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Best Free Spy Apps for Android (Undetectable, Hidden & No Root) · Are you in search of the best spying app that could effectively provide you.Free cell phone spy app is the best invisible software for Android mobiles that secretly tracks calls, spy camera, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, SMS, …SPY24 is a mobile spying app that helps you to track the GPS location of a device in real-time. It also allows you to monitor every action

SPYAPPS Android Spy App – Uncovers Secrets No One Else Can

The only Android spy app that records and intercepts all types of calls, is completely undetectable, logs keystrokes, and does so much more. It is the most powerful monitoring software for Android, with over 150 capabilities.

Know Everything That Happens On Their Android Phone, No Matter Where You Are With The World's Most Powerful Spy App for Android

  • For the most recent Androids, this is the sole option.
  • Live Android calls can be recorded, intercepted, and listened in on.
  • Spycall's amazing feature — As if you were a fly on the wall. NOT TO BE MISSED
  • Your Android device's GPS location can be tracked.
  • Spy on Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, and 9 other instant messaging apps.
  • Turn on the phone's microphone and start recording what's going on around it.
  • VoIP Calls for Android: Skype, Facebook, Viber, LINE, and more
  • Spy on Text Messages, Emails, and Photographs
  • Installation is simple and painless.
  • It can be used in either hidden or visible mode.
  • Pre-installed Android phones can be delivered right to your door.

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Android Spy App
Android Spy App

What is the Android Monitoring Software from SPYAPPS?

SPYAPPS for Android is a powerful program that you can download on your phone to protect your loved ones, business, and personal information.

Imagine being able to see everything that's going on on an Android from the comfort of your armchair, or utilizing our unique mobile viewer app while you're on the go.

Imagination has just turned into reality.

SPYAPPS secretly records all information arriving and going from the phone when it is installed, and you can read or listen to that information at any time, from anywhere.

Until the device is turned off, SPYAPPS for Android will continue to collect this data.

After completing a few simple installation steps, the data will begin to flow again.

The Android spy app from SPYAPPS will keep you updated on everything going on with your Android device, no matter where you are.

What Can Android Spy Software from SPYAPPS Do?

SPYAPPS has over 150 capabilities that no other Android spy app can match, including monitoring all types of messages, including SMS, email, and major IM chat apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, and Skype.

You can examine GPS positions, photographs, videos, and browser history with SPYAPPS, and an Android keylogger is included to let you know exactly what is written on the target device.

SPYAPPS is also unusual in that it can listen to and record live phone calls, as well as VoIP calls made on Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and other platforms. These features aren't available anyplace else.

So, if you're a parent or employer who is responsible for how your Android devices are used, only SPYAPPS can supply you with the answers you need, because no other rival offers a solution that is concealed on the most recent Android smartphones.

SPYAPPS provides you with information that no other monitoring software can.

SPYAPPS is the only Android spy software that includes the functions listed below.

  • Pay Attention To Your Surroundings
  • Hear the truth about what's going on.
  • Remotely activate your phone's microphone to listen in on and record what's going on around you.
  • Live phone calls can be listened to and recorded.
  • Listen to Real-Time Phone Conversations
  • Live phone calls can be listened to and recorded.
  • For training, quality control, or even archiving your discussions, listen and record live phone calls as they happen.
  • Find out where you are with GPS.
  • Track the Locations of Your Devices
  • View and track your current location using GPS.
  • Track the position of a phone and relive its previous movements. Paths can be exported for use in other apps, such as Google Maps.

Spyware for Android

Apps to Keep an Eye on
Android communications can be spied on.
Spy on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, Hangouts, Tinder, and many other popular Android messaging applications.

Android spy software
Investigate Contacts
Keep track of your contacts and calendars.
View Android contacts and calendar entries, which serve as a complete backup for future use.

Monitoring software for Android
Keep track of your website's history and bookmarks.
View Android browsing history and bookmarks, including URLs, date, and time of visit, for complete visibility.

Keep an eye on your application's progress.
Look at the installed apps and how they're being used.
List all of the apps you've installed, along with their installation dates and other information. View your usage history, which includes launches, closeouts, and uninstalls.

Camera Capture from a Distance
Make Videos And Photographs Remotely
Remotely control the camera on your Android phone to shoot a photo or video that will be uploaded to your website.

All media files are accessible.
See the Media Files
Select media and upload it to your portal.
On their phone, they have access to all media files. Get all of the photos they take or have on their phone. Listen to all of the audio and voice memos.

Keylogger for Android
Take a look at everything that's being typed.
You can view everything typed on the keyboard with our Android keylogger. Find out more about search words, notes, and more.

Investigate Suspicious Activity
Make your alerts.
Set up alerts for calls to and from specific numbers, 'hot words' in SMS chats or emails, or if your location is violated.

Modes: visible or completely undetectable
Controls on tampering
Choose a visibility setting.
Choose between visible and invisible modes. Defend yourself against rogue staff and ensure the safety of your dependents.

