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How to Spy on Your Man – Spy App Android & IOS

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Do you sometimes suspect your relationship is too good to be true? Do you ever question what your man is up to? If you feel the need to spy on your man and invade his privacy, go ahead, but be ready to answer his questions about your behaviour. Do remember that foundation of every relationship is trust.

Question what your man is telling you. Some men are liars and will lie to your face, consistently they think that they can always get away with it! To find out the truth, you can spy and then you can decide whether to make or break your relationship. Once you accept the fact that you are being lied to and that your man is sneaky and devious, you can move on.

Make his phone your best Spy app friend. Believe it or not but some men have everything on their phones! Check to see if there are any apps downloaded on his phone that look funny or fishy. You would be surprised that an app that looks like a game can really be an app for hidden text messages and stuff! So keep that in mind and an have an eye on what is downloaded on his phone! Advertisement

Check to see if he has social media or snap chat. You know that there may be nasty girls who will send pics of themselves naked to him privately and you wouldn’t know. Like Instagram now has the direct message thing where they can send private pics back and forth. You should check out who has been sending him messages.

Check if he takes his phone with him to the bathroom and safe guards it all day.

Does he go to sleep and let his phone die so that he won’t have to worry about you going through it while he sleeps? If he does that all the time, you can make the assumption that he IS hiding something. If he leaves it around only once in a blue moon, it could be because he has deleted everything and he isn’t worried.

Check and see if the numbers in his phone are really the people that he has them saved under! Keep mental notes of the phone numbers because for all you know, he has his friend James, for example, in his phone and its really Jennifer!

How to Spy on Your Man – Spy App Android & IOS

Consider, does he always stay on late at work on certain days and is he always picking up shifts supposedly? You need to check on that because they can pretend to be picking up a shift so that you would not be suspicious if they are gone all day! Get your butt in the car and you need to stake out! You even get a chance to see who he is going out for lunch with.

Find out if he goes to the bars every week. You can almost guarantee that they are getting numbers, not saying all the time (depending on much of a POS that he is) but they may be flirting and getting numbers! They make excuses and blame it on the liquor. Don’t accept lies from your man.

Put an old cell phone in his car or tape recorder under their seat in their car and they will never know that you are listening to their conversation. You never know who they are talking to on their way home from work or anywhere!

Don’t drive yourself crazy and go commando on them. Just make sure that you pay attention to the small details that they think you aren’t paying attention to! You don’t want to live on a lie and so don’t waste your time anymore and move on with life. That way you don’t have to worry about any of this.

At the end of the day, you decide what you want to do but remember a man will disrespect you only if you allow him to! When you forgive them are back with them and catch them again, they will make it seem like its your fault by saying “Well, you stay with me so why shouldn’t I cheat?”

Remember, “to catch a player, you have to be a player.


How to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without Touching It?

Relationships can be exceedingly fragile. The smallest act of going astray or cheating can sever a relationship built over several months or years. Opportunities for cheating on someone you love or care of are plentiful – both online and offline. Hence, it comes as no surprise that I often come across girlfriends wanting to spy on cheating boyfriends and vice versa.

According to the Pew Research Center, 95 percent of U.S. teens have access to smartphones. Of these, 45 percent spend significant amounts of time on the Internet. Many people use their smartphones to connect with others through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, etc. However, some teenagers often find it hard to draw the line between casual and serious relationships. As a result, they end up cheating on their girlfriends or boyfriends.

Thus, many girls come to me with questions like ‘Is there an app to spy on my boyfriend’s phone,’ or ‘How to spy on my boyfriend’s cell phone.’ These girls do not want to snoop on their boyfriends. Rather, they want to track their boyfriends’ phones to ascertain their loyalty. Cell phone tracking apps like mSpy can be ideal in such situations. Not only can it keep you updated about your boyfriend’s location, but it can also enable you to monitor all social media and messaging platforms remotely.

Guide on How to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without Touching It

Cell phone monitoring apps or spyware can be easy to find on the Internet. A simple search will generate dozens of results. All of them will claim to offer superior levels of information. However, you will need to do your research and verify that the app works in an intended manner first. Only then should you consider purchasing a subscription.
Decide on the Details You Want to Receive From Your Boyfriend’s Phone After Installing the Spy App

As mentioned earlier, finding an app to spy on your boyfriend’s phone can be easy. But before you check all the cell phone tracking apps, you’ll need to answer one question:

What details do you want to keep an eye on?

Many cell phone monitoring apps offer a diverse selection of features that make them cost-effective purchases. For instance, some apps can track cell phone locations. Others can monitor messages sent and received on several social media messaging platforms. Therefore, make a list of the details you want to monitor and look for apps that provide this information.

Select the Best App to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Cell Phone

If you’re looking for apps that help you spy on your boyfriend, numerous options abound. Cell phone tracking apps will alert you about your boyfriend’s whereabouts and let you know about all the people your boyfriend speaks to or exchanges messages with – including multimedia messages. Hence, picking the right spyware app can present some difficulty.

Some criteria you could focus on while looking for a useful cell phone monitoring app include:

The app’s compatibility with your device.
The level of ease with which you can install the app on the target device.
The ease with which you can track the target device.
The level of detail the app provides, i.e., from real-time access to the mobile and its location to convenient access to all chats, call details, etc.
The app’s ability to operate while remaining hidden on the target device, i.e., to spy on your bf’s phone without his knowledge.
The need (and duration) for which you’ll need physical access to the target device for installing the app.
The levels of support provided to customers (preferably round-the-clock).

Using these parameters will enable you to narrow down your list of spyware apps to the top two (or three) apps.
What Cell Phone Tracking Apps Can I Recommend for Spying on Your Boyfriend?

According to Statista, Snapchat and Instagram remain the two most popular social media networks for teens in the U.S. Teens typically flock to these platforms to meet and interact with other users. Therefore, if you see your boyfriend’s behavior has changed, you will probably need to spy on him to see if he’s cheating on you.

I checked out various cell phone tracking apps and tested some that appealed to me. Hence, I can offer an overview of my experience with these apps. So, to answer the question many girls have, such as ‘Is there an app to spy on my boyfriend’s phone,’ I can recommend the following three apps:

1 – SPY24

SPY24 monitoring app

SPY24 monitoring app
SPY24 monitoring app

This app ranks as the #1 option for girls wanting to monitor their boyfriend’s phone remotely, which is despite the fact it is promoted as a parental control application. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It also offers comprehensive levels of details at a nominal cost of less than $1 per day. Whether you want to view your boyfriend’s text messages, his call history or his WhatsApp Spy, Facebook Spy or Snapchat chats, SPY24 gives you all these details – and a good deal more.

How can I spy on my boyfriend?

For any hacking related issue such as

– [x] Hacking of all social media accounts

– [x] Spying of cheating partner

– [x] Retrieving or lost bitcoins

– [x] Data alteration

– [x] Finding of lost phone

– [x] Clearing/paying off of mortgage/loan

– [x] Increasing of credit score

– [x] Bitcoins mining

– [x] Tracking of location

– [x] Hacking of the whole cell phone


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