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BlackBerry Monitoring Software + Spy App

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Mobile Spy is BlackBerry monitoring software to monitor your BlackBerry in real-time. This easy app is the best Spy app way to monitor your child’s activities.  

PLEASE NOTE: The iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry versions have been discontinued.

Mobile Spy is proud to announce the availability of BlackBerry monitoring software with a LIVE Control Panel. This powerful software gives you the ability to learn what your child is doing on the BlackBerry.

Mobile Spy will help parents learn about their child’s smartphone activities. You will learn about your child’s calls, text messages and GPS locations by logging into your Mobile Spy account from any web browser. Now you can view all photos taken by phone too!

Program Description
Mobile Spy is a hybrid software/service that monitors the BlackBerry you own or has proper consent to monitor.

This unique system logs the activities when your child uses your BlackBerry.

After the software is set up on your phone, it will save SMS and call activities and then insert the information to your private Mobile Spy account. The software also logs GPS locations every 30 minutes when the signal is available.

When you want to view results, simply login to the secure Control Panel from any computer or phone web browser. Just enter your username and password to see the activity logs.

Blackberry Monitoring Software

Smartphone Interface
This program is loaded directly onto the phone you own and want to monitor. It is accessible by opening the app and entering your username and password.

Online Control Panel
This is where you log in to your account to see the results sent by phone. Accessible from any PC or phone web browser connected to the internet.

LIVE Control Panel
By purchasing the premium plan, you will have the ability to see the phone’s screen & location live in real-time, send commands to control the phone & receive logs via e-mail.

This high-tech monitoring software will allow you to see exactly what they do while you are away. Are your kids texting while driving or using the phone in all hours of the night? Are your employees sending company property? Do they erase their phone logs? That won’t matter because the software instantly saves the information before erasing is possible.

PLEASE NOTE: The iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry versions have been discontinued.

LIVE Control Panel*
Mobile Spy towers above the rest by offering the world’s only LIVE Control Panel. Unlike anything ever seen in the mobile monitoring software industry, this innovation allows you to securely perform LIVE monitoring and control on your smartphone from anywhere. Live Control Panel

If you choose to purchase our premium plan, you can view the device’s screen like a television along with a map of the current location instantly. Also included are other instant commands such as Initiating a normal call or sending an SMS from the device.

Also included are SMS Commands which allow you to send commands to the monitored device by an SMS message. Get the current GPS location, SIM information, Lock or Unlock the device, Wipe the device and more.

Need the ability to have logs sent to your email? Our add-on allows you to do exactly that. You can have selected logs sent at any interval you choose, such as hourly or daily. Included in the premium plan is the ability to instantly email your logs to your address within the LIVE Control Panel.

*Live Control Panel is available in the Premium Plan only.

LIVE Control Panel
live control panel connect to the device to perform LIVE monitoring and commands. View the Screen
view screen liveSee the actual screen of the device, updated every 90 seconds. Instant GPS Locations
instant GPS LocationsInitiate an immediate GPS location and view the latest locates on a map.
Lock the Device
Lock PhoneLock and unlock the device with an optional siren alarm. Get SIM Information
to get SIM to card info get the latest SIM information if the device is lost or stolen.SMS Commands
send SMS commands for GPS Locate, SIM info, Wipe Data, Lock and more.Log Delivery Via Email
get logs delivered via email enables Mobile Spy to deliver your logs to your email address.
PLEASE NOTE: The iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry versions have been discontinued.

