KidsGuard Pro App (ClevGuard) Review 2022

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Will Your Child Be Safe With KidsGuard Pro (ClevGuard)?

Learn more about the KidsGuard Pro parental control app, including its cost, how to install it, and its ability to monitor WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Best Android Phone Tracker in 2022: KidsGuard Pro (ClevGuard) Review

Although you must trust your children, you must also exercise caution as a parent in the huge online world. The reason for this is simple: There are cyber predators virtually everywhere.

Fortunately, parental control options are widely available nowadays. And due to its popularity, ClevGuard (KidsGuard Pro) is another that you’ve probably heard about.

But in this review, we delve deep to see how KidsGuard Pro (ClevGuard) compares to the competition.

To achieve that, the following features of ClevGuard will be examined in-depth in this review:

the procedure of installation (Android & iOS)
Cons and benefits
Are you prepared to begin? Let’s start now!

KidsGuard Pro App (ClevGuard) Review 2022

ClevGuard: What is it?

The best monitoring app for Android and iOS is ClevGuard, which allows you to keep tabs on your loved ones.

Due to its invisibility and sophisticated remote tracking features, it is now among the best tracking software.

Additionally, its simplicity and use are impressive. You can start using the service right now if you have a current membership.

Compatible with KidsGuard Pro

You’re in luck if you own an iOS or Android device. KidsGuard Pro, a ClevGuard product, is frequently used as a monitoring solution on those two operating systems.

ClevGuard does, however, provide a version for tracking PCs. And for a PC parental control program, has a lot of features.

The minimal OS versions that KidsGuard Pro currently supports are listed in the table below:

It’s important to note that KidsGuard Pro does not require your phone to be jailbroken or rooted to function.

As you can see, ClevGuard works with both iOS and Android devices used by your children.

How Does the App KidsGuard Pro Operate?

By occasionally retrieving data from your child’s phone, the ClevGuard KidsGuard Pro App operates covertly. This will encompass items like:

Videos and images
apps’ actions
GPS coordinates
sending texts
recordings and call logs
When ClevGuard is installed on a target device, it begins to monitor and track all of the activity on that device in the background. A separate log of each activity on your child’s device should ideally be kept.

But occasionally, it will transfer freshly gathered data to the ClevGuard servers. And in doing so, you’ll be able to keep an eye on everything and track it on the dashboard on your screen.

Despite operating system differences, the app delivers essentially the same functions on both Android and iOS.


Features of ClevGuard

KidsGuard pro has a tonne of features, as we’ve already discussed. Additionally, it truly provides you with a full 360-degree picture of the users of the target device’s online activity.

It has a lot of tracking features, but we distilled it down to just seven:

Remote Control Location Tracking
Monitoring Social Apps
Call Recording
SMS Tracking
Monitoring Web Browser Activity

Video Files Location Tracking is available.
You can see a precise map of where your child’s smartphone is at all times thanks to ClevGuard’s location tracking. It also offers location timestamps, which is a wonderful feature.

As a result, you can always keep track of the precise moment your child visited a specific place and where they next went.

It’s also incredibly easy to navigate the location interface. Despite using OpenStreetMap, KidsGuard Pro also offers a link that enables you to track a location on Google Maps. You can then follow your youngster using the platform of your choice.

Geofence Warnings
Geofence warnings are a feature of ClevGuard in addition to location tracking. This service notifies you when your children enter or leave a predetermined location.

As a result, you won’t need to check to see if they are still there all the time. As soon as the app detects the device moving outside the virtual boundary you specified, it will alert you.

We have to admit that some of the settings that KidsGuard Pro provided here also impressed us. more specifically with the following

You can choose the time you want the virtual barrier to go into action by using the Guard Time setting. Additionally, you can designate which days of the week it should operate.
Email Notifications — Useful if you simply want email notifications of activity.
The app can precisely detect movements within a 1-kilometer radius. 1Km Radius Limit.

Location Logging through WiFi

The Wi-Fi location logging feature can help if your child hardly ever turns on his or her GPS. However, you can see a little bit more with ClevGuard’s Wi-Fi Location Lagging.

