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iKeymonitor Review 2022 – Best Parental Control App

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The Ikeymonitor Software Is a Professional Phone Monitoring Program That Allows You to Track and Monitor the Whereabouts of Another Person’s Android or IOS Handset.

It’s excellent for parents who want to shield their children from internet risks and employers who want to make sure their staff isn’t wasting time.

In this essay, I’ll explain why Ikeymonitor is such an excellent app.

I’ll also compare it to other of the top cell phone spying applications available to determine which one is the best spy app fit for you.

iKeymonitor Review 2022 - Best Parental Control App
iKeymonitor Review 2022 – Best Parental Control App

My Ikeymonitor Review: Before We Get into the Meat of What the Ikeymonitor Software Has to Offer, Let’s Get a Few Things Clear.

Let’s Begin by Taking a Look at the Big Picture…

Here’s Where I Believe Ikeymonitor Excels and Fails:


Tracking of Photos in Detail This Is One of Its Most Important Features, as well as One of Its Best Advantages! It’s Beneficial Since You Can See What the Person Has Been Watching, Receiving, and Sending.

A variety of features are available. Ikeymonitor Software Allows You to Accomplish a Lot, Which Makes It Even More Persuasive to Buy.

Download the Free Version. A Free Plan Is Not Available with All Surveillance Programs (Or a Free Trial, for That Matter). Of Course, This Version Will Have a Lot Fewer Features Than Others… But for What It’s Worth, the Free Version Currently Covers All the Essentials.

Without Rooting, Premium Features I’m Talking About Active Manipulation of the Target Device, Such as Call Recording, Photo-Taking, and Listening to Surround Sounds. The Fact That These Are Now Available on Non-Rooted Phones Is a Huge Step Forward.

Independent Customer Support On the App’s Website, You May Easily Navigate to the Help Section. However, they also have customer service representatives available through chat!


For unrooted devices, there are no normal features. Why Are Normal Spy App Features Such as Web Customization and App Blocking Not Available for Unrooted Devices?

Battery life is depleted quickly. Despite Being a Rare Occurrence, All Spy Programs Extract Data Over Long Periods. It’s a Surprise Why This Isn’t a Problem I’ve Noticed Among Other Monitoring Apps.

Premium plans have a high monthly cost. You May Have to Pay a Little More Than Others. This is especially true if you aren’t on a year-to-year plan.

That, My Friends, is the larger picture!

If the Pros Alone Aren’t Enough to Convince You, Keep Reading.

However, if the disadvantages have made you even more concerned, you should continue reading.

I’ll Walk You Through the Ikeymonitor’s Features! This Way, You’ll Know Whether or Not the Software Is Suitable for Your Needs.

Ikeymonitor Advantages

These are the seven major characteristics that distinguish Ikeymonitor from the competition. Let’s Have a Short Look at Them!

The Stealth Mode

I’ll Get This Out of the Way First: You Acquire Remote Access to Devices in a Secret Manner… That Is, After All, Why It Is a Spy Monitoring App!

You Might Be Shocked to Learn That Not All Apps Support Stealth Mode.

What Exactly Does “That Imply?”

Ikeymonitor Assures That the Target Device Is Completely Unaware That the App Is in Use.

The Data Collected by Ikeymonitor Is True and Based on the Target’s Everyday Activity.

To Put It Another Way, the Ikeymonitor is a system app. The phone owner has no way of identifying or deleting it.

This Is Critical for Parental Control Apps to Ensure That Your Children Stick to Their Normal Habits.

Monitoring and tracking

With Ikeymonitor, You Can Monitor Anything (Note: This Feature Is Among the Basics That Are Available on Your IOS or Android Device).

Telephone Conversations

This provides a record of every inbound and outbound call. You’ll be able to see their contact information, which is especially useful if they’re already in your device’s address book.

Messages Sent Through Text

SMS Messages, Social Media Messaging Applications, and Even Profiles on Various Social Media Platforms Are All Examples.

Even Deleted Messages are Recorded by Ikeymonitor After It Has Been Installed.