Mobile Spy Logging Features

Text Message Logging
Mobile Phone MonitoringEvery text message is logged even if the iPhone’s logs are deleted. Social Networking Logs
cell phone monitoring logs activity from Facebook and WhatsApp messaging services.YouTube Videos
Youtube VideosLog YouTube videos watched on the iPhone with link to each video. Apps Installed
Apps InstalledLets you see what Apps are installed on the iPhone.
Web Activity
Web ActivityAll URL website addresses visited using the iPhone’s Safari browser are logged. Application Blocking
Apps BlockingBlock the iPhone user’s access to certain applications.Photo Log
Photo LogAll photos taken by the iPhone are logged & are viewable. Messenger Logs
Messenger LogsLogs messenger logs from, Yahoo, BlackBerry Messenger, Gtalk & more.
GPS Locations Log
GPS Locations LogGPS positions are saved at a time interval you select with a link to a map. Phone Call Info
Mobile Phone Call InfoIncoming and outgoing numbers are logged with duration and time stamp.iMessages
Save iMessages on the iPhone mobile Spy SPY24 will log all iMessages sent and received on the iPhone.Email
View emails sent and received inbound & outbound emails from the primary account are saved.
SMS Commands
SMS CommandsSend an SMS command to lock the phone, get current GPS location, and more.

LIVE Screenshots*
Mobile Phone ScreenshotsThe LIVE control panel lets you view the phone’s screen in real-time.
*Premium PlanLIVE GPS Mapping*
LIVE GPS Live Control Panel gives you instant GPS locations of the phone.
*Premium PlanAlerts
alertsThe alert system will notify you about when prohibited activities occur.
contactsEvery contact on the phone is logged. New contacts are saved too. Calendar Events
calendar events every calendar event is logged. Date, time, and locations are saved.
PLEASE NOTE: The iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry versions have been discontinued.

How It Works

This new technology might sound complicated, but the process is actually quite easy using our online User Guide and other documentation. Below you will find a summarized version of how the entire process works.

Customer agrees to the terms and installs Mobile Spy onto the phone they own and have proper consent to monitor. Customer configures program.
Child or employee performs SMS messages, URL browsing and call activities. Mobile Spy logs the activities and inserts the logs to the customer’s Mobile Spy account.
Customer logs into their online account from any web browser to view all logged activities in near real-time.
Mobile Spy is for monitoring your child or employee ONLY. Our software is not for use on the phone you do not own or has proper permission to monitor the user or owner. You must always follow all applicable laws and regulations in your region.

What’s Included
When you purchase a Mobile Spy package, you can rest assured knowing you will receive a top-of-the-line software product, service and support. Here’s what’s included for the length of your subscription:

Instant Download – Download INSTANTLY after ordering! Request new downloads anytime!
Step-by-Step Instructions – Detailed instructions to guide you along every step of the way.
Free Updates – As a member, you receive free updates to the software as they occur.
SniperSpy – Choose an annual license and also receive SniperSpy to monitor your PC or Mac.
We invite you to put Mobile Spy to the test today. All orders are processed via We are secured by VeriSign and scanned daily by Norton to ensure that your information remains completely safe and confidential. So what are you waiting for?

PLEASE NOTE: The iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry versions have been discontinued.

BlackBerry Monitoring Software + Spy App
BlackBerry Monitoring Software + Spy App

Get the Answers You Deserve with BlackBerry Spy Software

If you have questions about your children or employees doing on phones owned by you, then SPY24 BlackBerry Spy Software will get you the answers you want and deserve. SPY24 BlackBerry Spy includes advanced surveillance features that can monitor all cell phone activities. In just a few minutes, you can install SPY24 BlackBerry Spy Software, and it will begin relaying information to your user account, including:

  •  Live and Historical Location Monitoring
  •  BlackBerry Messenger Log
  •  Text Message and Email Log
  •  Contact Details
  •  Call Details

Don’t worry: Our BlackBerry Spy is completely undetectable software, so your kids can’t tamper it. You can access all of the information and activate specific surveillance features from your SPY24 user account. With prices starting around a day, our BlackBerry Spy app is an affordable and effective tool for parents and employers.

BlackBerry Spy App Helps You Protect Your Children

You may not be able to physically be with your children every minute of the day, but you can monitor and protect them 24/7 using BlackBerry Spy app. Once installed, SPY24 includes many advanced surveillance features that monitor all essential BlackBerry activities. From your SPY24 user account, you can use advanced surveilance features to track BlackBerry location and monitor all communications so you have the information you need to keep your children safe.