In addition to the location, ClevGuard enables you to keep an eye on information like:

The SSID of the Wi-Fi signal
A Wi-Fi session’s beginning and ending times
Wi-Fi usage during the entire time

This information can be essential in a variety of ways when combined with the other services the app provides. For instance, just looking at the SSID might give you a hint as to where your youngster frequently hangs out.

You may also determine how long someone spent there by looking at the duration. And based on this, you can decide whether to maintain composure or tighten your guard even further.

Remote management
You can instantly carry out a variety of stealth-mode tasks on the target device using the new remote control tools in KidsGuard Pro. The three features it provides here are as follows:

Call recording, picture taking, and screenshot taking
Call Retention
People frequently mistake the call recording feature for call logging. Sadly, KidsGuard Pro seems to have a slightly distorted view of remote call recording.

The call recording option in KidsGuard Pro essentially does nothing more than automatically record calls and saving them as hidden sound files.

The chats can then be heard from your dashboard by uploading these files to ClevGuard’s servers.

A 20-minute block of calls can only be recorded at once by the app.

Taking screenshots

The screenshot capture tool, on the other hand, actually comes up to its promise. It enables you to capture live screenshots of what is displayed on your child’s screen at any given moment.

When your child’s phone goes missing or is stolen, this can be quite useful. It does have one significant qualification, though.

The target device’s screen must be unlocked for ClevGuard to take a screenshot.

Taking photos
This function performs similarly to the aforementioned Screenshot Capture function. The target phone’s camera will be used to take pictures, which is the sole difference.

ClevGuard will stealthily capture a picture and upload it for your viewing if you hit the “Shoot” button. However, there are some limitations as well:

When the camera is in use, the feature cannot be used.
These pictures can only be taken using the rear camera.
You shouldn’t put the phone in a pocket or purse.

They all appear to be real restrictions, but we think ClevGuard might have done more.

For instance, the app might make use of sensors to decide when a photo is best taken. Users must make an educated judgment as to when is the best time to use the function to shoot a photo.

Monitoring Social Apps
By offering to monitor numerous social media apps, ClevGuard still outperforms many parental control programs.

Although we’ll just talk about Messenger and WhatsApp, ClevGuard can also keep an eye on the following widely used applications:


By selecting “Social Apps” from the left sidebar menu on your dashboard, you may quickly access all these capabilities to read discussions.

It’s also important to note that this is one of ClevGuard’s key capabilities. And this makes sense, given that the majority of children today communicate through social media apps, necessitating the need to watch over and track them.


By accessing incoming notification messages, WhatsApp ClevGuard can enable monitoring WhatsApp on the target phone. This may be what enables you to use the software without rooting or jailbreaking your device, allowing you to simply monitor your children’s chats with every contact on their contact list.

However, KidsGuard Pro also records outgoing texts using its keylogging feature. Sometimes, the app just snapped screenshots of the entire WhatsApp program, allowing us to read them afterward.

The identical procedure is still followed on Messenger. To keep track of Messenger activity, KidsGuard Pro uses its keylogger and screenshot feature.

However, not every Messenger activity was always recorded by the app. In a few instances, it merely captured a screenshot too soon.

If all you need to do is keep track of incoming or outgoing calls, KidsGuard Pro’s call logging feature can be useful. In reality, in addition to capturing the caller’s name and phone number, it also records:

when the call was made
How long the call lasted
The call’s nature (incoming, outgoing, missed)
All incoming and outgoing calls, together with their identities, timestamps, and lengths, may be monitored with KidsGuard Pro.

One of the features that complement call logging is the address book. You can do this to view every contact on your child’s phone. Due to its access to the contact book, KidsGuard Pro truly shows caller identities in the call log.

SMS Tracking
Even though SMS is becoming less popular, KidsGuard Pro still offers SMS monitoring as a function.