Messages on the Phone

Ikeymonitor Features a Recording Feature for Phone Messages, Emails, and Other Types of Messages, Which Is Even Better Than Monitoring.

e-mail messages

You can also check to see if your team reads, sends, and organizes emails. Overall, it’s an excellent technique to determine whether your staff are productive during working hours.

Your Browser’s History

The Program Will Display All of the URLs Visited by the Target Device. You’ll Be Able to See the URLs That the Program Will Log for You Automatically!


Ikeymonitor Software Does Not, in and of Itself, Show What the Target Device Communicates.

Here’s where the keylogger comes in handy:

You can see what your child types on their phone.

Keystrokes, passwords, and pasted text messages of any length can be tracked.

Thanks to Keylogger, you can do this even if the app is in hidden mode.


Here’s What You Can Accomplish with Geofencing:

Follow the target devices’ GPS coordinates.

On a Virtual Map, Specify a Location.

If the target device leaves the defined location, you will be notified.

The Keylogger and the App’s Geofencing Feature Combine to Deliver Information on Your Virtual Map.


Yes, You Can Take Screenshots with Ikeymonitor!

This Can Be Done at Any Time That Is Convenient for You.

You Can Do This Even While the Target Phone Is in Use in Real-Time.

The number of screenshots you can take is unlimited.

In Your Control Panel, You’ll Be Able to Find the Screenshots You’ve Saved.

Several languages

Not a Native English Speaker? With Ikeymonitor, You Don’t Have to Be Concerned About It.

The Program Is Simply Available in All of the World’s Key Languages, Making It Much More Useful.

Blocking Apps

This Is the Parental Control App’s Ultimate Feature:

You Can Use This Ability to Block Any Program That You Don’t Like.

You Can Also Set a Screen Time Limit at the Same Time.

This Is the Digital Parent’s Equivalent of Grounding Your Child.

What’s even better is that your child’s phone will automatically mark the app as useless if he or she reinstalls it.

Compatibility with a Wide Range of Operating Systems

This Time, I’m Not Going to Mince Words: the Ikeymonitor Is Compatible with Both IOS and Android.

Please allow me to elaborate.

Ikeymonitor is an iPhone app that monitors your keys.

If you own an iOS device, there are three things you should know about the app:

The software is compatible with Ios Versions 6 through 13.2.3.

It works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads.

More Tracking Features are Available on Jailbroken Devices.

I Mean the Process of Jailbreaking Matters for the Ikeymonitor When I Say “Additional Features.”

If You Have a Jailbroken iPhone, You Can Obtain the Following Features:

Use of the Social Media Accounts on the Target Device (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.)

Take Photos of the Objective Device.

Through Keystroke Tracking, You Can See Anything Typed on the Target Device’s Keyboard.

Regardless, a jailbroken iOS device’s features are already powerful enough.

Android’s Ikeymonitor

If You Want to Use Ikeymonitor on an Android Device, There Are Three Things You Should Know:

The app works with Android OS versions 4 to 9.

It works on both rooted and non-rooted Android phones and tablets.

Unlike iOS Devices, You Don’t Receive a Lot of Additional Features When Rooting Android Phones.

Here are a few examples:

Snapchat Keeps Track of How Much Time You Spend on the Internet.

Otherwise, I Strongly Encourage You to Refrain from Rooting Your Device… Especially If You’re Simply Interested in Ikeymonitor’s Extra Functions.

Ikeymonitor pricing

There are two plans available in the Ikeynomitor App:

Version 1 is free, while Version 2 is paid.

The Features Are What It All Comes Down To.

a version of Ikeymonitor that is available for free.

Of course, this will come at no cost to you.

You Do, However, Currently Have All of the Crucial Characteristics You’ll Require:

Access to Call Logs and Texts

Tracking your location

Tracking of Contacts and Appointments

Viewing the History of Wifi

As it is, the free plan is fantastic. If You Don’t Mind Having Fewer Features, This Is the Option for You!

Ikeymonitor Premium VersionOnly the Paid Version of the Software Allows You to Access More Advanced Features.

Ikeymonitor is offered in two distinct plans:

Online Family Plan: $9.99 for three days or $16.66 per month for on-demand access

Business Plan: $9.99 per device, each month (minimum of 20 devices).