 Become Our Next Success Story

“We didn’t even know who our children’s friends were-until we installed your BlackBerry Spy !”

My husband and I both have demanding schedules because of our jobs, and that makes it hard to truly keep track of our teenage children. After doing a lot of research and looking at more than a dozen options, we decided to secretly install SPY24 spy software on their phones. We didn’t even know who our childrens’ friends were until we installed SPY24! For any parent looking to keep track of their children while they’re at work, we would strongly recommend SPY24!

Danielle B.
San Diego, CA

BlackBerry Spy Software Helps Protect Your Bottom Line

Billions of dollars are lost each year due to personal use of smart phones and computers on company time. SPY24 helps eliminate this wasted time by monitoring all cell phone communications and sending that data to the user account for analysis. Our advanced surveillance features also provide Real Time and Historical Location Tracking so you can constantly track off-site employees. By eliminating personal BlackBerry use on company time and tracking off-site employee movement, SPY24 BlackBerry Spy App ultimately boosts employee performance and overall productivity.

Whether you are a parent or business owner, SPY24 BlackBerry Spy helps protect what you love and provides peace of mind.

  •  Monitor and Protect Children 24/7
  •  Boost Employee Performance
  •  Includes many Advanced Surveillance Features that Monitor BlackBerry Activity
  •  Download and Install In Just Minutes
  •  Remotely view all data logs from anywhere in the world

ll Necessary Features for BlackBerry Spyware

Location Tracking

SPY24 Blackberry spyware enables you to remotely view the complete location history of kids and employees.

BlackBerry Messenger Log

View all IM’s sent and received on a monitored cell phone using this advanced BlackBerry Spy surveillance feature.

Call Details

SPY24 BlackBerry Spy Software provides complete Call Details for all calls made on a monitored cell phone and sends data to your user account.

Email Log

This advanced surveillance features can be used to view all emails on a monitored BlackBerry from your SPY24 user account.

Text Message Log

SPY24 BlackBerry Spyware records all incoming and outgoing texts so you can view them at your leisure from your user account.

Picture Log

View all pictures stored on the BlackBerry using this advanced SPY24 cell phone spy app.

Contact Details

The Contact Details in any monitored BlackBerry will be sent directly to your user account by SPY24 Spy.

Spy On Blackberry With Undetectable Blackberry​ Spy App

The most powerful and hidden Blackberry Spy App

  • Listen to phone calls in realtime (only where legal)
  • The most powerful Blackberry spy app on the market today
  • Turn on the microphone and listen to Blackberry’s surroundings
  • Blackberry Keylogger included. Record keystrokes to see anything typed
  • Spy on SMS, MMS, Emails, Web History, Photos, and Videos
  • Track device locations with a real-time GPS tracker
  • Easy to install, step by step guide with screenshots
  • Runs in 100% hidden and undetectable or visible mode
  • Free updates and device changes during the subscription




A ton of advanced monitoring technology in a single hidden Blackberry spy software

Live Call Listening

Call Interception allows​ you to listen in to live calls happening on the Blackberry phone. You can receive a secret SMS alert. If you then call the target mobile, you will be added to the live call.

Ambient Listening

Hear what’s happening around the Blackberry. Make a hidden call to the target phone to listening to​ the phones’ surroundings, like a bugging device (conversations in the room, etc.).

Spy on BBM Messenger

Spy on BBM messenger chat logs in both side even if deleted or set “Don’t Save History”. SPY24 captures logs even if user set “Never Save History” on BBM set. We are the only company that can do this!

Spy On Chat Apps

Blackberry Spy App captures PIN, BBM, and Viber ─ including the stickers, status, profiles, pictures, locations, ​and emoticons.

Spy on SMS Messages

Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages. Blackberry Spy App capture SMS as soon as it is received to read SMS even if the ​user deleted them.

