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Mobile Spy (SPY24) Phone Monitoring App

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Are your children or employees abusing the privileges of texting and calling? Phone Monitoring App. Mobile Spy (SPY24) helps parents and employers monitor smartphones and tablets or have proper consent to monitor. They use it to learn about their child’s or employee’s call information, websites visited, text message activities, photos, GPS locations and more.

PLEASE NOTE: The iPhone SPY, iPad and BlackBerry versions have been discontinued.

Program Description

Mobile Spy (SPY24) is a hybrid software/service that monitors smartphone usage in real-time. This unique system logs the activities of your Android OS smartphone or tablet.

Notify your child or employee they will be monitored. Install a small application directly onto the device that they use. The app has an optional icon which can further notify them that they are being monitored.

After the software is set up on the monitored phone, it will log an array of phone activities and then insert the information to your account using the Internet. When you want to view results, simply login from any web browser and enter your username and password.

With the LIVE Control Panel, you can view the phone’s screen and location LIVE.

Smartphone Interface (iPhone Version is shown)
This program is loaded directly onto the phone you want to monitor. The interface is accessible by opening the app and entering your username and password.

What Your Child or Employee Sees (iPhone Version Shown)
By default, device notifications and an icon remind your child that they are being monitored. These options can be turned off in the Smartphone Interface.

Online Control Panel
This is where you log in to your account to see the logged results insert by the phone. Accessible from any computer or phone web browser.

LIVE Control Panel (Premium Option)
This is where you can view the phone’s screen (Live Screenshot*) and location live, perform remote control commands, and instantly obtain the phone’s information.

*Live screenshot not available in Android (non-rooted).

This high-tech monitoring software will allow you to see exactly what they do while you are away. Are your kids texting while driving or using the phone in all hours of the night? Are your employees sending company property? Do they erase their phone logs? That won’t matter because the software does not rely on the phone’s internal logging system.

This powerful system gives you the ability to monitor activities online in real-time. Your logs are safely stored in your secure Mobile Spy (SPY24) account accessible from any web browser using your username and password.

You can log in anytime from any location to view results without needing access to the device. The activities logged are each described below. All activities include a date/time stamp and are searchable by phone number. All logs can be easily exported to CSV!

  • BUY NOW | Phone Monitoring App

LIVE Control Panel*

View the Phone’s Screen Live!
* Premium App feature.

Mobile Spy (SPY24) towers above the rest by offering the world’s only LIVE Control Panel. Unlike anything ever seen in the mobile software industry, this innovation allows you to securely perform LIVE monitoring and control on your smartphone from anywhere.

If you choose to purchase the premium app, you can view the device’s screen like a television along with a map of the current location instantly.

Need the ability to have logs sent to your email? The LIVE Control Panel allows you to do exactly that. You can have selected logs sent at any interval you choose, such as hourly or daily. You can also instantly email your logs to your address within the LIVE Control Panel.

LIVE Control Panel
Connect to the device to perform LIVE commands.

View the Screen*
See the actual screen of the device, updated every 90 seconds.

Instant GPS Locations
Initiate an immediate GPS locate and view the latest locations on a map.

Lock the Device
Lock and unlock the device with an optional siren alarm.

Get SIM Information
Get the latest SIM information in case the device is lost or stolen.

Log Delivery Via Email
Enables Mobile Spy (SPY24) to deliver your logs to your email address.

*Android devices require root access for this feature.

Communication Logs

Monitor Text Messages, Calls and More

  • Text Messages
  • Call History
  • Social Networks
  • Gmail
  • Messengers
  • Contacts

Text Messages Spy

Every text message is logged even if the device’s logs are deleted. Includes full text.

Why Monitor Text Messages?

Do you need to know if your child is sending and receiving text messages that may be inappropriate or cause them to get into trouble? One of today’s parents’ fears is that their child may be using the mobile phone for sexting.

Sexting is a term that describes text messages that contain the explicit language of a sexual nature. Children will be curious about the new information they are exposed to and might plan to engage in sexual activities. And because of their inexperience, children do not understand the consequences of their actions.