You may access a detailed report on your child’s SMS activity from the dashboard, allowing you to view every message. Additionally, KidsGuard Pro arranges the data in a conversation view, simplifying the monitoring procedure.

Because of this, it is quite simple to quickly scan through information such as the names and phone numbers of the persons who sent the messages or even the timestamps.

KidsGuard Pro’s Web Browser Activity feature covers all the bases. Its web browser activity monitor is a convincing example of this.

Your child can easily visit hazardous websites because there are so many online diversions. But KidsGuard Pro makes it easier for you to keep track of everything by giving you a record of every page your child visited as part of their browser history or anything they looked up on Google.

The software even goes so far as to add details like:

Website’s URL
Site’s name

Last time visited How often do you go there?

You may still keep an eye on your child’s wiped online history. There is very little opportunity for dishonesty between you and your child as a result.

NOTE: Before installation, ClevGuard cannot read deleted browser history.

Access to Media Files
You get unrestricted access to your child’s phone’s photos and videos with the KidsGuard Pro child surveillance app. As a result, their media files will appear to you nearly instantly.

Even though the program just allows you to upload recently taken media files, the manner it accomplishes it is great. With KidsGuard, you can keep an eye on any phone files kept on the device in addition to seeing images and videos and browsing the media folder.

Nevertheless, we have to admit that it wasn’t always a positive experience. Particularly if the target phone contains a lot of large media files

Additionally, the app only uploads photos when a Wi-Fi connection is available. Additionally, a taster of the video rather than the entire thing will be downloaded.

Pricing for ClevGuard

First off, ClevGuard offers an easy-to-understand pricing structure. As you can see in the chart below, it primarily depends on the device that you want to monitor.

Cost of ClevGuard for Android

Cost of ClevGuard for iOS

Plan for One Month: $29.95 each month
Plan for 3 Months: $16.65 per month
$8.32 monthly for a one-year plan.

In comparison to many other parental control apps, we found the ClevGuard pricing plan to be far more generous. Even with the annual subscription, no single plan is over $150!

Installation & Setup of KidsGuard Pro

The application is simple to install. And that just serves to highlight how far parental control software development has progressed over time.

KidsGuard Pro’s installation should just take five minutes, according to ClevGuard. They have user-friendly tutorial videos for Android and iOS, which contribute to this in part.

However, we’ll still go ahead and demonstrate our process for both operating systems.

Android installation of KidsGuard Pro

When setting up KidsGuard Pro on a target Android smartphone, there are four major actions to take. As follows:

Part 1: Register for a free account and select a subscription.
Installing KidsGuard Pro on the target device in Part 2
Part 3: Finish customizing the target phone’s settings.
Verify setup in Part 4 and begin monitoring.

Create a Free KidsGuard Account in Part 1

You must have a current KidsGuard Pro membership to begin monitoring your child’s phone. You can get one by following these steps:

To sign up for a free KidsGuard Pro account, go to the ClevGuard website and select the “Monitor Now” button.

Step 2: Enter your email address and create a password for login, then select “Sign Up.”

Step 3: After finishing, you’ll be taken to a website where you may choose to buy a subscription plan.

Step 4: Finish the transaction to activate your subscription plan.

Installing KidsGuard Pro on the target phone in Part 2

Now that KidsGuard Pro is installed on your child’s phone, you can keep an eye on their actions from a distance. Here’s how to begin with that:

Step 1: On the target device, launch any browser and enter the download link from the KidGuard setup process.

Step 2: Comply with the page’s instructions to download KidGuard Pro’s APK file, which you’ll then need to install.

Step 3: After downloading the APK, tap it to open it, then choose “Install” to start the installation process.

Step 4: Depending on the version of Android you are using, you might be prompted to authorize app installation from untrusted sources. To begin the installation, check the box.

The login screen will appear after you have completed Step 5 and accepted KidsGuard Pro’s privacy statement. Enter your login information to access the setup wizard and log in.

Part 3: Complete the Target Phone’s Required Settings
Before you begin, there are a few settings you still need to do. Fortunately, KidsGuard Pro walks you through every step of the procedure after you log in.