Spy on Emails

Blackberry Spy App captured all E-mails and sent to your web account, even if user delete them you will have a copy on your web account. If the e-mail address is in the phones address book, the contact name will also be available.

Spy on Call Logs

Get notified when a number you specify calls or is called. You can set this for all numbers, numbers in address book only or for specific numbers.

Spy on Multimedia Files

SPY24 upload all photos taken from the target device to your web account. Check camera image, audio files, video files, wallpapers, ​etc. remotely on your web account.

Location Tracking

SPY24 use GPS positioning to show the coordinates of the target Blackberry. Location linked the map inside your web account and display a path of travel between certain time periods.

Blackberry Keylogger

See everything that’s being typed on a Blackberry. Blackberry keylogger lets you see everything that’s typed on the phone’s keyboard.

See Address Book

Get entire address book with all names, phone numbers, emails, ​etc.


SPY24 is a hidden spy application, and cannot be detectable by any anti-virus or protection software.

Blackberry Spy App is completely undetectable.

Blackberry Spyphone runs in the background without any evidence. It is the only 100% undetectable Blackberry Spy App on the market.

It does not affect performance or battery drain. It is hidden from launcher, and home screen, hidden from task manager.


Why Is SPY24 The Best Spy App For Blackberry?


  • Records phone calls and phone surroundings
  • Can listen in on live phone calls (only where legal)
  • Comes with an Android Keylogger
  • Records VoIP Calls such as Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and LINE
  • Monitors more IMs than any other Android spy app
  • Captures stickers and pictures in chat apps others cannot.
  • Is available pre-installed direct to your door?
  • Lets you send spoof SMS messages.
  • Includes special GPS navigator
  • Can run 100% invisible or visible
  • Provides remote updates
  • Offers Unlimited instant device changes during subscription
  • Comes with a no-quibble money-back guarantee
  • Lets you seamlessly monitor PC, Mac, and iOS devices.
  • Phone call history
  • SMS messages
  • Location tracking
  • Web History
  • Contacts


  • Phone call history
  • SMS messages
  • Location tracking
  • Web history
  • Contacts


Click here to see the full features, detailed comparison list with competitors.

Are you ready to face the truth?


Available for immediate download

Blackberry Spy App Customers Reviews

Phone spy software – SpyPhone Blackberry Server Pro

Phone spy software – SpyPhone Blackberry Server Pro is a product designed to meet the needs of discreet mobile phones monitoring.

Its functioning was designed to provide remote supervision over the device without interrupting its functions and comfort. SpyPhone is a very discreet tool that allows to communicate with the phone and controls its functions intuitively.

What are the purposes of using Phone spy software?

The main assumption of creating the program was to protect the child and controlling his safety and also monitoring the employees. It is also a great tool for tracking stolen or lost phones. Another use can be tracking the kidnapped person and helping him immediately.

What types of actions does the SpyPhone Blackberry Server Pro enable?

  • TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS Phone spy software allows a ‘live’ listening-in of the SpyPhone device’s conversation with any user. Establishing a connection from the supervising phone with the phone with the Spy Phone device causes joining the conversation and listening to the conversation in ‘life’.
  • MESSAGES Notices about incoming and outgoing connections, generating phone numbers as well.
  • SURROUNDING Phone spy software allows us to listen to the sounds from the phone’s surrounding from the 5 meters range. The operation is performed by establishing a connection from the supervising phone, which generates the sensitive microphone capturing sounds. The operation is completely invisible on the target phone, there is no incoming connection visible which guarantees 100% discretion and safety.
  • SMS Sending exact copies of messages with the phone number of sender/receiver to the server, and also date and time of sending.
  • E-MAIL Sending the exact copies of e-mail messages and Blackberry communicator to the server.
  • GPS LOCALIZING Allows to track the phone’s localization with 5 meters precision and reporting the localization via e-mail.
  • SIM Information about turning the phone on or changing the SIM card.