Multimedia Messages (MMS) – Mobile Spy (SPY24) also lets you monitor multimedia photo messages sent and received on Android devices.

Call History Spy

Each incoming and outgoing number is logged along with duration and time stamp.

Monitor Child or Employee’s Mobile Phone Call Information

How much time does your child or employee spend making phone calls with your mobile phone? Who are they calling and when? With Mobile Spy (SPY24) smartphone monitoring software, you can monitor their phone call information. Find out who they call, when they call, and how much time they spend on each call.

Social Networks* Spy

Logs activity from Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter messaging apps.
*Facebook and WhatsApp – Requires rooted device.
*Twitter – Requires a rooted device

Monitor Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp Conversations

Other mobile monitoring software will only give you URLs visited on the default browser and text messages from the app that came with the phone. Mobile Spy (SPY24) has extra features that monitor social media messenger apps such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Now you get a better picture of all the communication channels your children or employees use.

Gmail* Spy

View the Gmail messages made on the phone with date, to/from addresses, subject and full text.
*Requires rooted Android device.

Gmail Monitoring on Smartphones

One reason why Gmail is so popular is that it is so easy to set up. So easy that your kids may be more inclined to get a Gmail address. The Gmail logging feature will log all the details of incoming and outgoing Gmails.

Log in to the online control panel to view time/date stamp, to/from addresses, subject and full text of all Gmails sent and received on the rooted Android smartphone.


Every contact on the phone is logged. New contacts added are also logged.
All operating systems.

Remotely View the Mobile Phone Contacts

As a parent, you have concerns about who your child is contacting with her mobile phone. Perhaps you know about another child that you don’t want your child to contact. Or there could be someone she is contacting who is a stranger to you.

You need to know who your child is contacting to protect them. Mobile Spy (SPY24) logs all contacts that are saved on the mobile phone.

More Logging FeaturesCalendar/Tasks

Every calendar event is logged. Date, time, and locations are logged. All personal tasks created are logged and viewable. Top Ten Report

The Top Ten Reports feature helps you to quickly identify the most commonly used emails, calls, text messages and websites visited. Logs via Email

Check logs without logging into the control panel. This feature allows you to receive phone activity logs to your personal email address. Keylogger

The Keylogger feature will let you view the keystrokes typed on your smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi Inserting

Now you can choose to insert the logs via Wi-Fi only to reduce data-plan and battery usage. Remote Settings

We’ve expanded the web panel to allow you to change monitoring settings remotely.

GPS Locations Spy

Track their locations to keep them safe.

Suppose your company provides mobile phones to your employees in the field. How do you know if they are travelling to their assigned destinations? Or imagine your child tells you they are visiting a friend’s house that you approve but instead goes somewhere you told them not to go. With Mobile Spy (SPY24) smartphone monitoring software, you will know exactly where your employees or children are when they are away. Three Ways to Monitor GPS SMS Command

The phone you send the command from will receive an SMS message that will contain the current GPS position and a link to view a map on your phone. Location Logs

Log in to your online control panel to view the history of GPS locations with map links. You choose the time interval for the device to send its locations.Real-Time*

Open the one and only LIVE control panel to view a real-time map with the monitored device’s current GPS location.
*Premium app feature.

Internet Spy

Monitor Mobile Phone Internet Activity

Today’s smartphones are capable of viewing websites from any location. It is one thing to stand over your child while they are at the computer and monitor their Internet usage, but if they carry their mobile phone with them, how can you know that they are not looking at inappropriate sites while not watching? Mobile Spy (SPY24) is the ideal solution. With it, you can see all Internet activity on your child’s mobile phone, so you will know what sites they are visiting. How Mobile Spy (SPY24) Monitors Web Activity Web History

Discover which websites are being visited on your child’s smartphone or tablet. All URL website addresses visited using the phone’s browser are logged.YouTube

There are a lot of crazy videos on YouTube these days. Monitor the YouTube app to see every video watched and a link to view it. Social Media

Mobile Spy (SPY24) has extra features that monitor social media messenger apps, URLs and screenshots from Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Media Files Spy

Remotely View Photos Taken By the Phone

Monitor Photos Taken
Teenagers want to be cool and accepted by their peers and are highly influenced by today’s fashion and beauty industry. It seems they are pressured more than ever to push the envelope when it comes to dressing and acting.