Step 1: Continue by entering the child’s name and age, then hit Next.

Step 2: To prevent Play Protect from being reported by other security programs, KidsGuard Pro will now ask you to turn it off. To turn off Play Protect, click “Proceed Settings.”

Step 3: Tap the tiny gear icon in the top-right corner of the Play Protect screen.

  1. Disable the “Improve dangerous app prevention” and “Scan apps with Play Protect” choices.

Step 5: To enable accessibility, tap “Proceed to Settings.” System Update Service is located under the Accessibility section. From off to on, change the status.

Step 6: Tap “Proceed to Settings” once again to continue and turn on App Supervision.

Step 7: Select System Update Service from the list of apps having usage access, then check the box next to “Permit use access.”

Step 8: Tap “Proceed to Settings” one more time to continue permitting KidsGuard Pro to access notifications.

Step 9: To enable the System Update service, tap on System Update Service under Notification access. On the popup, click “Allow.”

Step 10: Tap “Proceed to Settings” and press “ACTIVATE” to activate administrator access.

Step 11: After selecting “Proceed to Settings,” you will activate screen capture. After that, select “Don’t show again” from the checkbox and click “START NOW.”

Press “Allow All” in Step 12 to grant KidsGuard Pro access to your contacts, messages, call history, calendar, and location.

Step 13: Tap “Allow” in the ensuing window to continue ignoring the Battery Optimization warning.

Step 14: To allow manual administration of the KidsGuard Pro app, tap the “Proceed to Settings” button once more.

Step 15: Complete the final configuration by preventing the Android OS from closing KidsGuard Pro.

Verify Setup in Part 4 and Begin Monitoring
Finally, if you have correctly completed the steps above, hit “Start Monitoring” to begin remote monitoring of the target device from your KidsGuard Pro account.

iOS installation of KidsGuard Pro

Things are a little different if your children use iOS. The good news is that this also greatly simplifies the installation process. However, iOS devices also have some particular requirements.

Physical access to the target iPhone’s iCloud login information
Step 1: Choose a Subscription and Create a Free Account
Create a free KidsGuard Pro account first, then click the Buy Now button to select one of the three premium packages.

Download the software to the target PC in step two.
If you choose KidsGuard Pro for iCloud, you are not required to have physical access to the targeted iOS device.

If you have their iCloud login information, you may easily install KidsGuard Pro remotely. Ensure that the iCloud backup is activated as well!

You must physically have access to the iPhone to install KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

  1. Scanning the Target iPhone’s Data
    Once everything is set up, the desired apps will start to transmit data to you within minutes.

View Information From the Target iPhone in Step 4
Through the logically organized and user-friendly dashboard on your web browser, you can check and keep an eye on the data from your loved one’s or child’s iPhone.

For easy information retrieval in all the sections besides images and videos, KidsGuard Pro has incorporated a search bar.


KidsGuard Pro App: Pros and Cons
No root or jailbreak is necessary
Nearly imperceptible
synchronizes data in almost real-time.
several features
High precision
easy to use

certain older Android versions have syncing issues
Some elements of the dashboard’s UI/UX might be enhanced.

Which One Should You Pick Between KidsGuard and KidGuard?

You could have asked if software called “KidGuard” is the same as ClevGuard’s KidsGuard if you’ve come across it. No, is the response. Launched in 2016, KidGuard was a smartphone tracking software that attracted significant criticism for its marketing associations. The app itself no longer exists, and its website is inoperable.

In light of this, there isn’t much of a comparison between the two programs. KidsGuard ought to be your first choice if you’re looking for an excellent Android tracker.

Can KidsGuard Pro be found?

No. A non-intrusive parental control app is KidsGuard Pro. Your child won’t even be aware that you are watching their phone because it operates in stealth mode.

Once an app is installed, its icon vanishes and it isn’t listed in the app drawer. Therefore, while the app is tracking their activity, it is nearly hard for them to notice it.

ClevGuard: Is it legal?