Operating the SpyPhone telephone, commands and surrounding and conversation listening-in is conducted on the level of the pre-defined supervising number. After running the software, it is unnecessary to manipulate the target device because all the reports are sent to the server. All the operations are conducted remotely via SMS commands. It guarantees full discretion and safety of using, even if we don’t have access to the wiretapped phone!

How to install the phone spy software?

The software is matched to every model so that it is fully compatible with the device. Cooperation with the operating system is performed in a way which does not affect the phone’s functionality. The license is active for 12 months from the date of activation.

Installation of the SpyPhone software is performed in a standard way. The packet contains a detailed user’s manual in English, which will guide you through the installation process. The whole procedure takes about 5-10 minutes. In case of any problems concerning functioning and installation, our employees are there for you on the telephone support service.

On the client’s demand, the installation may be performed by our employees. To do this, you need to contact us via telephone and provide the telephone on which SpyPhone is installed. All the functions and correct functioning will be checked on-site, and the device is ready to use immediately.

The Phone spy software is improved all the time to provide to our customers the highest comfort of using, safety and failure-free operation.

The telephones’ list compatible with the SpyPhone Blackberry Server Pro software is in the ‘Downloads” tab.

  • SIM card installed in the phone with SpyPhone software must support conference calls and be enabled for waiting calls function. Conference call is a standard for every subscription and pre-paid SIM cards in Play network.
  • Regardless of the software, after the beginning of the conversation’s listening-in, the third party’s phone may display a notice about conference call or the call may be interrupted for a while. These problems occur on some models of phones and depend on the mobile network provider.
  • To generate the reports sent to the server, it is necessary to have a Wi-Fi network connection or an active BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) service supported by the mobile network’s provider. Data transfer is charged as in the price list of mobile network provider.
  • Phone spy software – SpyPhone Blackberry Server Pro
  • User manual

Android iPhone and BlackBerry Monitoring App

PLEASE NOTE: The iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry versions have been discontinued. Mobile Spy {SPY24} is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. This page is a partial list of phones and devices with those operating systems compatible with Mobile Spy {SPY24}.


When looking at the images below in consideration of having a smartphone that will be compatible with the Mobile Spy {SPY24}, please be aware that compatibility means the Make / Model of the phone and the Firmware / Operating System Version that is running on the phone.

Ensure that the phone or tablet you wish to monitor is mentioned in the View Compatible Devices list below. Also, make sure your device meets the OS Version Requirements. If the device you want to monitor meets these requirements, you can monitor with Mobile Spy {SPY24}.

View Compatible Devices

Select your operating system below to view compatible devices.Phone Operating System Requirements

Select your device’s operating system below to view the OS version requirements.

Android Devices

Mobile Spy {SPY24} is a professional monitoring software for the Android operating system. The version for Android includes the ability to monitor text messages, call information and GPS locations. It is currently compatible with most Android devices running compatible versions of the Android OS. Mobile Spy {SPY24} was also the world’s FIRST Android monitoring software!

Mobile Spy {SPY24} for Android can monitor the following activities:

  • Text messages
  • Call logs
  • GPS locations
  • Website history
  • Contact lists
  • Photos (taken by the phone)
  • Profanity Alert
  • Intrusion Alert
  • Custom Keyword Alert
  • Contact Alert
  • Geo-Fencing Alert
  • Multimedia Messages
  • Apps Installed
  • Block Apps
  • Keylogger
  • Gmail*
  • Cell ID
  • Calendar events
  • Facebook Messenger*
  • Twitter Messenger*
  • WhatsApp Messenger*
  • Hangout/Gtalk*
  • BBM*
  • Viber*
  • Skype*
  • Line*
  • Fring*
  • ChatOn*
  • Kik*
  • SMS Command Capability

* Rooted Android Required.

Mobile Spy {SPY24} is currently compatible with the following Android OS version(s):

  • 10
  • 9.2
  • 8.0
  • 7.1.2
  • 7.1.1
  • 7.1
  • 7.0
  • 6.0.1
  • 6.0
  • 5.1.1
  • 5.1
  • 5.0.2
  • 5.0.1
  • 5.0
  • 4.4.4

Mobile Spy {SPY24} is fully compatible with Android tablets!

