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Review of AutoForward Monitoring Software

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Review of Auto Forward You Should Try This Excellent Spyware Right Now
Review of Auto Forward. Important data from iPhone and Android mobile devices can be retrieved. The following are the main features and benefits of using Auto Forward monitoring software.

Due to dubious business methods, we no longer endorse AutoForward. This software is visible on the target phone, according to our users. We’ve also heard that they don’t provide refunds and that their customer service is unresponsive. We recommend uMobix as a high-quality alternative.

These days, monitoring programs are becoming increasingly popular. It’s even feasible to argue that a new application is released every day, making it extremely difficult to choose one that is suitable for both personal and corporate use. The most common reasons for installing spying software include the following.

The primary reason is to keep an eye on children as they get older and become more secretive. If you have a child, you understand how crucial it is to keep an eye on him or her from afar. It’s even better if you can do it without drawing attention to yourself. The second motive is to monitor people’s activities while they are at work. Most businesses nowadays do not prohibit employees from using social media or visiting other non-business-related websites. They do, however, install software that allows them to keep employers informed about what employees are up to during working hours.

The following evaluation focuses on the key features and benefits of the Auto Forward monitoring program, which has recently gained popularity. The tool offers several benefits for both personal and professional use.

Review of AutoForward Monitoring Software
Review of AutoForward Monitoring Software


Auto Forward: A Time-Saving App for Your Phone

Auto Forward is a unique program in that it may be used not only as a spying tool but also to build a backup copy of your device and recover data in the event that it is lost or damaged. Imagine your phone has been stolen and you don’t have access to vital information. You will be able to get information from the mobile device, such as contacts, messages, and files, using Auto Forward.

Auto Forward was created to work with the most common phones, including iPhones and Android phones. It is not, however, compatible with any other operating system, such as Blackberry.

Extractor for iPhone and Android

With only a few exceptions, the software provides nearly identical functionality for both operating systems. If you use Apple products, there’s good news: you won’t need to jailbreak them. Any version of the software can be purchased and used with any phone model. So, how does it function?

There will be no further monthly payments.
Unlike most programs, you only have to pay once and have access to the program for the rest of your life.

Monitor SMS and iMessages with this SMS tracker and iMessages monitor.
The app gives you access to all of your iPhone’s messages, even if they’ve been erased. If you’re using the software to keep an eye on your child and learn more about his or her companions, this feature is really useful. If you’re using the software for business, this functionality will offer you a clear picture of your employees’ intentions and prevent confidential information from being disclosed.

Calls are being tracked.
Are you unsure how your staff uses their company’s mobile phones? It’s not a problem, especially when Auto Forward is available. If you are unable to listen to calls at a specific time, you can track and even record them.

E-mail retrieval.
If you’ve misplaced your phone and have vital information on it that you need to recover, you can do so using the e-mail recovery tool. Furthermore, e-mails containing sensitive or secret information can be deleted remotely.

Tracker with GPS.
, like other spying software, may track the target device’s GPS location. This feature is quite useful if you need to locate a stolen phone or track someone’s location.

Control of social media.
You can also use the program to retrieve information about your social media activity and discussions. Consider how beneficial it would be to have a clear picture of your child’s internet acquaintances and activities.

Websites were visited.
It is no secret that mobile devices may readily replace PCs and laptops because they do nearly identical tasks. To conduct an Internet search, you do not require the usage of a computer. To better comprehend what the user is doing, learn more about the websites he accesses on his phone.

It’s heartbreaking to lose all of your vacation images because your phone is shattered. If you use Auto Forward, on the other hand, you may keep your memories because the software can retrieve media items such as films and recordings.

How to Get Auto Forward?

Customers should always purchase and upload software from official and approved sources — official websites, as download files are assured to be virus-free. After you’ve chosen a product and paid for it, you’ll receive an email with your name, password, and a link to download the product. After you’ve installed the program, you’ll need to activate it before you can begin monitoring. It’s worth noting that you can pay using PayPal or one of the most generally accepted credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

In the event that Auto Forward’s products fail to execute their primary functions, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you have any problems or concerns about a product, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Support by phone or mail. In a short period of time, friendly and helpful specialists will present you with an answer or solution.

It is not difficult to use the Auto Forward program. In comparison to another app, the program provides excellent quality and features at a reasonable price, especially given that you do not have to pay extra for updates. Positive user feedback and comments make the program very appealing and demonstrate that it is worth trying.

Is the Auto Forward Spy App Still Relevant in 2022?

Auto Forward is a tracking program that allows you to track the location of another person’s phone. It’s a simple program with a number of useful functions, like monitoring a target user’s GPS location, calls, SMS, and social network discussions. Although the company boasts on its website that they have “over 1,000,000 pleased Auto Forward Users,” user feedback on third-party sites contradicts this claim.