The Terms and Conditions, which are available on ClevGuard’s website, include all legal requirements for utilizing its services, including the Kidsguard application.

This app is only intended for keeping tabs on your children (your legal children under the age of 18) while they are using your gadgets.

The user is required to obtain written authorization and permission to install the application on a device that is not his own, as well as to agree to obey local laws and ordinances.

Children’s legal guardians are the target audience for KidsGuard Pro. As a result, parents can use it to keep an eye on their kids’ activities.

Can you view deleted browser history with KidsGuard Pro?

Yes. Deleted web history can be tracked by KidsGuard. Furthermore, it will also provide other information like the frequency and date of visits.

However, it’s crucial to be aware that the KidsGuard Pro won’t keep track of the online history that was wiped before installation, making it impossible for you to keep tabs on it.

Does My Phone Need to Be Rooted or Jailbroken to Use KidsGuard Pro?

No, you do not need to root your child’s Android device to use the KidsGuard Pro software to keep an eye on them.

The same holds for iOS devices. Since KidsGuard Pro can be installed remotely, you won’t need to jailbreak their iOS device.

Can KidsGuard Pro be installed remotely?

Remote installation is simple for iOS users. You can install it in just a few minutes with the sole need that you have access to the iPhone’s iCloud credentials.

However, Android users are not as fortunate. If you wish to install KidsGuard Pro to track an Android smartphone, you will still need one-time physical access.

Final Conclusion
In the end, we found the app’s comprehensive strategy for tracking and monitoring children to be impressive. They paid attention to providing you with all the necessities.

Furthermore, hardly many tracker applications have a tonne of functions that function without rooting or jailbreaking. But KidsGuard Pro from ClevGuard does it with ease.

It is simple to set up and fulfilled most of its claims. And all of that qualifies it as one of the top Android phone monitors for keeping an eye on your children in 2022.

Review of Kidsguard Pro 2022: Important Information Before Purchasing

One of the most well-known phone tracking apps is Kidsguard Pro. Everything you ought to know is covered in this comprehensive Kidsguard Pro review.

Consider using Kidsguard pro if you’re seeking for a reliable phone monitoring app. You will learn everything there is to know about Kidsguard Pro in this comprehensive review, including what it is, how it functions, and the benefits and drawbacks of using it. We anticipate that after reading this article, you will be able to decide quickly whether this program is the best option for your monitoring requirements.

What Is the App Kidsguard Pro?

A smartphone monitoring tool called Kidsguard pro is made to assist parents in keeping tabs on their kids’ online activity. Thus, it provides a wide range of tracking options for smartphones, including the ability to monitor calls, social media accounts, browsing history, and even real-time GPS location. Installing the app on the target device and logging into your dashboard to view the data being tracked are requirements for using this monitoring solution. We shall examine how to utilize Kidsguard Pro in more detail later on in this review of Kidsguard Pro.

The Function of Kidsguard Pro

As previously indicated, before you can start tracking, the target device must first have the Kidsguard pro app installed. The user of the device won’t be aware that this software is there because it will remain hidden and monitor the device’s data in the background. Once the app is installed, you may log in with your username and password to the Kidsguard Pro dashboard from any other device to view the data from the device.

It’s crucial to remember that Kidsguard Pro may be used to keep an eye on iOS devices as well. But in this instance, you won’t need to download an app on the target device; instead, you’ll need the target device’s iCloud account details to monitor it.

Key Features of Kidsguard Pro Review

Some of the key features that Kidsguard Pro offers are as follows:

Using GPS monitoring, this monitoring tool enables you to view the target device’s current location at any moment.
You may take it a step further with the geofencing feature and define secure areas on a map that the target device can access. You are notified if the device leaves the zones that have been marked beforehand.
The call logs of the target device can also be observed using Kidsguard Pro. This covers both incoming and outgoing calls as well as the call’s length and time.

A crucial feature when trying to prevent your child from accessing inappropriate or unsuitable apps is the ability to view a list of all the installed apps on the device.
With the help of this program, you can effortlessly keep track of the texts the target device sends and receives as well as who it is texting.