Smartphones now allow them to take compromising photos and post them to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They think they are just having fun and privately impressing someone, but in reality, the photos can be used against them, and there are many creepy people out there that look for these types of posted photos. Use Mobile Spy (SPY24) to see what photos are being taken with your child’s cell phone.

Alerts Spy

Get alerts on unapproved smartphone activities.

This special feature will give you alerts when your child conducts some prohibited actions on the monitored smartphone. The Profanity alert will give you details about when profane language is typed or viewed. Geo-Fencing lets you set perimeters that you don’t want the device to travel beyond. Contact alerts let you know when they call or text the contacts that you select.

The Intrusion alerts inform you when the wrong PIN number or SMS command is entered on the device. You can finally set up Custom alerts that will inform you whenever the keywords you entered are used or received on the smartphone.

Tools Spy

Powerful Administrative Tools to Enhance Monitoring

Block Apps Spy

So you are worried about what applications are on your child’s mobile device. You should be. There are many inappropriate apps out there that are adult-themed. Maybe you don’t want your child to use certain apps such as browsers or social media apps because you are afraid they may talk to strangers who try to encourage them to engage in sexual activities. The Application Blocking feature lets you stop using all or some apps, including built-in apps and downloaded apps. This feature can also block access to some of the device’s settings.

SMS Commands Spy

Send SMS commands to the phone.
All operating systems.

  • Remotely lock the phone to restrict usage.
  • Remotely unlock the phone to allow usage.
  • Retrieve the current GPS position of the monitored phone. The phone you send the command from will receive an SMS message containing this position and a link to it on a map.
  • Retrieve the current information on the SIM card currently in the device. The phone you send the command from will receive an SMS message containing this information.
  • Remotely delete the recent call history, SMS history, URL history, stored contacts, and photos on the monitored device.
  • Phone Monitoring App

Multiple Device Management Spy

Mobile Spy (SPY24) makes it easy for you to monitor more than one child or employee. Add as many licenses as you need to a single account.

The multiple-device page on the control panel also lets you view important information about all of your devices at a glance. The page displays the device name, ON/OFF status of WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS, view battery life, carrier signal and storage usage. Quick links next to each device lead you to view the phone’s specific details, uninstall remotely, restore the factory settings, and backup/restore commands.

What’s Included

When you purchase Mobile Spy (SPY24), you can rest assured knowing you will receive a top-of-the-line software product, service and support. Here’s what’s included for the length of your subscription:

  • Instant Download – Download INSTANTLY after ordering! Request new downloads anytime!
  • Step-by-Step Instructions – Detailed instructions to guide you along every step of the way.
  • Tech Support – Should you need help, we will provide rapid online support.
  • Free Updates – As a member, you receive free updates to the software as they occur.
  • SniperSpy – Choose an annual license and also receive SniperSpy to monitor your PC or Mac.
  • Phone Monitoring App

We invite you to put Mobile Spy (SPY24) to the test today. All orders are processed via Ordering is secured by VeriSign and scanned daily by Norton to ensure that your information remains completely safe and confidential. 

So what are you waiting for?

