Hoverwatch Review – Phone Tracker Free

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Review of Hoverwatch 2022: Top Android Phone Tracker

Review of the Android tracker Hoverwatch by industry experts, including information on its price, how to root it, how to install a keylogger, how to use a demo version, and more.

Review of Hoverwatch: Is It Something You Should Buy?

There are practically hundreds of surveillance applications to select from in 2021, both free and premium. As a result, choosing one is getting more challenging because they all have essentially identical qualities.

When it comes to Hoverwatch, things are a little different. And the core of everything is its distinctive screenshot-based tracking method.

Hoverwatch Review – Phone Tracker Free

Hoverwatch, however, has a lot more tricks up its sleeve, so that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We nevertheless proceeded to evaluate it in terms of its:

Key Elements
Setup and Installation
So let’s get started and find out if Hoverwatch might be the right app for you.

We worry about the well-being of our families, the security of our children, and the efficiency of family businesses in many different life scenarios. Android users consider their spouses’ conversations and how long it takes their children to arrive home. Are our staff abiding by the policies of the company?

Our personal and professional life could be in danger in a variety of ways. Using Android/iOS surveillance apps that give full access to the target mobile device, we need to keep them at bay. People can keep track of the many actions occurring on the target device with the aid of phone trackers. The ideal answer is the Android phone‘s Best spy app Hoverwatch.

How and when do you need to overwatch?

Hoverwatch is a versatile surveillance program that can be used to keep tabs on both Windows and Mac computers as well as Android cell phones.

Although it functions roughly the same as many other monitoring programs, it mostly relies on screenshots to record data. And primarily, this is what distinguishes it.

The spy app can be applied in a variety of situations. But its two most widely used applications are:

As a parental guidance program
As a tool for personnel monitoring
parental authority

Any parent’s primary responsibility is to make sure their children are safe. Additionally, Hoverwatch makes it simple for you to monitor your children’s activities closely.

The program even continuously tracks your child’s whereabouts while allowing you to maintain tabs on who they communicate with.

As a result, you won’t ever have to worry about not knowing where your child is at all times. The best thing is that they won’t be aware of your surveillance.

Employee Surveillance
If you’re a business owner, the Hoverwatch app may also be useful to you. The app makes it simple to stop the flow of vital information about your business.

You may monitor all messages and calls that might endanger your company after the software is installed on the company phones used by your employees.

Finding out whether employees are devoted to or disloyal to your business is also made simple by this. From this point on, taking action is suddenly simple.


The Function of Hoverwatch

The functionality of the Hoverwatch can ideally be divided into three parts. No matter what kind of device you want to monitor, they are all applicable. They consist of:

Step 1 is to register with Hoverwatch.

To begin using Hoverwatch, you must have a working account. As a result, you must first create a free account on the Hoverwatch website before selecting a subscription.

Installing the application on a target device is step two.

To finish the setup, you must first acquire access to the target device and then adhere to a few instructions. Once finished, Hoverwatch will start keeping an eye on the gadget.

Step 3: Check out the dashboard’s reports.

To access all the data that has been gathered from the target device, log in to your account using the credentials you created in Step 1.

As you can see, the program functions straightforwardly. However, there may be some variations depending on the target device, particularly during installation.

Use of Hoverwatch

The app Hoverwatch is really simple to use. After downloading the program from the Hoverwatch website and installing it on the target device, you can access all the data from the internet dashboard using a laptop, including chats, calls, contact information, GPS locations, and much more.

Compatible Hoverwatch Apps

Only PCs running Windows or Mac or Android-powered devices can be used with Hoverwatch. As a result, iOS users are excluded from the image.

Despite this, Hoverwatch is very conscious of the operating systems it supports. And the frequency with which it changes its apps makes that clear.

Additionally, it still functions with older Android versions and supports the most recent PC OS releases.

Minimum Version of the Operating System
Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
OS X: macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
Microsoft Windows 10

Principles of Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch appears to have three key characteristics, which are as follows:

The Reports section, however, merely contains most of its functionality. And that’s generally where the magic happens.

The settings for Hoverwatch will also be covered later because they are closely related to the primary features.

The reports page is the first page you see when signing into your Hoverwatch account. This is where you should ideally receive a list of all tracked activity.