Auto Forward has a low rating on, with only 2.3 stars. Many dissatisfied consumers claim that the app does not perform as intended. It’s no surprise that they have 45 percent unfavorable feedback. Furthermore, Auto Forward has not responded to those Trustpilot reviews in the last year, indicating that they are unlikely to improve their services. If you look at Auto Forward reviews on, you’ll see that it has a 3.49-star rating based on 255 reviews. The only worry is that just 20.7 percent of the evaluations in the last year were positive.

The Auto Forward app is limited in terms of functionality, in addition to having a low rating. Although it has a lot of monitoring features, you can’t track Viber or BBM with it, and you can’t create geofencing either. As a result, you might want to look into alternative software like mSpy. Continue reading this review to find out what Auto Forward is up to in 2022. However, if you want to use mSpy right immediately, go ahead and do so.

What Is the Function of the Auto Forward Spy App?

Auto Forward is a monitoring tool for iOS and Android that allows you to track another person’s internet behavior. It’s a piece of software that records data from a target phone and sends it to your computer (smartphone, tablet, or PC).

Although you can remotely track the monitored device, you must first install the software on the target phone. Auto Forward establishes a remote connection with the monitored device and downloads all of its data. The Auto Forward account owner can see everything you do, including messaging, talking, and surfing the web. You can also look at the information that has been erased.

What Are the Most Important Features of Auto Forward?

Auto Forward gives you real-time monitoring capabilities as well as useful data about a target user’s internet activities. All recorded data is saved in your personal Control Panel, which you may access from your phone at any time.

You can monitor the following resources after installing the app on a target phone:

View all text messages, including those that have been erased, using SMS.
GPS Track a person’s location on Google Maps.
iMessage allows you to see all of your sent and received texts on your iPhone or iPad.
Call logs – view the specifics of all calls made on a target phone.
Check a target person’s browser history to see which pages they viewed.
View chats and content sent to or received via messaging apps in Messengers.
Email – keep track of your emails and contacts, and block any addresses that you don’t want to receive emails from.
Access all photos, videos, and music files on a target device using multimedia files.
Additional functions include remote image taking, program blocking, search alerts, and remote uninstalling, among others.

Is the Auto Forward Spy App safe to use?

It is permissible to use any monitoring app that tracks another person’s phone as long as they are aware of it and give their consent. So, if you advise a target user that their mobile device is being monitored, using the Auto Forward app is legal. You can also track your child under the age of 18 without their knowing. All other instances of monitoring someone else’s phone will be regarded as a violation of their privacy and may result in legal repercussions.

mSpy vs. Auto Forward
In 2016, the Auto Forward tracking app was quite successful in its area. We can’t call it relevant software in 2022, either, because of a slew of negative evaluations that have gone unanswered by the Auto Forward support team. If you don’t want to risk your money and time, we suggest looking for more dependable software.

You can also use the mSpy monitoring software. It’s made to keep track of your child’s or spouse’s online activities (with their permission, of course). You can perform the following with mSpy:

View call logs and information about them.
Examine the multimedia files you’ve received and sent.
Track GPS location in real-time and set geofencing by monitoring social media activity.
With Keylogger, you can keep track of your passwords.
Record your keystrokes and limit the words you can type.
View your bookmarks and history in the browser.

Given the facts regarding Auto Forward stated above, it would be appropriate to give mSpy a chance. You can learn more about our app by visiting or submitting a request to our support team.

In recent years, the global market for cell phone spy software apps has grown at a breakneck pace. This rate of growth is startling because, only a few years ago, many of us had no concept of what technology was or how it could help us. It’s possible that many people are still unaware that such technology exists. With recent advancements in mobile communication, it has become necessary for someone to monitor the actions of another person’s phone in certain circumstances. As a result of the increased demand, a number of companies have developed mobile espionage software. However, Auto forward appears to be the best in terms of features, the convenience of use, and pricing.

Cell phone tracking technologies can be used for a variety of reasons. However, parents of young children and corporate executives make up a big percentage of Autoforward users. Spying on someone else’s phone does not appear to be the most considerate thing to do. Some uses of cell phone monitoring technologies, depending on the form of application, cannot be classified as immoral.

Mobile phones have now become an essential part of every child’s life, thanks to the fast-changing social landscape. Giving a cell phone to a child gives parents peace of mind because it keeps them in constant contact with their children. For today’s busy parents, this is a huge relief. Unfortunately, the flip half of the tale can be frightening: most modern cellphones are capable of far more than merely making and receiving calls. These high-end mobile phones have been found to be particularly popular among young and underage users. Needless to say, they abuse their cellphones by using them for a variety of inappropriate activities. Many folks can benefit from a cell phone spy app in this situation.

Do you have complete visibility into what your child is doing with his or her phone now, as a responsible parent? If not, you’re probably not doing enough to ensure your child’s safety online. The way today’s kids access the internet via their mobile phones is a big part of the problem with their mobile usage behavior. The expanse of the internet can make it a potentially dangerous place for young users. Children spend a significant amount of time online on talking sites, social networking platforms, gaming platforms, and even dating sites. Experts believe that children’s fascination with the internet not only wastes crucial study time but also puts them at risk of falling prey to online predators.

