used to secure all data transport and storage. This means you can relax knowing that all of your espionage data is safe and secure for you to use.

How Do I Delete pcTattletale?

Here’s how to uninstall and uninstall pcTattletale on your phone:

Turn off pcTattletale’s accessibility on your device.
Locate pcTattletale in the “Apps and Notifications” area.
pcTattletale will be uninstalled from your phone once you choose “uninstall.”
The Final Word
pcTattletale employs a unique approach to monitoring children, employees, and spouses. It does not have as many functions as the majority of the spy applications we’ve tested. Don’t get us wrong: pcTattletale includes all the functionality you’d expect from a standard spy program. It also places a strong emphasis on corporate monitoring.

Other espionage applications, on the other hand, are jacks of all trades. If you wish to monitor everything on a target device, it might not be for you. We like unusual features such as the live recording, which was only available with this package. Advanced users should look at our other reviews for solutions like SPY24 and FleXispy, which include a lot of features.

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