You can then access more parts from here, including:

Incoming and outgoing phone calls
the address book’s contacts
History of websites and browser
media files and a gallery

To do this, click the “Filter” button and then pick from the list of choices that appears. Hoverwatch launches with the “Smart Reports” by default.

In all honesty, we thought the design was a little awkward. And the reason for this was that moving between sections wasn’t always easy.

In any case, Hoverwatch showed consideration by including the Smart Reports first. This made it simple to obtain a summary of all the information that had been logged.

The Calls feature is the first one you’ll find in the Reports section. All incoming and outgoing calls will appear here, as you would have predicted.

Each record also includes additional information, such as the call’s duration and the date it was placed.

The filter choices offered by Hoverwatch for the Call function also really impressed us. That’s just because it made it simple to locate phone records.

You may use Hoverwatch to filter call logs based on:

The call’s nature (Phone or Chat call)
The call’s directional (Incoming or Outgoing)
Hoverwatch can identify the precise program that started a call to determine the call type. As a result, it will classify WhatsApp calls as “Chat Calls” and regular calls as “Phone Calls.”

In addition, Hoverwatch has a search box that makes it much easier to identify specific call recordings. You can immediately get results by typing a number.

On the other side, it’s important to note how excellent the call recording quality is. Despite utilizing the medium level, we could hear everything throughout the chat.

Hoverwatch still comes to the rescue if getting into the target’s contact list was your top priority. There are two ways to get the contact list as well:

From the main menu, select “Contacts.”
choosing it from the drop-down menu next to “Reports”
Both should display the same information, but the one from the menu is more aesthetically pleasing.

This website’s layout is quite straightforward and self-explanatory. A drop-down button in Hoverwatch allows you to select contact groups as they appear on the target’s phone.

As a result, you can select to view particular contact groups like:

SIM connections
Phone numbers
contacts on WhatsApp
contacts in a Google account
Additionally, you can find a specific contact using the convenient search bar. To check if a contact is in the contact list of the target phone, insert the name or number.

We also observed that it takes some time for the Contacts feature to load. This is especially true if this is your first time configuring Hoverwatch.

On the second data upload process, however, the whole contact list did populate.

When you access the SMS & MMS components of Hoverwatch, things start to get up. And the reason for this is because its screenshot-based tracking method engages.

The SMS & MMS area includes a helpful filter option, just like the parts that came before it. You can access certain SMS records a little bit quicker this way.

You can specifically filter SMS records based on:

Relating to (Incoming or Outgoing)
The approach that was used (With or Without Screenshots)
It’s rather obvious what the date and direction are. To view all monitored text messages that interest you, you need to pick the direction and time frame.

However, the screenshot function provides a little bit more information. You can view a glimpse of other talks in addition to reading the text messages that were sent.

If you’re keeping track of the target’s entire text activity, this can be incredibly beneficial. But not every SMS conversation is screenshotted by Hoverwatch.

images and unlocking selfies
Hoverwatch excels in taking screenshots and unlocking selfies as screenshot-based monitoring software.

In actuality, the software never once failed to capture an unlock selfie after I entered my PIN. And the majority of the time, that selfie would reveal my face.

Although the screenshot and unlock selfie features operate similarly, unlock selfies have an added benefit. Additionally, they record the device’s GPS coordinates.

As a result, if your youngster misplaced the phone and you’re looking for it, this may be useful. Additionally, this feature can be used in conjunction with others, such as location tracking.

On the other side, screenshots were often taken at random, particularly when an app was being used for the first time. You may also use this to view activity in other apps like video games and other apps.

Hoverwatch’s screenshot-taking feature still has a lot to offer, even in the section of the website. And in many positive ways.

A few actions made in the mobile browser on the target device will be recorded by the app. They might consist of the following:

made-up of searches
visited websites
While the actual website link is what most people are interested in, there is a lot more information that can be gathered. For example, the screenshots by themselves can show how many tabs are open in the target phone’s browser.

Unfortunately, not every screenshot will be helpful. This is because Hoverwatch periodically captured screenshots before the web page had finished loading.

You may also see what others were looking for by looking at the search queries. Additionally, timestamps are included in the actual query.