Mobile Spy Phone Monitoring Spy App – All-Inclusive Mobile Phone Monitoring

Mobile Spy (SPY24) is the most advanced and reliable solution when you need to monitor your child or employee’s cell phone usage with mobile phone monitoring software. While other cell phone monitoring applications have some basic features, Mobile Spy (SPY24) has the most advanced features based upon nearly ten years of tweaks to the system. Beyond the standards, our innovative new features help you to learn even more about their smartphone activities. If you need help getting started, we are here to help. In just a few minutes, you can download and install the mobile phone monitoring software to begin logging activities such as:

  • Apps Installed
  • Text Messages Sent and Received
  • GPS Locations
  • Facebook and Twitter Messenger Services
  • Purchase

How Mobile Phone Monitoring Helps You Protect Your Children

As a parent, you feel obligated to give your child a cell phone, so you can contact him at any time. While there is a sense of security in knowing you can reach him, it is overshadowed by the problems caused by the access to inappropriate websites, and exposure to unsupervised texting or chatting.

Your child’s cell phone activities can be kept in check, thanks to Mobile Spy (SPY24), the most advanced and reliable mobile phone monitoring software. This could be the most valuable tool in a parent’s modern day arsenal, allowing you to learn about how your child uses his cell phone and take action to keep him safe.

Companies Use Cell Phone Monitoring To Increase Profit & Protect Reputation

When employees know that they are being monitored, they naturally work more efficiently. Mobile Spy (SPY24) is the perfect tool for checking on your employee cell phone activities. Knowing what they do, you can stop them from visiting websites, wasting time out in the field, and posting information to social media that may be harmful to your company’s reputation. See why parents and employers enjoy the monitoring benefits of Mobile Spy (SPY24): android spy app

  • Application Is Simple and Fast To Install
  • Online Control Allows Mobile Phone Monitoring From Anywhere

Real Customer Stories

“Our daughter stole our truck, bank cards, credit cards and the phone. The only way to find her was by tracking the SMS with your software. The police were able to catch her with the messages. We would not have caught her as fast as we did without Mobile Spy (SPY24).”
– Adam D

“That far exceeds what I would consider good product support! Thank you very much, and you can count on my support and references on your other products, which by the way, are more stable and generally work better than those of your competitors.”
– RobertMobile Phone Monitoring Features of Mobile Spy (SPY24)

Text Message Logging   Logs all text messages sent and received on the monitored mobile phone.  

Social Networking Logs*   Logs activity from Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter messaging.
*Requires a rooted device  

Apps Installed   Mobile monitoring lets you see what Apps are installed on the phone.  

Alerts   Profanity, Geo-Fencing, Contacts, Intrusion and Custom Alerts.  

Web Activity   All URL website addresses visited using the phone’s browser are logged.  

Application Blocking   Use Mobile Spy (SPY24) to lock the phone user’s access to certain applications.  

Photo Log   All photos taken by the phone are logged & are viewable.  

LIVE GPS Mapping*   The Live Control Panel gives you instant GPS locations of the phone. *Premium PlanGPS Locations Log   Mobile Spy (SPY24) tracks the GPS positions of the mobile phone being monitored.  

Phone Call Info   Logs info on each incoming and outgoing phone call.   SMS Commands   Send an SMS command to lock the phone, get current GPS location, and more.   LIVE Screenshots*   The LIVE control panel lets you view the phone’s screen in real-time.
*Requires a rooted device and Premium Plan Android Spy

Start Monitoring in Three Easy Steps

When you’re ready to start monitoring your child or employee’s smartphone or tablet, you will be relieved to know that Mobile Spy (SPY24) is straightforward to set up.


Go to the purchase page and select the length of time you want to order for the Basic or Premium License. Complete all sections and agree to the Mobile Spy  (SPY24) Legal Requirements. Then click the Place Order button and check your email.


After the order is complete, you will be instantly emailed a receipt with your registration code, a link to download the program, and instructions for installing the software and adjusting the settings on the mobile you’ll be monitoring.

View Logs

Activities will now be logged and rapidly inserted to your mobile monitoring account. You can log in to your account by visiting the Login Page anytime. The mobile log entries are categorized by activity types on the left side.