These Plans Provide You Access to All of the Sophisticated Ikeymonitor Capabilities, Which Vary Depending on Whether You’re Using Ios or Android.

Ikeymonitor Online Family, on the other hand, works with both IOS and Android devices. On the other hand, the business plan is only available to Android users.

but don’t be alarmed! In all of the Programs, You Will Have the Opportunity of a 3-Day Ikeymonitor Free Trial.

Ikeymonitor installation

The installation of Ikeymonitor is simple.

You Don’t Need to Jailbreak or Root Your Device to Install Ikeymonitor: Just Download It! The Entire Procedure Normally Takes Only a Few Minutes.

The Following Is What You Should Do:

Log in to the Cloud Panel’s Web Interface.

Ikeymonitor can be downloaded by clicking on the Ikeymonitor icon.

Follow the directions on the screen.

That’s all there is to it! Your Phone Now Has the Ikeymonitor Surveillance App Installed.

However, there are a few things you should be aware of:

devices for Android. To Adjust Your Play Store Settings, You Must Disable the Internet Service Under System Admin. Similarly, you should delete any traces of the installer files on the phone.

devices for the iPhone. To Use the Advanced Features on the Target iOS Device, You Must Jailbreak It.

Otherwise, You Can Use Your Icloud Credentials to Access Basic IOS App Capabilities.

After Successfully Installing Ikeymonitor on Your Smartphone, You Can Begin Monitoring Your Selected Apps Immediately.

Customer Service

Ikeymonitor, a parental control program, has excellent customer service.

This Is Why:

The Section of Assistance This is easily accessible via the website or the app itself. They also provide live chat assistance.

Time to respond. The Customer Service Department also responds quickly. This Is Particularly Critical Given the Nature of Surveillance Software.

Ikeymonitor’s customer service is something that truly sets Ikeymonitor apart from its competition.

It’s Ideal for Parents Who Aren’t as Tech-Savvy as Their Children.

What Kinds of People Should Use Ikeymonitor?

The Target Audience for the Ikeymonitor Espionage App Is Both General and Specific at the Same Time:

It’s generic in the sense that it comes with a large range of features that anyone can use.

It’s Unique in That Its Target Audiences Are Parents and Employers.

It’s even appropriate for novices due to its excellent customer service and free plan!

Remember: It is impossible to have physical access to the devices you give to your employees and children.

So, If You’re Looking for a Spy App, This Could Be the Greatest Job and Parental Control Software for You.

Umobix vs. Ikeymonitor

I Can Certainly Tell That Umobix Lacks Some of the More Extensive Surveillance Features That Ikeymonitor Provides Right Away: Call recording of calls and phone surroundings

However, you may rest assured that you’ll have access to all of the essential functions of a spy app:

Activities Are Being Monitored. You Don’t Have to Be Concerned Because Umobix Protects Your Phone Conversations, Text Messages, Emails, and Browsing History. It also features a keylogger capability that allows you to view what you’re typing on the device.

Popular apps are being tracked. The Umobix App supports all platforms and messaging apps, including Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

Identifying a Physical Location The App Also Has a GPS Tracking Tool That Allows You to Maintain a Real-Time Eye on Your Target Device.

Mobic Is More Expensive in Terms of Pricing:

Plan in its entirety. Every year, $11.66 per month (on iOS, $7.49)

And Yes, You Read That Correctly: Apple Devices Can Only Use the Entire Plan.

Even better, Umobix allows you to monitor social media apps without having to jailbreak your iPhone.

Despite this, I continue to believe that Mobic is worthwhile.

Read More About Umobix in Detail My Complete Umobix Review

Mspy vs. Ikeymonitor

Mspy is one of the most widely used monitoring programs around the globe. However, there are many MSPy competitors available that offer more features, lower prices, and better customer service., see My Mspy vs Ikeymonitor Comparison.

Identical Features Are Expected on Both Android and iOS Smartphones… However, there are certain important differences to be aware of:

Pricing. The Mspy App Does Not Have a Free Plan. However, Ikeymonitor Offers Three Days of Free Usage.

Features You Can Not Snap Screenshots of Your Target Device Using Mspy. It can also only access a limited number of apps.