Hoverwatch will also record pages viewed using different browsers. The browser will subsequently be included under “Websites” in the category.

Equally impressive was the gallery feature. However, it’s not just because you can sort media files by date.

Even while using mobile data, uploads were typically quick. And this is a huge plus because it means that Hoverwatch will upload media files with less data usage.

Media files appear to be compressed by Hoverwatch before being uploaded to the server. This decreases upload times and conserves bandwidth.

The image of the pen in the screenshot above, for instance, was 2.83 MB. But Hoverwatch only needed 152KB of compression!

SIM Card Switch
The SIM card will also be tracked for any modifications. Additionally, Hoverwatch will keep track of the new operator.

If your youngster misplaces their smartphone, this function will come in handy. This is so that you may still learn a lot of details about the device’s thief.

But regrettably, the SIM Card Change function wasn’t always reliable. Sometimes it claimed there had been a SIM change when there hadn’t.

The GPS function of Hoverwatch additionally allows for GPS position monitoring. Despite the absence of a screenshot capture option, Hoverwatch is nevertheless effective at following a target’s every move.

This site’s user interface is quite basic. The sites a target has visited are displayed on a map.

However, Hoverwatch will display more information when you click any particular place or point, such as:

the time
The SSID for WiFi
The target’s approximate distance from the Wi-Fi signal
The distance estimates, however, were taken with a grain of salt. That’s because, even when I was standing directly next to the router, it always read 300M.

However, the GPS locations were extremely precise. And a few more things become possible as a result.

Hoverwatch has a straightforward slider that you can use to follow the target’s movements at the bottom of the map. You may see all the places the target visited in chronological order by moving them forward or back.

The Calendar is where you should be if you’re also curious to see your target’s schedule. Additionally, Hoverwatch will keep track of all the calendar entries.

The nicest thing is that it offers a calendar view that is simple to use even on the dashboard. You may thus discover any upcoming plans the target intends to carry out.

The settings for Hoverwatch aren’t considered a feature. But given the variety of alternatives it offers, it would be almost foolish to ignore them.

The settings page for Hoverwatch offers a wealth of customization options. The majority also determines the type of data you can monitor after the day.

This comprises:

Device specifics
settings for data upload
Setting the location
Call preferences
Setting up a screenshot
optional components

Device Specifications
This enables you to customize the name that will appear on the Hoverwatch dashboard for the mobile phone or device. But in addition, you can view useful details like:

The OS
The app’s PIN
A version of the App
Settings for Data Upload
You can decide whether or not data should be uploaded only via Wi-Fi. The Hoverwatch app won’t use cellular data if you enable this.

Additionally, if your Android is rooted, you might be able to modify the data upload interval. However, the 5-minute default interval is generally effective.

Setting Location
You can define a few rules here as well, such as:

The time between location updates
the minimum degree of precision
Both of the aforementioned have default settings of 10 minutes and 1 kilometer, respectively. You can, however, use lesser numbers, such as a 5-minute location update interval.

However, keep in mind that querying location data too frequently can shorten battery life. And the target can be quickly alerted by this.

Call Options
Along with simply turning off the feature, there is a tonne of other things you can specify here. With Hoverwatch, you may modify items like:

a source of audio
voice-enhancing capability
the level of the recording
You can choose what should be recorded while using the call recording feature by using the audio source. You can instruct it to start recording whenever a phone call or voice detection occurs.

Additionally, you can instruct it to only record the microphone. The speech enhancement option comes in handy in this situation, especially if the recording volume is low.

If you want an incredibly clear HD recording, the recording quality is also crucial. However, Hoverwatch always uses medium quality. It was also quite good.

Screenshot Preferences
You can only choose the screenshot capture interval Hoverwatch. However, you can just leave it at the default setting of five minutes.

Alternative Features
From the settings page, practically everything may be switched on or off. You can decide if Hoverwatch should keep an eye on things like:

Decrypt selfies
file galleries
Switching SIM cards
Links, etc.
Unchecking the box next to the feature and saving your changes make it simple to do that.

Pricing Schemes
Based on its three primary subscription plans—Personal, Professional, and Business—Hoverwatch offers a straightforward price structure.

The price varies according to the plan and the length of the subscription. The amount of devices you can monitor under each plan, though, is what distinguishes them.