Mobile Spy Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Regrettably, Retina-X Studios, which offers cutting edge technology that helps parents and employers gather important information on devices they own, has been the victim of sophisticated and repeated illegal hackings. Over the past year, Retina-X Studios has begun to implement steps designed to enhance our security measures which had the positive outcome of restricting data obtained by the hackers in the most recent intrusion. No personal data was accessed, but some photographic material of TeenShield and PhoneSheriff customers has been exposed. As a result, and to protect our valued customers, Retina-X Studios is immediately and indefinitely halting its PhoneSheriff, TeenShield, SniperSpy and Mobile Spy products. We will be offering pro-rated refunds to any customers who currently have a contract with Retina-X Studios for these services. If you are an active subscriber of any of these services, you will receive an email from us with information about obtaining a pro-rated refund and access to your data during this process.

Retina-X Studios is sharing information about illegal hackings and cooperating with the appropriate authorities. The perpetrators of these illegal acts have been motivated by their unfounded opposition to parents and employers’ private activities on devices they own and with the consent of users of the devices. The perpetrators, who will likely never be identified or brought to justice, have shared their actions with online publications to gain attention. They are cowards who work in the dark and use the media to promote their agenda. Retina-X apologizes to our customers for any inconvenience this situation has caused, but our priority is to you. We appreciate the loyalty you have shown our company and these valuable services.

How It Works

Get quick information about the installation steps and how to use the program to monitor a smartphone or tablet.

Learn More

Online Demo

Interact with a working example of the online control panel to get a feel for how easy it is to monitor your smartphone.

Online Demo

Purchase Now

Purchase online through our secure shopping cart to get the app and start monitoring your smartphone today.

What is Mobile Spy Smartphone Monitoring Software?

Mobile Spy iPhone is the next generation of smartphone monitoring software. Do you worry your child or employee is abusing their smartphone or Internet privileges? Our software can help you keep them on the right track.

There are a lot of legitimate reasons to use a spy app on other people. There are usually three use cases for spy apps. You use them to track your phone, use them to track your kid’s phone or use them to track your employee’s phone. We do not condone the use of such apps maliciously. You should never use spy apps unless you have the consent of the other individual. You also may want to look up applicable laws to make sure you are not breaking any. In other words, please use these responsibly and we are not responsible for any wrongdoing. Anyway, here are the best spy apps for Android!

One of the most common requests in the surveillance equipment world is to find out what somebody is doing on their mobile phone.

Features- Mobile Spy (SPY24) Phone Monitoring App
Features- Mobile Spy (SPY24) Phone Monitoring App

Spy Mobile Phone Recording and Tracking

Until about 8 years ago, being able to get access to this type of technology was limited to MI5 and the Police who sought the network providers’ assistance. Obviously, it is not all about serious criminal offences that justify such lengths. Sometimes an employee may want to know what his employees are up to. Are they ‘on the take’ or selling company secrets? The way many solve these problems is through mobile phone monitoring, and the only serious way to achieve this is using spy mobile phone software or providing an employee with a Spy Phone with the software pre-installed

There are many different types of spy mobile phones available, but what they all have in common is finding out what is going on when you are not around. We offer a wide range of these products allowing you to choose the model that best suits your requirements and budget.

Spy UK can offer a decent range of fully working modern Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry handsets with the spy mobile phone software pre-installed, giving text forwarding capability and being able to dial into the phone and listen to what is happening on the phone. All functions of the Spy Phones are controlled from what is known as your Pre-Defined Number, meaning only you can access these spy gadgets’ secret functions.

Other spy mobile phone units are classified as dead phones in that they cannot be used as working handsets as such but instead give the impression that they are switched off or ‘dead’. Call into this type of spy phone. The phone will auto-answer opening up the sensitive microphone and enabling you to listen in to a large surrounding area. Whatever your requirements, our spy shop will have one to fit your needs and budget.

Today we all expect high-quality digital services, and we prefer these services to be free. We typically do not realize that when an online service is free, there is usually a trade off – and the way you pay for the service is by allowing access to your data. With the many free apps available across the Apple and Google ecosystems, this is exactly what happens. When a user downloads and installs a new app, they will often have to accept a terms and conditions document. Almost nobody reads these even though they outline exactly how much data the app can access and what it can do with this data.