How Do I Read the Data in My Android Spy App?

Our Android spy app collects data that is encrypted and transferred to a secure online gateway. Browse data, conduct searches, create alerts, produce reports, and much more using a web browser or our unique mobile app.

A variety of novel features are included in the gateway, including:

  • Track 'hot' terms in messages, know when a device reaches a 'place of interest,' and know when a certain number calls the target phone using SPYAPPS Alert Wizard.
  • Manage hundreds of coordinates for use in other tracking apps like Google Maps with the GPS Navigator Widget – you can even replay the target phone's step-by-step movements!
  • Individual Dashboards – Manage numerous devices at once, making it simple to keep track of your employees or family.
  • Using our one-of-a-kind download manager, you can download recorded calls in bulk.

From the comfort of your favorite armchair, SPYAPPS allows you to monitor the data on your Android device.

Why Is SPYAPPS The Best Android Hidden Spy App?

Not all espionage applications for Android are created equal.

Consider SPYAPPS to be a classic rock band vs a high school band: both sound good, but only one has the quality that comes with experience.

Since 2005, when we built the world's first spy phone, we've been pioneering the mobile monitoring industry, so when you select SPYAPPS, you're choosing 15 years of experience and innovation.
Our Android spy app has more functionality than any other tool on the market.
Many of these features are exclusive to SPYAPPS and are not found in any other Android spy software, which means SPYAPPS can provide you with information, insights, and hints that no one else can.
SPYAPPS is the only Android monitoring software that includes a free mobile app that allows you to view your data from your phone.
SPYAPPS is the only product on the market with a one-of-a-kind trade-in policy.

On Android, this is the only app that provides invisibility.

You may have noticed competitors touting Android spy app solutions, but there's something they're not telling you.

"Has Your Android Spy App Been Completely Unnoticed?" Find out more.

It was unable to hide the installation icon on a non-rooted device with the latest Android release. Fortunately, we were able to come up with a solution.

SPYAPPS is unlike any other Android espionage software.

  • Calls and their environment are recorded.
  • You can listen in on live phone calls (only where legal)
  • It comes with a keylogger for Android.
  • Records Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and LINE are examples of VoIP calls.
  • More IMs are monitored than by any other Android spy app.
  • Captures stickers and images in chat apps that others are unable to.
  • Is pre-installed and delivered right to your door
  • Allows you to send phony SMS messages.
  • Provides remote updates and includes a customized GPS navigator that can run completely invisibly or visibly.
  • During the subscription period, you can replace your device as many times as you want.
  • Is less expensive than alternative Android monitoring software
  • Has a worry-free installation service.
  • Allows you to exchange a competitor's product for your own. SPYAPPS is the first Android spy app with a mobile viewer app for access on the go.
  • Allows you to keep track of PCs, Macs, and iPhones in real-time.

App for Android Monitoring

With, you'll always know what they're up to and where they're heading.

If you have any questions, please see our FAQ page.

What is the purpose of Android spy software?

There are numerous reasons why you might require the services of Android spy software. However, one of the most important factors is most likely related to safety and security. The Internet has the potential to be extremely hazardous. They may be conversing with predators. They may find themselves in difficult-to-exit cyberbullying situations. Or they could be having too much fun on the internet. Spy software for Android will assist you with whatever suspicions you may have.

Is it legal to use surveillance software on Android?

If you're looking for an Android app, you might be wondering if it's legal to use. In most areas, if you're using concealed Android spy apps to monitor your children and they're under the age of 18 and live with you, you can lawfully monitor their online behavior. Remember that while something may be lawful in one country, the laws in another country may be entirely different. As a result, before putting an Android tracking program on their device, we recommend consulting with a local legal expert.

What makes the best Android hidden app?

It's no secret that you have a lot of options when it comes to Android spy software. However, no matter how hard you look, you'll have a hard time finding a monitoring software for Android that's as simple to use and as powerful as. You can view what they're up to online with the tools you have at your disposal, including who they're conversing with and what apps they're using. Even their physical location.

Which Android devices are supported?

Our Android spy phone app works with all Android handsets, new and old, running Android Gingerbread or higher. Click here to see if your device is compatible.

Is it better to go with a free tracker?

When looking for an Android spy app, there are several free options available. Isn't it true that "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"? That certainly applies in this case. Free Android spyware can be harmful. Many free solutions are infected with malware that steals personal information. If you use it, you risk encountering harmful software and persons who seek to steal your personal information, such as banking information and passwords. Some free Android spy applications aren't designed to steal your information, but they may fool you into paying extra fees for features you don't want. Buyer beware, at the end of the day.

Is it possible for them to notice that I'm using an Android monitoring app?