You can only monitor 1 device under the personal plan. However, you may monitor 5 devices with the professional plan. Up to 25 devices may be tracked with the help of the business plan.

You can utilize the Hoverwatch Viewer in addition thanks to the professional and commercial plans (HW Viewer). Simply said, this is an Android software that manages log entries from any tracked device of yours.

Installing Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch installation is a simple process, in case you’re curious. The second thing you need to do before monitoring your child’s device is to install and configure Hoverwatch. However, the procedure will vary based on the OS.

As a result, we’ll discuss how to install and set up Hoverwatch on:


How to Set Up Hoverwatch on an Android Device

Installing Hoverwatch on an Android device is simple and quick to do. However, you must have access to the target device and a current membership plan to do so.

Get the target device ready.

There are a few crucial settings to make before installing Hoverwatch on the Android device that belongs to your child. And Google Play Protect is involved.

Here’s what you need to do on your phone to start the preparation:

Step 1: Find and tap the “Play Store” app in your app drawer to launch it.

Step 2: To display the Play Store menu, tap on the hamburger menu symbol in the top left corner of the page.

Step 3: To access the “Play Protect” page, click “Play Protect” in the menu.

Step 4: To access “Play Protect Settings,” tap the small gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen after landing on the page.

Step 5. Make sure that “Play Protect Settings” has both settings disabled.

Install Hoverwatch on your computer.

Before you can begin watching the target device, the next crucial step is to download the Hoverwatch software on it. However, doing so calls for a Hoverwatch account and an active membership.

Therefore, this is what you ought to do next:

Step 1: Launch any web browser on the target phone (Chrome is preferred), type hoverwatch.com, and press Enter.

Step 2: Click the “Sign up free” button and fill out the form that appears with your email address and the password of your choice to create a free account.

Step 3: After logging in, choose a subscription plan of your choosing and pay for it.

Step 4: Click “Add Device” from the main menu on the dashboard’s left side, then pick the Android tab.

Step 5: To download the Android version of Hoverwatch, select the “Download App” option beneath the Android page.

Step 6: Open the Hoverwatch APK download for Android after it has finished downloading, then select “Install” to start the installation process. When the installation is finished, click “Open.”

Finish the Setup Wizard.

The process doesn’t end with installing Hoverwatch on the target device. You must now configure it by giving it the rights it requires to function.

This is how to accomplish it:

The first step is to make the gadget monitorable after opening the freshly installed Hoverwatch software. To continue, tap “Next.”

Step 2: Select the app’s intended usage on the target device, and then check the confirmation box at the bottom. To continue, tap “Next” once more.

Step 3: Select the “I accept the conditions” checkbox on the End User License Agreement to get to the “Application Requirements” setup page.

Step 4: Enable “Basic Permissions,” and when a pop-up window appears on your computer, select “Allow.” This will grant Hoverwatch all fundamental rights.

Step 5: After enabling “Accessibility Service,” select “Ok” from the pop-up menu. You will then be directed to the Accessibility page.

Step 6: Click “Ok” after activating “Sync Service” on the accessibility screen. To return to the setup wizard, tap the back button.

Step 7: After enabling “Access to Usage,” select “Ok” from the pop-up that follows.

Step 8: Select “Sync Service” and activate the access switch on the Usage access page. To return to the setup wizard, tap the back button.

Step 9: On the “Display above other programs” screen, activate the “Overlay Permission” and the “Switch” buttons.

Step 10: Select “Disable App Notifications” and click “Ok” when a pop-up window appears. Tap the back button when you’ve finished disabling alerts.

Step 11: Select “Disable Battery Optimization” on the “Application Requirements” screen, and then tap “Allow” in the pop-up that appears. Once all prerequisites have been met, select next.

Step 12: Log in to the app by selecting “Activate” after providing your Hoverwatch credentials.

Choose the activities you want to monitor on the target device in step 13 and click “Next” to continue.

Step 14: After configuration is finished, Hoverwatch will inquire about setting up your pin. If so, choose “Change pin” or just choose “Next.”

Step 15: When you’re finished, click “Finish Installation.”

Adjust Other Settings

There can be some further settings to complete, depending on the model of the target device. But they are all concerned about the power use parameters.