How Mobile Monitoring Software Affiliation Works

Retina X Studios, LLC has been a renowned monitoring software and computer solutions innovator for parents and employers since 1997 – earning appreciation and awards from well-known media outlets.

Our affiliate program is extremely profitable with generous guaranteed payouts. And the best part of all, it is absolutely free! Our program starts out by giving you 45% of each and every sale you make. You will also earn your FULL commission on all successful renewals!

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Our website and products produce one of the highest conversion rates found in our industry. Our high conversion rates mean that the individuals you send to our websites are more likely to purchase our products. Your income will grow with every purchase you convert.

We provide you with access to banners, graphics and text that will help you with your promotions. You may use any of our materials to promote our products on your websites.

How the Affiliate Program Works
By partnering with Retina-X Studios, LLC you would be selling digital software products to parents and employers ONLY. Even if you don’t have a website, you can still earn a high income through Google Adwords and other pay-per-click advertising (PPC).

There are several ways you can sell. One way is adding a new page to your website describing our product. The page would include a special link to our site which marks them as your visitor.

You can choose to have your visitors go to the product’s information page or directly to the order page.

Either way, when a visitor clicks your link and makes a purchase, your account is credited 45% of the sale. You can log in and view your statistics at any time. Once each month you are paid by either check or direct deposit.

Don’t have a website? No Problem.
You can still earn money using pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords and other PPC providers. Even if you have never used these systems before, it is straightforward to learn and promoting our products is a great way to start out.

Already have an up and running online business? Excellent.
If you already have a website receiving visitors each day, adding a page for Mobile Spy {SPY24} could automatically generate income every month. The type and amount of traffic your site produces determines how many sales you will make. You will also receive commissions on the successful renewals for previous orders. This can add up quickly.

How to Become an Affiliate Today
Becoming an affiliate is free and takes only five minutes. First, you would sign up for a Free Affiliate account. After you have signed up to become an affiliate and your application has been approved, you can log in to the Affiliates Control Panel and decide which software products you want to promote to send requests to software vendors. Hence, they activate you as an affiliate and set your commission.

After you have been activated as an affiliate by a vendor, you can start adding product links on your website. Links are automatically generated with your embedded affiliate ID. All you need to do is copy and paste. When a visitor accesses a link or a banner from your website, the system keeps track of your Affiliate ID, for as long as 180 calendar days, so if a visitor places an order within this time period through your website, or even directly from the vendor’s web page, you get your commission. Take action today before your competitors take your software sales!

  • Sign Up
Frequently Asked Affiliate Questions

Does this cost me anything?
There are no startup charges or membership fees or anything of the sort associated with becoming a Retina-X Studios, LLC affiliate. Affiliation is absolutely free of charge. Plus, the more sales you generate from your links, the more income you will receive.

Where do I get the links to put on my site?
When you signup to become an affiliate, you decide which software products you want to promote to send requests to software vendors, so they activate you as an affiliate and set your commission. After you have been activated as an affiliate by a vendor, you can start adding product links on your website. Links are automatically generated with your embedded affiliate ID. All you need to do is copy-paste.

How will I know when I have made a sale?
Anytime you make a sale, you will instantly receive an email that contains information about the sale. This allows you to keep track of your sales daily. The amount shown in the order email is the total price. You just earned 45% of that figure.

Do I receive FULL commissions on my renewals?
When a customer’s license expires, and their automatic or manual renewal is successful, you will receive your full commission for the sale.

Do I have to provide support after a sale?
You can rest assured that we will take care of the customer should they require support. From the time a visitor leaves your site, we handle everything from sales to ordering to support. All you do is sit back and enjoy the automated income.

keleis andre

SPY24 is the world’s most trusted cell phone spy software to monitor any smartphone and tablet remotely It works on a range of Mobile Spy Software Track

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