If you choose, you won't be able to. The Android espionage app is completely undetectable. That means they won't be able to recognize it like other apps after you install it on their Android. An icon displays on your home screen when you install a regular program. However, there is no icon when you install it. This means they won't be aware that you're watching their online activities. Having a hidden mode app means they won't have any motive to alter their behavior when using their phone, giving you a true picture of what's going on.

What can the Android tracking app do?

There's a lot. First, let's take a look at social media. Do they use Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, or Tinder, for example? can show you every chat they've had, every photo they've shared, and pretty much any app they've installed on their Android. Even some of the best Android spy applications do not allow you to view their messages. However, it does. It also lets you know when they enter or depart a specified location by showing you where they are on a map at any given time. You can also restrict apps and websites, get notifications when they type a contentious term you don't agree with, and a lot more.

What makes Android spy software superior to other Android spy apps?

In 2021, our tracking app (hidden) is the only one that offers the extended capability that we have always promised to give from day one, despite the abundance of spy apps available. We continued to offer all of our capabilities using our screen recording functionality even with Android 10 when most spy apps for Android were terminated. Our spy app for Android has the best functionality and the most affordable rate.

On Android, how do you spy on WhatsApp messages?

Spying on WhatsApp and other popular IM apps such as Tinder, Signal, Telegram, and Snapchat is possible with Android monitoring software. Visit our Features page for a complete list.

What is the best way for me to look at the text messages on the target Android phone?

To get started, you'll need to first download our Android spy program. To monitor text messages, our Basic edition will suffice. Simply go to your online account's dashboard and check for the Phone Logs tab once the app is up and running. From the drop-down menu, select Text Messages.

Is it possible to hack an Android phone using this method?

By no means is it a hacking tool. It's a monitoring tool that must be utilized with the other party's legal permission.

Does it work on Android smartphones that aren't rooted?

Yes, both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones are supported. There are, however, some functions that can only be used with a rooted Android phone.

Is the Android spy app visible on the device being monitored?

is an Android software that acts as a concealed spy. If you choose to keep our spyware concealed while monitoring Android phones with, you can rest assured that it will remain hidden at all times.

Is there any tracking software available for Android tablets?

Our app may be used to keep an eye on Android phones and tablets. Any tablet running Android 4.0 or higher can be used to install the Android spying app.

How can I find out where my Android phone is?

An Android phone is simple to trace. All you need to do now is turn on Find My Phone on your phone. Check out this excellent response from Google Support.

Is spying on an Android phone legal?

Various conditions must be met to legally monitor an Android phone. For one thing, the consent of the other party should always be considered. This implies that they should be fine with it if you do it. And that necessitates legal, written permission. The consent should stem from the fact that they are fully aware of what you will be monitoring.

How can you know whether your Android phone is being spied on?

There are numerous indicators that your phone has been hacked or that you are being watched. To begin, you should examine your phone for any indicators or oddities. For example, if you have a new phone, the battery should function normally. However, if you've recently seen your phone's battery draining, it's a sign that something isn't quite right. When tracking software for Android is installed on your phone, it will behave strangely. One of the indicators is battery drain, but there are others as well. For example, your phone may be rapidly running out of data. There's a fair probability that if there's a covert espionage software for Android, it's done its homework. This would imply that data is only backed up when the gadget is plugged in and connected to the internet. Then it becomes much more difficult to look for any signs. In such a situation, factory resetting your phone and removing any spyware apps for Android is your best chance.

Is there a surveillance app for Android that is free?

is a paid app that requires a subscription. Although it isn't a free Android spy app, it is as near to free spyware as you can get. You can test the basic edition for USD 4.99, which includes all of the ancillaries you'll need to get started. You can always upgrade to our Premium version for a more enhanced experience.

What are the requirements for using the Android tracking app?

The requirements for utilizing it are the same as they are for all Android spy apps. One-time access to the target Android device will be required. That is what you will need to download and install to track that Android phone. That's all there is to it. Once the software is up and running, you may use your web account to navigate through the phone logs of the monitored device.

Is it possible to remotely monitor an Android phone?

It's simple to keep an eye on Android phones from afar. To get started, all you need is Android spy software. You can do all of the monitoring from your web account without having to touch the device after it's installed.

Is the Android spy app compatible with Android 12 devices?

Our spyware is compatible with all Android 10 smartphones. In reality, Android 12 is entirely compatible. For additional information, please see our compatibility page.

Which Android phone models are compatible with the screen spy app?

Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Redmi, Vivo, and other famous Android smartphone manufacturers are all supported. Please see our Compatibility page for more information on individual models.

How can I spy on my Android phone from anywhere?

All you need is a one-time installation of our Android spy app on the target device to remotely monitor activity on Android phones.

How long does the Android Monitoring app take to install?

If you follow the directions carefully, downloading and installing any software on an Android phone will take no more than a few minutes. Our Android spy phone app comes with step-by-step on-screen instructions, so you won't get stuck in the middle of the operation.

What is your policy on refunds?

We have a 10-day refund policy, which is detailed on our Refund Page.
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