More details regarding this procedure are available here.

Hoverwatch Installation Instructions for Mac

Compared to Android, setting up Hoverwatch on a Mac is rather straightforward. Installing the Hoverwatch app is all that’s necessary to begin watching. Keep in mind that Hoverwatch is only available for macOS and does not exist on the iPhone.

As a result, these are the procedures to take:

Step 1: Go to the Hoverwatch website and select “Sign up free” to register.

Step 2: After logging in, choose a subscription plan, then pay for it so that your account may be authorized.

Step 3: Click “Add Device” in the left sidebar menu, then choose the “macOS” tab.

Step 4: To get the zip archive containing the Hoverwatch application for macOS, click the download link.

Run the application, enter your Hoverwatch login information, and click “Install” in step 5. When prompted, provide your Mac’s admin password as well.

Step 6: Press “Finish” to complete the installation. Hoverwatch will shut down and continue to run in the background.

Windows Hoverwatch installation

Nearly identical to the situation with macOS is this one. The only actual difference is that you’ll be installing the Windows version of Hoverwatch.

You should complete the following to get started:

To create a free Hoverwatch account, go to the website and click “Sign up free.”

Step 2: Choose a subscription plan after registering, then pay for it so that your account may be authorized.

Step 3: Click “Add Device” in the left sidebar menu, then choose the “Windows” tab.

Step 4: To get the zip archive containing the Hoverwatch application for Windows, click the download link. Also, take note of the archive’s password.

Step 5: To begin unzipping the archive, open it and enter the password.

Step 6: In the Windows User Account Control window that appears, select “Yes” to approve the installation.

Step 7: Continue with the setup by selecting the object(s) that the software will be used to monitor, then click “Next.”

Step 8: Read the Hoverwatch license agreement before clicking “Next” once more to continue.

Step 9: Tap “Activate” after entering your Hoverwatch login information.

Step 10: Press “Finish” to complete the installation. Hoverwatch will shut down and continue to run in the background.

Cons and Benefits
Hoverwatch has a tonne of features since it is feature-rich. But there were several areas where it also fell short.

Is Hoverwatch Detectable?

No, to put it simply. This software is the best tracking and monitoring tool because of this. Without alerting the mobile user, it can operate in stealth mode. So you won’t ever have to worry about wondering how to find Hoverwatch on your phone.

Simply hiding the icon will prevent the target mobile user from even noticing it in the list of installed apps.

How frequently is data updated in Hoverwatch?

By default, Hoverwatch updates data every 5 minutes. To conserve the battery, it also updates positions every ten minutes.

Hoverwatch is it free?

Unfortunately, neither Hoverwatch nor any of its plans are free. You must first acquire a valid subscription to utilize it.
It does, however, state that the trial is free for three days. But to achieve that, you’ll need to contact their support staff. If it works well, it’s one of the best free apps available.

Does My Phone Need to Be Rooted to Use Hoverwatch?

Hoverwatch can be used without root access. In actuality, whether or not your phone has been rooted, you have access to all of Hoverwatch’s functions.
For an Android that has been rooted, Hoverwatch will offer a few extra settings. Users who want to alter the frequency of location updates should use this.

How safe is Hoverwatch?

Yes, you can monitor your children, employees, or even a relationship using the secure and dependable spy app Hoverwatch. The target won’t be aware of it being installed on their phone because it comes with a tonne of different monitoring options and can be configured to run in stealth mode.

Hoverwatch: Is It Real?

If you’re wondering whether Hoverwatch is authentic, the software fulfills its promise to be a covert phone tracking app. You’ll also be pleased to learn that all functions operate flawlessly as a result of their operating mechanism.
All you need to do to get started is buy a subscription and install it on the target phone.

If the target phone is rooted, you can, however, set the data upload interval. But be careful not to pick a short interval as this could cause the battery to discharge more quickly.

Last Word
In the end, we were impressed by all that Hoverwatch has to offer. The app deserves a lot of praise for everything from its distinct screenshot-based tracking method to its straightforward installation procedure.

Few espionage apps can still compete with it, despite several areas where it fell short. And it is because of this that it is without a doubt one of the best phone tracking applications available.

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