Jailbroken and Rooted Devices. Unlike Ikeymonitor, Mspy’s Most Expensive and Advanced Package Does Not Require This.

from the user’s perspective. The Mspy App, on the other hand, appears to be more difficult to use. This Could Be Due to Its User Interface, Which Has a Serious Vibe to It with Its Design and Icons.

Apart from that, you can expect them to be most similar in terms of functionality, customer support, and legality.

I Would Prefer MSPY Over Ikeymonitor If You Are Deciding Between the Two.


Right Now, the Ikeymonitor App is One of the Greatest Spy Monitoring and Parental Control Tools Available:

Monitoring and Extremely Powerful Tracking Features

Apps Should Be Reviewed and Blocked.

Take Control of Your Target’s Device by Gaining Illegal Access.

Any operating system is supported.

Reasonable Cost (There’s also a Free Trial!)

While Other Well-Known Programs Like Umobix and Mspy May Be Excellent, Ikeymonitor Reviews Unanimously Agree That the App Is Worthwhile on Its Own.

The Ikeymonitor Program is One of the Greatest Spying Tools for Both Android and iPhone Devices, Both Jailbroken and Rooted.

Is it necessary for me to have physical access to the target device?

To install iKeyMonitor on the target device, you’ll need physical access to it (take it in your hands and unlock it with the password/passcode).

Is iKeyMonitor compatible with my smartphone?

Any contemporary Android device (Samsung, Huawei, etc.) and iPhone/iPad are compatible with iKeyMonitor. Please see this link for more information.

Is it possible for iKeyMonitor to save deleted messages?

Yes. After installing the software, iKeyMonitor keeps track of the texts that are deleted. It is unable to record messages that were removed prior to the installation of the program.

Is iKeyMonitor compatible with WhatsApp, Viber, or WeChat?

Yes. iKeyMonitor works with popular chat apps including WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and others. The complete list may be seen here.

Is it necessary for me to root my Android device?

No, iKeyMonitor is totally functional on non-rooted Android devices.

Is it possible to track a phone using simply the phone number, IMEI, or SN?

No, you can’t track a phone using just the phone number, IMEI, or SN. To install it on a device you’re authorized to monitor, you’ll need physical access.

What is the distinction between the Free and Full Plans?

The free iKeyMonitor plan only tracks call history, SMS logs, and GPS locations. It just saves the last 20 log entries.
The complete plan of iKeyMonitor contains all functions without limitations. Here is a list of features.

What is the distinction between iKeyMonitor Online and iKeyMonitor Business?

iPhone/iPad and Android phones are supported by iKeyMonitor Online. It saves the data in iKeyMonitor’s safe cloud. It’s free to try.
Only Android phones are supported by iKeyMonitor Business. It saves the data on your own server, which you control completely. For a quote, please contact us.

How can I get the full iKeyMonitor plan?

Sign up for a free iKeyMonitor account. Then navigate to the License page in the Cloud Panel, select a plan, and click the Renew button.

What is your policy on refunds?

If iKeyMonitor fails to work on your devices within 30 days of purchase and our technical support team is unable to help you, we will reimburse your money in accordance with our refund policy.

How much does iKeyMonitor cost?

The most basic plan is completely free. On-demand services start at $9.99 per month, with annual payments discounted by half.

What will my credit card payment statement look like?

The charge will appear on your credit card statement as “PayPro Global.” Paying with a credit card is secure.

For Android and iPhone, the Ultimate Parental Control App is a must-have.

Safeguard Your Children With This All-In-One Parental Control App
iKeyMonitor Parental Control App is trusted by over 400k parents from over 100 countries.

iKeyMonitor is an Android/iPhone parental control app that is simple to use and strong. It allows parents to watch current GPS location, monitor text messages, record phone calls, examine websites visited, and monitor text messages. Aside from that, this program allows you to listen to your surroundings in real-time, take real-time screenshots, and monitor chat messages on WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other platforms.

You may have complete control over your children’s cell phone activity using iKeyMonitor. You’ll be able to block problematic apps/games, set screen time limits, and receive real-time notifications. You can protect kids from hazardous content, phone addiction, cyberbullying, sexual predators, and other internet dangers by doing so.

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