In this situation, employing the finest cell phone spy is an ideal way for these parents to keep track of their children’s internet activity. Auto Forward Spy, for example, is particularly popular among parents because it can operate remotely and is well-suited for covert monitoring. Parents who use Auto Forward Spy may effortlessly keep an eye on their children at all times. As a result, they can quickly intervene if things spiral out of control. Cell phone spyware, when used for these objectives, can be an invaluable tool in keeping children safe.

The following are the most compelling reasons for parents to utilize Auto Forward cell phone spy:

Call records, text messages, emails, internet browser history, and much more may all be tracked with Auto Forward.
All major social media networks, talking sites, and gaming sites can be monitored with Auto Forward.
Autoforward users can track the physical position of the target phone using the GPS tracking tool.
Auto Forward can also retrieve outdated and deleted text messages thanks to its advanced message tracking feature.

Auto Forward can also be used to remotely lock the target phone.
Finally, the most significant advantage of employing Auto Forward is that it operates with minimal access to the device being monitored.
The majority of Auto Forward cell phone spy software users are business owners and managers who are fed up with their workers’ inappropriate use of company phones. Unfortunately, many unethical employees see nothing improper with making personal calls or checking their social media accounts on company-issued mobile phones. This not only results in an unwarranted increase in cell phone costs but also results in the loss of valuable working hours for the company. Many advanced mobile phone functions can be used to misuse or steal important company information, thus business owners should be aware of this. Businesses that employ Auto Forward have discovered a cost-effective solution to all of these issues.

Outdoor activities such as on-site project execution, seeing clients, visiting business partners, and other activities engage a major portion of the workforce in many firms. It is difficult for managers to determine whether these employees are completing their jobs while sitting in the office. Auto Forward, which comes with a powerful GPS physical location monitoring technology, can easily show the exact location of the target mobile device. The device’s stealth camera can also be used to snap images of its surroundings. Anyone can clearly understand how beneficial a cell phone spy app like Auto Forward can be.

Auto Forward is accessible to all types of users, regardless of technical ability. This famous cell phone spy and tracker works with all of the most recent Android handsets. iPads, iPods, and iPhones 12, 11, X, 8, 7, 6, and 5 are also supported (all versions). It should be mentioned that all Apple devices must be jailbroken in order to run Auto Forward Spy. If you want to acquire access to social media information or emails, you’ll need to root the target Android devices as well. When users of this cell phone spy program run into problems, they can seek assistance from a knowledgeable support team.

Auto Forward is perhaps the most affordable of all cell phone monitoring software, despite its numerous appealing features and lucrative rewards. The cost of this surveillance app is only $29.99, and there are no hidden costs.

Many cell phone spying applications are available on the market for monitoring the mobile usage of growing children and irresponsible office workers. Auto Forward, on the other hand, is a must-try if you want complete control over the scenario without burning a hole in your wallet. Start using it right now, and keep an eye on the things that matter to you.

Auto Forward Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Auto Forward and How Does It Work?

The Auto Forward Monitoring Software gathers information from the phone on which it is installed. Once installed, the app will collect data from the phone and transfer it to our secure servers. Logging into your Secure Online Account, which is supplied when you purchase the program, will allow you to view this information.
You’ll receive an email with everything you need to get started with Auto Forward. Nothing is being delivered. You’ll find the activation link in the email, which will take you to the installation instructions.
The method for installing the software varies depending on whether you’re monitoring an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Only the Apple ID and password (iCloud credentials) linked with the device are required for iPhones and iPads. You’ll need to have it for two to three minutes if you’re using an Android phone. You will enter a link (that you will receive from us) into the web browser of the target phone. Enter your license key and the app will be activated on your phone. After you’ve installed the app, you won’t need to touch the phone again.

How long does it take to install?

In less than 5 minutes, you can have your system up and running.

Is the phone’s location represented on a real map?

Yes, the phone’s location is displayed on a genuine map in real-time. Google Maps is used for the Auto Forward GPS Feature, which provides unprecedented simplicity of use and accuracy.

Is there a Customer Service department at Auto Forward?

We appreciate your business and strive to provide the best possible service to all of our clients. You will receive FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT when you purchase Auto Forward. Our representatives will be available to answer any questions you may have and, if necessary, help you through the installation procedure. Please visit our support page by clicking here.

Is anything going to be shipped to me?

Your product will be delivered to the email address you provided at checkout as an instant download. Unless you specifically request a physical copy of the program, nothing will be sent to you.

What is Auto Forward and how does it work?

Auto Forward is an industry-leading cell phone tracking software app that is designed to assist parents in keeping their children safe and employers in maintaining employee efficiency. Auto Forward is at the forefront of this technology’s development and deployment to parents and employers.

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