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DOWNLOAD OWNSPY – Mobile Phone Monitoring App

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With OwnSpy, you can uncover any and all secrets using a mobile phone monitoring app. Do you plan to monitor another person’s mobile device and are looking for advice on which spy program to use? OwnSpy can help you make the correct choice, so sign up today! Please visit this link for further information.

Use the OwnSpy mobile phone monitoring app to learn all the hidden truths.

You can get information on one of the most effective cell phone spy apps here, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and the review was written by a trained specialist. It is an application for monitoring phones called OwnSpy. You can use it to keep an eye on your employees or to keep tabs on your children.

DISCLAIMER: As of the month of June 2019, we have received several complaints from consumers regarding this cell phone tracker, and as a result, we DO NOT suggest using it. This post will be updated as soon as possible as we have received any new information.


DOWNLOAD OWNSPY - Mobile Phone Monitoring App
DOWNLOAD OWNSPY – Mobile Phone Monitoring App

What Are the Primary Benefits of Utilizing OwnSpy?

Exceptionally high reporting and logging capabilities. It indicates that OwnSpy is a program with a variety of uses. It is able to monitor incoming and outgoing phone conversations, text messages (SMS, social messengers), as well as each photo that was taken with the phone camera, viewed, or received; OwnSpy is able to monitor the whereabouts of the user of the target device with the assistance of GPS technology. It is important that you pay attention to this characteristic, which is the appropriate correlation between price and quality. It indicates that the price of the application is acceptable when taken into consideration together with the list of capabilities that it is able to deliver to the subscriber; the quality of the company’s technical support services. On the website that is officially associated with the service, you will find not only a demo version of the personal online account but also all of the information that is required for the process of installation. The website offers a straightforward navigation structure, and data encryption protects the confidentiality of users’ personal information.

You Can Try OwnSpy Without Spending a Dime!

It is a very significant choice to make. The service offers a trial version that can be used for one week free of charge. It indicates that you are able to test the monitoring app OwnSpy for free for a period of one week. in which providing details about a credit card is not necessary. Installing the trial version of OwnSpy on the device you want to monitor is as simple as downloading and installing the software. You have one week before you are required to either buy a license or stop using it.

The characteristics of OwnSpy

Monitoring texts, spying on address books, keeping track of phone histories, monitoring site histories, monitoring WhatsApp, and providing an option to listen to live audio via the internet.
snooping on photographs;
monitoring the use of apps;
Data export feature;
Monitoring of Snapchat, QQ Chat, and WeChat;
tracking of installed applications;

Call Recording, Mail Backup, Keyboard Monitoring, Automatic 3-Way Calling, Option for Live Audio over GSM, and Screen Recording are all features that are included in this service.
Some characteristics are considered to be standard, while others are considered to be unique. Because they have the potential to raise some questions, I will briefly explain them.

Optional Use of the App own spy

Every application that is utilized on the iPhone, iPad, or Android device that is being monitored may be simply tracked with OwnSpy. When the application is opened, the time and date are recorded immediately, and the logs are created soon thereafter. Not only will you know which apps are utilized and when, but also how frequently they are used. You can have peace of mind knowing that your children or employees are not squandering their time on online games with the assistance of this solution.

Call Recording
allows you to record both incoming and outgoing phone calls, so you won’t miss a single conversation. There is the option to record any and all phone calls, as well as calls originating from particular phone numbers. The program secretly records all conversations and sends the recordings to your OwnSpy control panel online.

Live Audio via GSM Option
Thanks to this fantastic function of OwnSpy, it is possible to activate the microphone of the target device remotely by making use of another device that possesses an Internet connection. You simply need to call the device and listen to its surrounding environment. If you intend to use OwnSpy as a tool for parental control, it is impossible to overestimate the usefulness of this feature.

Keyboard logging
The text that is typed on the mobile device that you want to monitor will be recorded by OwnSpy and saved to your account as soon as it is typed on the device that you want to monitor. You and your employees, as well as your children, will be able to keep tabs on what they read and what they say thanks to this feature. You are able to view all of the keystrokes, in addition to the precise time at which they occurred and the application in which they were used. Simply navigate to the online control panel.

Encryption of data serves as a security check for both the organization and its clients. After the surveillance app, OwnSpy, has been installed on the Android or iOS device you want to keep an eye on, it will begin following the target device immediately. As you are aware at this point, OwnSpy is capable of performing a wide variety of beneficial monitoring functions. However, you will need to root your Android device in order to verify that certain functions work as intended. The fact that users save their information on the devices raises the possibility that this will give them cause for concern. The company asserts that private data such as images, SMS messages, a list of phone conversations, and other information that is transferred through the target device is extremely crucial. Because of this, OwnSpy made the choice to encrypt the data of its users. ownspy

It is the only monitoring program that encrypts the users’ private data before uploading it to the service’s servers, making it unique in that regard. The data of OwnSpy’s customers will remain secure and safe thanks to this safeguard, even in the event that a hacker is successful in gaining access to the company’s servers. Unlocking the user’s data requires the user’s unique password in order to decrypt the information. Therefore, it is essential that the password be kept a secret.

The Pricing Strategy OwnSpy

There are three distinct subscription options available for the OwnSpy monitoring app:

Standard Features are included in the Basic Package, which costs just €19.99 for a one-month membership and can be purchased here.
Premium Package: If you want to subscribe for one month, the cost is $29.99, and if you want to subscribe for three months, the cost is $49.99. If you select this plan, you will have the ability to monitor social messengers and networks (such as WhatsApp, QQ Chat, and so on), photographs, and browser history;
The Gold Package is the most expensive of the available subscriptions. A one-month subscription will cost you €59.99, while an annual subscription will set you back €179.99. Additionally, there is a subscription that lasts for three months that costs € 99.99 to purchase. Take note that if you subscribe for an entire year, you will have the opportunity to save some money. This bundle contains the monitoring features of the Premium plan in addition to extra features such as the option to monitor live audio and keyboard activity, among other things.

Instructions on How to Use the OwnSpy App

Do not be concerned if you would like to utilize the app but are concerned that your level of technical expertise is not sufficient. We have put together an excellent manual that will walk you through the entire procedure in great detail:

Visit the OwnSpy website in order to make your choice between the free and premium plans for the service.
Create an account, then download the mobile application.
Find out where the target device is and install the program in private.
If you open the control panel on your own computer, you will be able to see all of their real-time phone activities.

OwnSpy is considered to be among the top surveillance apps for mobile phones, even if there are literally dozens of other options available. We have to remark that it has numerous benefits because of user reviews and feedback as well as our personal experience. It is simple to use, it has a broad variety of functions, and it has affordable costs. These are just a few of the benefits. OwnSpy is unquestionably what you require if you are interested in purchasing a trustworthy spy tool for a reasonable price. If you have any inquiries regarding OwnSpy or spy software in general, please ask them below in the comments section.

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