This is the price that everyone pays for having access to services like mapping, weather, social media, online payments, ride-sharing, music, and video streaming – all the digital services that we rely on in day to day life. Access to your data is usually framed as being necessary to provide you with better services – but viewed through a different lens, it could just as easily be called ‘smartphone spying’. In this article, we’ll look at how your smartphone can be used to spy on you – and what you can do to stop it.

Can the government see through your phone camera?

If they wanted to, there is no technical reason why they couldn’t. Here are three ways your phone spies on you.

1. Your smartphone camera

When former FBI director James Comey was asked at a conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in 2016 whether he covers his laptop camera, he responded, “There are some sensible things you should be doing, and that’s one of them.” It seems that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg agrees. He is known to cover his laptop camera and microphone with tape – and whatever can be done to a laptop camera, can be done to a smartphone camera.

In 2013, when NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden showed the world the capabilities the global intelligence agencies have to spy on their citizens, it became clear that everyone can be watched. More recently, Snowden has made the point that security agencies now prioritize spying via cell phones. In an interview on the Joe Rogan Experience on October 23, 2019, Snowden said, “The big thing that has changed since 2013 is now it’s mobile-first everything. Mobile was still a big deal and the intelligence community was very much grappling to get its hands around it and to deal with it. But now, people are less likely to use laptops, desktops, or any kind of wired phone, then they are to use a smartphone. And both Apple and Android devices, unfortunately, are not especially good in protecting your privacy.”

In November 2019, Google confirmed that this was a risk for “hundreds of millions of smartphone users” after a flaw allowed hackers to gain access to Android phone cameras.

2. Your smartphone microphone

For anyone who has ever asked ‘is my phone listening to me?’ The answer is a resounding yes. That is what they’re built for after all. Apple admitted in 2019 that it had been doing this for years as part of its Siri project, and it issued an apology with all the usual mitigating language about how it was just to improve the service. The idea that our phones can listen in on conversations became a topic in recent years when platforms like Facebook seemed to start serving ads to people based on conversations they had had when their phone was in the room. According to a survey of 1,000 American adults in the US conducted by Consumer Reports, 43% of Americans who own smartphones believe their device is listening in on them.

While a Facebook spokesperson stated in 2016 that the company “does not use your phone’s microphone to inform ads or to change what you see in News Feed,” it is difficult to believe them given the whole Cambridge Analytica scandal. In this case, what users thought was a harmless Facebook application, was used to harvest the personal details of millions of Facebook users, and this data was eventually used for political purposes in the 2016 US election.

What we do know for sure is that it is not difficult at all to access a smartphone’s microphone and listen in on conversations. If you download an app and grant it access to your microphone (which we do routinely), it can switch it on and listen.

3. Your smartphone apps

From a privacy point of view, smartphone apps are especially problematic. If you grant an app like Facebook or WhatsApp full access, it has access to your cameras, to record you, to run facial recognition software, to track your location, and more. Granting permissions to WeChat essentially gives the Chinese government the power to do all the same things, as there’s really no dividing line in China between giant Chinese corporations like Tencent Holdings, which owns WeChat, and the Beijing government. Referring to moves to ban TikTok in the United States, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told a British newspaper recently. “It is not possible to have your personal information flow across a Chinese server without the rest of that information ending up in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.”

So, if you are using smartphone apps, it is a certainty that your data is being harvested – and these are only the outwardly non-malicious apps that actually ask for permission. Hackers who are specifically targeting you will try to gain access to your camera by sending you emails or texts with a malicious link or file that will grant them access if you click on it.

If you are unfortunate enough to download an app that was designed to steal your data and sell it to third parties, you can expect your data to continue to be passed on.

How to stop your phone from spying on you

First the basics – never click on a suspicious link. If a malicious operator wants to gain access to your phone, they will send you malware in the form of a link in an email or an attachment that fulfills that purpose.

keleis andre

SPY24 is the world’s most trusted cell phone spy software to monitor any smartphone and tablet remotely It works on a range of Mobile Spy Software Track

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