It also makes keeping an eye on social media activities quite simple. Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, and all other well-known social networking apps include data tracking capabilities.
Finally, the program makes it simple to retrieve the target device’s internet surfing history. You may easily ban any potentially offensive web pages by viewing the ones the device has visited.

Pros and Cons of Kidsguard Pro

Some benefits and drawbacks of using Kidsguard Pro include the following:

The Kidsguard Pro app may be quickly and easily installed.
On the target device, the app is still hidden and not even on the home screen.
Kidsguard Pro is available in several languages, as is customer service.
On the target device, it can keep an eye on up to 30 apps and features.
Both iOS and Android devices are supported.
Only one device can be watched at once.
There is no free trial version available.
There is little iOS device monitoring (you may not be able to remotely control the device).

Review of Kidsguard Pro: Compatibility
Both Android and iOS devices can be watched over with Kidsguard Pro. Additionally, installing the software on an Android device does not require root access, however, rooted devices can also use it. Both jailbroken and un-jailbroken iOS devices will be able to use it with great success.

Is Rooting or Jailbreaking Required to Install Kidsguard Pro?

Our Kidsguard Pro review states that it will function on both rooted and non-rooted, jailbroken, and non-jailbroken devices. Before installing or configuring the program, the device needs to be jailbroken or rooted.

Kidsguard Pro: Does It Work?

Kidsguard Pro is a reliable app for monitoring smartphones that delivers on its promise to let you keep an eye on a device from a distance. The program works well to deliver the data you want to monitor, with everything neatly organized on the monitoring dashboard, even though it doesn’t have a free trial.

Can Kidsguard Pro be found on the intended device?

No. The Kidsguard Pro app will remain invisibly in the background once it is installed on the target device. You may monitor the target device without the user of the device being aware that they are being followed because the software doesn’t even show up on the device’s home screen.

How to Install Kidsguard Pro after Downloading It

The Kidsguard Pro app cannot be installed unless you have physical access to the target device. To access the Kidsguard Pro website, launch a browser on the target device. Once there, select “Add Child” to access a download link for the program.

You will also discover comprehensive instructions on how to download the app to your smartphone and what to do to provide it the rights it requires to function. You may also buy your desired subscription here and set up an account to use for device monitoring.

How to Use the App Kidsguard Pro

You can use Kidsguard Pro by following the step-by-step instructions provided below:

To start the procedure, you must first create a Kidsguard Pro account. Visit the Kidsguard Pro website and purchase the best package for you there to do that. then use a legitimate email address to register for an account.

Step 2: Visit the “My Products and Orders Management” tab after purchasing the plan and creating your account. Click “Setup Guide” here.

Step 2: Install the Kidsguard Pro app on the intended device and configure it so that it stays hidden by following the setup instructions.

Step 3: After the software has been installed on the target device, click “Verify” to confirm that everything is configured properly. You will then be directed to the device monitoring dashboard, where you should be able to view the many kinds of data that are present on the device.

To view the device’s data in real-time on this dashboard, simply choose the type of data you wish to track from the options on the left.

Review of Kidsguard Pro: Prices for Various Packages

It costs money to use Kidsguard Pro. The many subscription packages available for purchase are shown below:

Although there isn’t a free trial period, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you may cancel your subscription at any time. The features you get per plan will differ substantially for Android and iOS.

Customer service for Kidsguard Pro

The service offers customer help five days a week, around the clock. They frequently answer any questions you may have immediately soon, though the typical response time may change based on how you contact them.

To assist you in installing, configuring, and even uninstalling the app on the target device, there are additional in-depth how-to articles.

This thorough Kidsguard Pro review has made it clear how useful Kidsguard Pro’s capabilities may be for remotely monitoring a device. The thing we like best about this monitoring tool is how simple it is to use; there aren’t any challenging procedures to take while setting up the monitoring software on the target device or even when utilizing it. Most importantly, it offers all the capabilities required to guarantee the simple and flawless monitoring of both Android and iOS devices.

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